What is TikTok Shadow Ban - A Factual Information of Shadow Ban on TikTok

March 17, 2023Ashley Mae

Have you ever experienced the TikTok shadow ban? Well, thousands of TikTok users have been affected by this problem, and if you are one of them, you will need to read this article to know how to get unbanned and prevent it from happening again.

TikTok Shadow Ban

Part 1. What is TikTok Shadow Ban - Most Frequently Question about TikTok Shadow Ban

What is TikTok Shadow Ban?

What is shadow banning on TikTok ? It is an event when a user violates the community guidelines or uploads inappropriate content on TikTok . When this happens, your post will no longer appear on the For You page, and you will notice that your likes, views, and comments have been declined occasionally, meaning others aren't seeing your post.

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How Did TikTok Shadow Ban Happen?

When a user violates the terms and agrees that it has been set on TikTok , there are times that shadowbanning happens on TikTok when a user uses an irrelevant hashtag that misleads users just to gain visibility or views on the app. Also, users who use repetitive hashtags on their videos boost their posts on the platform. When TikTok detected that, shadowbanned was a minor consequence of it. If that happens again, then you wouldn't be able to use that account forever because it is permanently banned for life.

How Long Does TikTok Shadow Ban Last?

Usually, when you are shadow banned on TikTok , it lasts two weeks. On the first week of the ban, you will notice that your content's discoverability and impact reach are gradually reducing. When it ends, the next consequence will happen; the app wouldn't allow you to use the hashtags and film a newer video on TikTok unless posted to the public, which negatively impacts your account, especially if you want to be popular on the platform.

Part 2. How to Get Unbanned - Remove TikTok Shadow Ban

Numerous reports have reported that they didn't do anything wrong on Community Standards and followed it strictly, yet they received a shadowban. If it did happen to you, follow the tutorial on getting out of the shadow ban on TikTok .

Step 1:
Go to Profile and click the three lines button to see the available options.
Step 2:
Under it, select Settings and Privacy.
Step 3:
Next, tap Report a Problem, select Account Issue, then tap Add an Email to create a report on the app's developer and technical support.
Step 4:
Type in the problem you have encountered, like the wrong Shadowbanning, and the tech support will respond to that email after seven up to nine hours.

Part 3. How to Prevent the TikTok Shadow Ban from Happening Again

1. Delete the Content TikTok ShadowBans Your Account

Obviously, sharing and posting adult content here is not allowed because users who aren't 18+ years old use this. The community of TikTok and the developers want to create a safe environment for everyone, so if you post or share inappropriate content, expect your account to be banned here. This platform automatically removes not only adult content but bloody content or such.

2. Take a Walkthrough of the TikTok s Community Guideline

Don't know what the reason is? You can take a quick look at the Community Guidelines on the app. We constantly check the terms and agreement without reading the whole context, and sometimes the content or comment we are about to post here doesn't follow the community standard. If you know that you are not at fault, you can send an email by copying the tutorial we have added to part 2.

3. Avoid Any Bot-Like Behaviour

If your activity on the account is similar to the bots, then there is a high chance that TikTok will ban that account permanently or do a shadowban on it. Don't just follow and heart others' content. Try to share your content here so that TikTok will remove you from the bot-like behavior.

4. Don't Mislead Users with Wrong Tags

Tags on TikTok help the app's algorithm, especially when users search for that tag. It allows users to find the content they want to watch easily. However, some users use this to increase their content's discoverability to multiple users. That isn't a good technique if you want to become popular; by the time you become popular, your account will be banned.

5. Spamming Hashtag on TikTok

Tags improve content visibility, but spamming it into your content can lead to shadowbanning or, worse, a permanent ban on your account. Don't spam hashtags on the TikTok content you are about to post because TikTok is watching you.

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Part 4. FAQs on How to TikTok Shadow Ban

Why TikTok Shadowbans users?

TikTok wants its environment to be as clean and safe for all users. Inappropriate content that doesn't follow the standard is automatically removed, and the account is turned into the state of shadowban. There are ways to prevent it by reading the part 3 information in this article.

Can I create a newer account on TikTok when the other is in shadowban?

Yes, and that is one of the possible ways to continue using the platform. Waiting for two weeks isn't necessary, and that takes too long. So, if you want to use the platform immediately, it is better for you to create a newer account because it is fresh from the box, and there is no way that the account is shadowbanned again when you open it.

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What is TikTok shadowban? That question has already been answered thru this article. We hope the information we included makes sense and helps you with your shadowban problem. If you still need help with the app, it is better to contact their customer service and expect they will respond as fast as possible. We highly appreciate it if you give this article 5 stars.

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