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May 29, 2023Ashley Mae

In today’s world, connecting with people across the globe can now be done via video chat, thanks to the help of the internet. Interacting with families, friends, co-workers, and so on became simpler with this chatting, even in the comfort of your home. With the websites and applications, we mentioned here, chatting with the camera is accessible and the best option. Now, you can visit websites to have a good chat with strangers. However, when chatting with them, it is important to exercise caution and be aware of the potential risks. Thus, we will also cover what you should remember to ensure a safe and secure chatting experience.

Video Chat

Part 1. Best Online Video Chat Websites to Talk with Strangers

1. Livechat

Livechat is an excellent free video chat website that provides an interactive communication experience like what you can get from other websites. One of its best features is its high-quality video and audio quality, ensuring that the conversation between the live chatter is crystal clear. Unlike other websites that offer the same chatting experience, here you can join various rooms to have a group chat or do a private call with the user. The app has a strict moderation system which helps maintain a friendly environment for everyone who wants to access it.

Live Chat

2. Omegle

Omegle will get you to the person with the same interest. Its video chat with stranger feature is amazing and will connect you to random people anywhere in the world. You do not need to register before you can use the web app and use this app to message other people without opening your camera or microphone. However, the app's video chats are not restricted, meaning minors can see inappropriate video calls with random strangers.


3. is another popular online video chat with others, connecting users with the same interest. The platform offers a user based on shared interest rather than random matching like what Omegle has to offer, which makes the matching system ideal for those who want to share their experience or interest with the other user matching it with them. Aside from that, the website offers a safe and secure environment that strongly emphasizes moderation and implements strict guidelines that users need to follow to avoid inappropriate behavior and be dealt with. Its great features is that it can natively translate chats to facilitate communication between users of different languages.

4. Paltalk

If you want a rich-featured live video chat, then Paltalk is what you are looking for. This platform provides users with vast chatrooms where they can join in discussions about different topics of the communities based on their interests. Since the chatroom is made for everyone, the diversity adds unique elements to a conversation about different cultural perspectives. The app offers a free, premium membership, which means the introductory only offers limited chatrooms compared to what you can get the premium membership has no ads, priority in customer service, and more room to access.


5. Donamix

Want to have a video chat randomly? Use Donamix . The platform has a unique and user-friendly interface that helps users navigate various chat rooms and the features it offers. Like most platforms we have reviewed, most people here are diversified, so you can easily talk with other multinational users. Plus, you can use a text chat option if you prefer that mode of communication to the video. How about its security? Well, the security of chatting here is under its moderation system, which makes the platform follow strict rules so that no user will commit inappropriate behavior.


Part 2. Best Video Chat Apps to Use for Families Co-Worker, & Business Meetings

1. Skype

Skype is a widely used video chat app that has existed for some time. It offers communication types such as video calls, calls, messaging, and file sharing with friends, family, and colleagues. To start a group call, you can use this app to connect with multiple participants simultaneously and record calls on Skype whenever you want. Unlike other applications, all devices widely accept Skype, so downloading it on your device is easy, and there is no need to set it up. If others do not have an account but want to connect, you must use the Skype for Web feature. Overall, it remains a reliable platform with a user base, so if you want to start to communicate with a familiar UI and easy to use, then this is for you.


2. Messenger

Messenger is the extension of video chat that Facebook has to offer. With it, you can engage in a video conversation with users who are friends or in contact with you. One of the strengths of this app is its adoption. You can easily have a private call with other people as long as you are friends with them or part of your contact with the same network. Want to share interactive stickers and filters? This app offers it for you. If you want to play games with the users on your call, you can do it with this app. However, it collects user data to provide advertisements and other purposes that users must consider. Generally, if you are a Facebook user who wants to connect with other users, you can use this option instead of downloading third-party selections.


3. Google Meet

Google Meet is the Google video chat app you can use to connect with other Google users and meet with them via video interaction. If you aim to have a professional or business meeting, pick this over the previous one we have mentioned. The app offers a toolset that integrates with other workspace tools to make a conference call with multiple people, have a virtual class, and collaborate. With it, you can even scale how significant the meeting will be by adding the number of participants to limit the number of people who can enter it. Though you can have meetings here, some advanced features are available only for users who subscribed here.

Google Meet

Part 3. What You Should Do When Chatting with Strangers

1. Protect Your Personal Information

Disclosing personal information such as full name, address, phone number, or bank number with strangers can be used to compromise your privacy and potentially put you at risk.

2. Hide Your Location

There is nothing wrong with hiding your location because some strangers can detect where you are and instantly find where you are, but if you use Aiseesoft AnyCoord - Location Changer, you can change your IP location so that no one can trace you. It is a dedicated application for creating a false location so no stranger can know where you are. Using this will add a layer of security for you and is advantageous.

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3. Use a Pseudonym or Username

Some video chatting apps ask for a username; using your real name is a big NO. That is why you can use a fictitious name. By doing this, no stranger will know who you are, so that you will remain anonymous.

4. Set Boundaries

By setting boundaries, you can let others know what topics you are unwilling to discuss. Adding interest can help you match with the right person to talk with. If the stranger you talk with does not care about your boundary, do not be shy to end the conversation.

5. Avoid Sharing Explicit or Inappropriate Content

Users who share inappropriate content can be reported on the main system of your video chatting app. In your case, never share any explicit or inappropriate content with other users, and if someone sends it to you, you can report them to the moderators of the platform.

Part 4. FAQs about the Video Chat

What are the best video-sharing apps to send video messages?

You can use Skype, Messenger, and Google Meet to send video messages to them personally or with a group. Learning to share video messages with others is easy since a share button is already available on your Gallery or Photos.

Can I record Viber calls?

You can natively record Viber calls whenever it starts using a third-party app. Natively, recording calls on Viber is not supported.

Is video chatting with strangers safe?

Even though you aren’t physically talking to each other, it is still unsafe to chat with strangers, so you need to use a safety precaution. Keep in mind that even strangers can use your information to use it for bad things.


With all the websites and apps, you can now easily connect virtually with these people and strangers via video chatting. Share your opinions about this review in the comment section and suggestions if you have any!

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