How to Fix Videos Not Playing on Mac/Safari/Chrome with Effective Solutions

November 21, 2023Jenny Ryan

Apple Mac is one of the most secure devices you can get as a personal computer. You can do much like long-hour study, research, etc. But it is inevitably defective, and you might have been experiencing videos not playing on your Mac. Since there are similar reports about this, here is your guide on how to check the faults on your device and how to fix the unplayable videos.

Videos Not Playing on Mac

Part 1. Easy Repair Tool to Fix Corrupted Video Not Playing on Mac

Sometimes, the fault can be found in the corrupted video on your Mac. You can still fix it with Aiseesoft Video Repair for Mac and Windows. The tool has a professional user interface where all the necessary functions will help you achieve the best quality. It uses the most advanced technology, allowing the video to restore its original resolution, frame rate, and bitrate using a sample video. Aside from this, it supports various input formats, including MP4, 3GP, and MOV. You can get the software for free on the official page and download it to fix videos not playing on Mac.

Video Repair


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Step 1.
Download and install the Video Repair application. While waiting for the app to be installed completely, prepare the corrupted video on your computer. Then, click the Add button from the first column to add the footage.
Video Repair Download Plus Upload Video
Step 2.
Once successfully uploaded, click the second Add button for the sample video. Make sure that it has the same format, frame rate, encoder, and resolution as the first uploaded video for a higher rate of success.
Aiseesoft Upload Sample Video
Step 3.
Click the Repair button to initiate the process. See the first part of the recovered video by clicking the Preview button. Next, click Save to export it to a folder. You can also fix another corrupted video by clicking the Repair Other Videos button.
Video Repair Preview Save

Part 2. Why Videos Not Playing on Mac and Solutions to Fix It

You are planning to watch your favorite movies, but the first video is not working on the media player. Even with other videos stored in your folder or videos online, they are not playing on Mac. Check out the following methods to fix the problem.

Unsupported Video Format

Unlike Windows and Linux, Apple only supports its own created video and audio formats. Even for MP4, which is a universally supported video file extension, your Mac can open it if it has codecs like MPEG-4, H.264, and AAC. Check for the file extension, and if it’s not supported, try to convert it using online or desktop converters. Otherwise, check the next solution.

Update the QuickTime Media Player

In another perspective, an outdated app version can cause a faulty video playback. Make sure to get the updated media player to avoid incompatibility and other issues. Check the steps on how to update the QuickTime Media Player:

Step 1.
Open QuickTime on your Mac and click the QuickTime Player menu. Choose the Update Existing Software option.
Update QuickTime Media Player on Mac
Step 2.
Wait until the new update is installed. Then, choose a video from your folder and play it on QuickTime.

Use a Media Player Alternative

If QuickTime still can’t play videos on Mac, you should try another alternative that is easy to use. VLC Media Player is the suggested app to get since it is free and open source. You can do much with video playback with full control and amazing features. To use VLC, you have to:

Step 1.
Download the media player from the official webpage. After installing it, go to the Media menu at the upper left corner and choose Open File.
Step 2.
Browse for the video you want to play and click the Open button. VLC Media Player will play the video automatically. Use the controls below to stop, pause, and fast-forward the footage.
VLC Alternative Media Player

Activate JavaScript in the Browser

If you attempt to watch a movie using Safari and can’t get past the loading screen, you should enable JavaScript. It is a tool used for the language of interaction, affecting the playback on any website, including YouTube. Check how to turn it on Safari:

Step 1.
Click the Safari icon from the Dock bar to open the browser. Navigate to the Preferences menu.
Enable JavaScript Videos Not Playing on Mac
Step 2.
When the Preferences window appears, go to the Security tab. Tick the checkbox for the Enable JavaScript option. Save the changes and try to play a video on YouTube.

Clear Cache on the Browser

Whether you are using Safari or Chrome, it is possible for overloaded cache files to cause a negative effect on video not playing on Mac. You might want to keep these temporary files on your computer since they provide a better browsing experience, but the cache can burden your device with unwanted files, so it is best to clear them regularly. Follow the demonstrations on how to clear the cache on Safari and Chrome:

Step 1.
From the Safari browser, go to settings and open the Advanced windows. Tick the Show Develop menu in menu bar option.
Step 2.
Access the Develop menu from the top part and select the Empty Cache option. Once done, restart the browser.Access the Develop menu from the top part and select the Empty Cache option. Once done, restart the browser.
Clear Cache on Browser on Browser Safari Chrome
Step 3.
If you have Chrome, type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData on the search bar. Set the time range to get the accumulated cache files. Then, click the Clear Data button. Restart the browser and open a video.

Part 3. FAQs about Videos Not Playing on Mac

What are the compatible formats for Mac?

Aside from MOV and QuickTime File format, Mac also supports others like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, 3GPP, AVCHD, AVI Motion JPEG, and more. Some popular formats like MP4 are also supported, but only with certain codecs.

Why do videos keep stopping on my Mac?

If the video keeps pausing on its own, the internet connection might be unstable. Sometimes, the CPU and RAM cannot fully process the file, which makes it harder to open videos with higher quality.

How do I reset my video settings on my Mac?

If nothing is showing on your screen, reset it from the settings. Click the Apple menu and head to the System Settings. Click the Displays option from the sidebar. Then, choose Default to fix and reset the video settings. Restart the computer.


When you can’t play videos on a Mac, make sure to use the methods in this post for an easier and more effective solution. Apple Mac can be powerful for many digital activities, but it can also experience issues like being unable to play videos on a media player or online. But if you learn the video is corrupted, use Aiseesoft Video Repair to fix it instantly. Don’t forget to try the free trial by clicking the Download button on the Mac version.

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