In-depth Look at the VivaVideo App for Video Editing on Mobile Devices

December 27, 2022Ashley Mae

VivaVideo is famous for being a portrait-mode video editing software for Android and iOS. It is an app that provides features that work excellently with almost any video format. If editing is your problem, the app may work to your advantage. Here, we will explain what the app is all about, its features, pros, cons, and alternatives that work similarly to the app or even better. Keep the ball rolling as we start our venture right now!

VivaVideo Review

Part 1. Overview of VivaVideo Know More about Pros, Cons, and Prices

What Is VivaVideo Used For?

What is VivaVideo used for? It is used to transform videos into attractive and interactive ones with the editing function it provides. The app is considered a video editor on the go, meaning you can shoot a film, edit it, and share it in minutes. It is a rich-featured application, especially when you subscribe to the app and can download it on Android and iOS. Once you have installed the app, you can see it has a very intuitive interface presented in portrait mode.

VivaVideo Video Editor and Maker

Moreover, when you start editing clips or movies here, you are always in portrait mode, meaning the video you uploaded is most likely presented in the upper part. The editing features and options are in the lower part of the interface. For beginners who want to edit their video simply, you can use the app to do video splitting, trimming, copying, and deleting like a pro. Quickly edit your video or start from the beginning with it made with the VivaVideo app.


  • The app is displayed in portrait and has an intuitive interface.
  • It is the best option for video editing on mobile devices.
  • You can use all of its pre-made templates for creating superb videos.
  • You can easily apply effects, filters, stickers, and more.
  • Add an interactive font with a different font style to the film you are creating.
  • It supports multilayered tracks on timelines for videos and audio.


  • The free version of it does have ads on the interfaces while editing.
  • There are better choices than the app for editing or making a longer video.
  • It lags and often crashes when the video is lengthy.
  • A free version is minimal and can only process a 5-minute video.

How Much is the VivaVideo - Video Editor & Maker?

Is VivaVideo app free? Yes, you can use the 3-day free trial of the app to the extent. Though it offers a free trial, it isn't long enough for most video editors who want to use the app to edit videos occasionally. So, if you are wondering how much the app is, well, the price of it will depend on what you want to purchase. Here is the list of the in-app purchases on this video editor and maker.

Prices of VivaVideo:

Part 2. VivaVideo Review is a Users Perspective, Key Features, and Best Used For

Factual Users Evaluation of the VivaVideo

Is VivaVideo a good editor? The app satisfies its users for quick video editing and making since it shares the most common technique in video editing that you can use to perform extremities in creating a film. When users need a go-to video editing software, this app won't make you regret downloading or even purchasing it. Unlike other significant applications like this, developers continue to improve the app to make it the best in video editing. The users love the addition added to the app with every update.

With its current version, the app added new features that could help you: black frame reduction, silent clip deletion, and added font styles for subtitles. QuVideo Inc. did very well with this application on both Android and iOS. Yet, the app lacks additional features for professional motion tracking. The demand of pros might not reach the requirement when using this app, but for creating a movie for posting on social sharing sites, downloading VivaVideo pro is a good pick.

Best Features of VivaVideo - Video Editor & Maker

1. Improved Basic Editing Tools

Users must pay attention to this app's basic video editing because it produces a fantastic outcome. For quick video editing, you can speed up videos, crop, reverse, cut, and trim within a few clicks.

2. Create a Memorable Slideshow

Does creating a slideshow complex? How to edit the theme in VivaVideo? Learning how to do it is simple as 1-2-3. With the templates and editing feature, you can easily make a wedding slideshow with the app. Aside from the wedding, you can also create birthdays, anniversaries, and presentations, and you are more at ease with the additional effects to add on.

3. It offers a Bunch of Transitions and Filters

Add the best video transitions, filters, and adjustments to the video you are about to edit here. It would be better to add these to your videos for a better-looking and more appealing outcome once you export the app. In addition to that, the app offers a parameter on where you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, shadows, temperature, and more on the video.

4. Built-in Music Library and Sound Effects

How to put a song on VivaVideo? You can browse its library to add music that you can add to the video that you are editing. If the audio file you want isn't available in its library, you can download music into your device and access it to the app to import that file into the video.

Why Do You Need to Download the VivaVideo - Video Editor & Maker?

Video editing and making is a fun way to make your movie look astonishing. You will need the VivaVideo - Video Editor & Maker installed on your device. As shown in this review, the app offers unlimited possibilities and outcomes you can easily achieve through tweaking and adjusting on your phone. Fortunately, the app has an easy-to-understand interface so that every user can manage to perform video editing with ease. Since the app features are better than most free versions, purchasing it is what you need to do to gain access to this app's VIP toolkit.

Does VivaVideo have a watermark? Yes, the app embedded a watermark on the final output when you use the free version. Though the watermark remover app can be your choice, purchasing it will help you even better because you wouldn't need to download and process the video.

Part 3. VivaVideo Alternative for Doing a Quick Video Editing on Mobile Devices

Vid. Fun - Video Editor is the most efficient and effective video editor to download on Android devices. It is one of the free tools that you would love to use when processing a video is needed. The app can work even if the video length is too long. You wouldn't encounter instability, bugs, crashes, and freezes when using it as you can get through other apps. Furthermore, the app is incredibly easy to use, even though it highlights some advanced editing features you can get on a pro tool.

VidFun on Android

Overall, you wouldn't need to become professional in video editing when using the app because it has a straightforward interface and is also in portrait mode. However, the version of the app on iOS devices hasn't been developed yet, so the app is only available for Android devices. Download the app on your device and use it to process and edit the video into an even more fantastic version. Do it without limitations, restrictions, ads, and watermarks attach to the final output.

Part 4. FAQs about the VivaVideo

Inshot or VivaVideo: Which is better?

For users who want to have a pro-level video editing kit, then InShot does provide the needs. But if you want a quick way to edit a video, then VivaVideo must install on your device. In video editing, they are both great, but depending on your needs will make these two apps different.

Is VivaVideo music copyright free?

VivaVideo has a library of music that is copyright free which you can use to the extent. Adding and attaching sound effects and audio to the video can highlight factors that make audiences stay on it longer.

How to cancel a subscription to VivaVideo?

Open your PlayStore, then go to the subscription menu. Look for the app you want to cancel, then press Cancel Subscription. But for iOS users, the process is different; click the Settings app and tap the user's name. Under the list, you can see the Subscription tab, then tap it. Go to your Apple ID, sign in, proceed to the Subscription, and tap Cancel.


Is VivaVideo good? This question has already been answered with the information you have read. If you feel that the app isn't enough, use the alternative video editor we included here.

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What do you think of this post?


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