What Causes iMessage Disappearing Photos and How to Fix the Problem

Communicating with friends and family becomes powerful with iMessages. However, most users have a problem with the app, especially when the new iOS version is released. It is a frustrating experience for iMessage disappearing photos when you want to share a good shot with a friend. Luckily, there are ways to solve this problem, and you are in the right place to see which will work for you. But first, let’s see the possible causes of iMessage errors.

iMessage Disappearing Photo

Part 1. Solve iMessage Photo Disappearing Issue on iPhone

You will find several reasons why the Message app does not reveal photos once sent. With iMessage, consider the following:

These are the major factors, as you noticed, that cause no pictures to be sent on iMessage. See the following solutions to resolve the app.

Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery

Why waste your time figuring out the cause of the iMessage photo disappearing if Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery can do it in a few minutes? The desktop software is set to recover the iOS system in the best state, fixing all issues in one go. While you only want to repair the iMessage errors, the tool will detect problems with other functions, such as battery drain, loop start, black screen, and more. Moreover, you can use this tool to upgrade or downgrade to any iOS version.

iOS System Recovery


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Step 1.
Get the iOS System Recovery software. Open the downloaded folder to install it on your computer. After completing the installation, the app will automatically open. Connect the iPhone to the computer with a compatible lightning cable. When prompted, tap the Trust button to connect.
Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery Connect Device
Step 2.
Confirm the details on the device once the connection is successful. Click the iOS System Recovery button from the program’s interface. This mode will make a general scan to detect errors like photos not loading on iMessage.
Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery Mode
Step 3.
You will need a firmware package to repair the iOS system; click the Start button. It may take a while, depending on the internet signal strength. Once done, complete the process by clicking the Repair button. You may need to restart the device to see the changes.
Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery Firmware Package

Full iPhone Storage

A full device storage will keep your iPhone operating properly. This involves some restrictions, such as photos not loading on iMessage. What you can do is delete some unwanted files, such as duplicated photos and large video files, browse history, cache, remove temporary files, and so on. Also, manage the iPhone Storage to avoid getting a low storage space. Here’s a simple step to manage the iPhone Storage:

Step 1.
Launch the Settings app and tap the General option. Go to the iPhone Storage menu.
iPhone Storage Free Up Space
Step 2.
The top bar will tell the used storage by apps or functions. Do not let it get full to prevent technical issues on your device. Also, always check the Recommendation section to see which files consume too much space.

Outdated iOS System Version

iMessage is a default function of the iPhone, and it can malfunction without upgrading to the new iOS version. To install the iOS 17, you have to:

Step 1.
Go to the settings and head to the General menu. Access the Software Update menu.
Outdated iOS Version Update
Step 2.
If there is an available iOS version, download it and wait until it is completely installed. Then, restart the device and check the photos from the Messages app.

Error in Network Settings

Sometimes, the network settings cause malfunction on your phone. You will need to reset the settings to see if it’s fixing the iMessage group photo not showing. Follow the steps below:

Step 1.
Go to the Settings app and tap the General button. Choose the Reset option.
Step 2.
Tap the Reset Network Settings button and enter your passcode. Confirm the choice by tapping the Reset Network Settings button. Access the photos from the Messages app once done.
Reset Network Settings iMessage Disappearing Photo

Part 2. Tips: How to Send Photos in iMessage using the Disappearing Effect

One thing you want to learn about iMessage is it has a disappearing effect. A message will have a blurry effect that will keep the message from prying eyes. This is also a great way to blur out photos you send to family or friends. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1.
Access the Messages app and open a chat. Type a message or insert a photo.
Step 2.
To send it with the Disappearing effect, long-press the Send button. Make sure to use the blue button for iMessage.
How to Apply Disappearing Effect on iMessage
Step 3.
Choose the Invisible Ink option from the list. Then, the picture will be sent with the disappearing effect.

Part 3. FAQs about iMessage Disappearing Photo

How to fix the iMessage contact photo not showing?

The best solution for this is to turn off and on iCloud. Tap your name from the settings to access iCloud. Toggle off and on the Contacts. Then, go back to the Messages app to check if the contact photo is showing.

How do you avoid photos disappearing on iMessages?

Always back up the data before updating or restoring the device. Another thing to make sure is enough space. Clearing the clutters on the iPhone will help it operate smoothly.

Why can’t I see delivered pictures on iMessages?

It is frustrating not to see any photos sent to you, and there are many possibilities as to why it is happening. One cause might be the slow internet connection, while on the other hand, there is a software glitch.

Is it possible to get back the iMessage disappearing photos?

Yes. As long as you back them up using iTunes or iCloud. If you happen not to do this, you can use Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery to retrieve the photos you lost from iMessage.

Can I use the Disappearing effect to a text message on iMessage?

Yes. The effect is available for photos and text to blur out the content. Just make sure the iMessage function is enabled on your device.


To conclude, iMessage disappearing photos on iPhones are a shared experience. You found out that it is caused by many factors, such as errors in network settings, outdated app versions, and so on. While you can try the default fixes on your device, you can trust Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery to solve it in just a couple of clicks. Try it on Windows or Mac and discover more of its professional features!

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