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How to Reset iPhone to Factory Settings in 5 Ways

How to reset my iPhone to factory settings?

This is a frequent asked question from Apple users. For various reasons, most of you may want to reset iPhone. However, how to get iPhone to factory reset? Resetting iPhone is 100% success and safe? What do you do before you reset an iPhone?... Questions and answers about how to rest iPhone will be discussed in this post.

Reset iPhone

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Precaution before iPhone reset

Before resetting an iPhone, you need to pay attention to the following points:

When do you want to reset your iPhone

• iPhone freezes for various reasons like virus attack, iOS update.

• iPhone get stuck in some mode, for example, iPhone get stuck in recovery mode, and cannot exit.

• You want to sell iPhone and want to erase all content and settings to protect privacy.

• You may want to clear iPhone storage to speed up slow iPhone.

• You may forget iPhone password, and want to reset password.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, you may also want to get your iPhone to factory resetting for other reasons. Whatever, you should bear the following part before you do that.

Back up iPhone data before resetting

Resetting iPhone means that you will put your iPhone to as original as you get it the first time, and all data and settings you made on your iPhone will be gone. So if your iPhone is in normal situation, you had better back up iPhone to external drive in iTunes or iCloud just in case of data loss.

Back up iPhone with iCloud

On your iPhone, make your iPhone is connected to WLAN, tap "Settings" > "iCloud" > turn on "Storage & Backup" > hit "Back Up Now" to make iPhone backup to iCloud. You should note that iCloud only offers you free 5GB storage. If your iPhone data storage is up to 5GB, then you may need to purchase extra storage or seek for ways of backing up iPhone.

Sync iPhone to iTunes on computer

Alternatively, you could sync iPhone to iTunes on your computer by connecting iPhone to PC with USB cable while launching iTunes, and then choose "This computer" in the right "Backups", click "File" > "Devices" > "Back up" to transfer iPhone data to iTunes.

Ways to reset iPhone

How to hard reset frozen iPhone

If your iPhone is frozen for some reasons, you can try this way to hard reset iPhone. This way is an easy but violent way for a frozen iPhone X/8/7/6/5s/5c/4S/4, etc. without any option.

Step 1 On your iPhone, press and hold "Home" button and "Power" button simultaneously. During this process your iPhone will shut off and resatar, and it will take about 20 seconds.

Step 2 Until you see the Apple logo, then you can release both buttons. Try your iPhone to see if the hard reset works.

How to make factory settings on iPhone

If the first way is called hard reset, then the second way can be called soft reset on iPhone. When you foolw this way to make iPhone soft reset, your iPhone is working at hand, and you are given the option as following:

Step 1 Go to "Settings" on iPhone, find "General" and scroll down to tap "Reset".

Step 2 You can choose reset all settings, or just network settings, or reset keyboard, reset home screen or location & privacy, or reset all content and settings. Here you need to choose "Erase All Content and Settings" > enter your passcode > "Erase iPhone". Then you iPhone will rebooted. What you need is to wait patiently.

In this way, your iPhone will be back to factory settings. But the data on your iPhone may be recovered with some third party recovery tools.

How to reset iPhone in recovery mode with iTunes

If your iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode, then you need to reset it from iTunes in this way. If your iPhone is good condition, then you are optional to reset iPhone with iTunes.

Reset iPhone in recovery mode with iTunes

If your iPhone is in recovery mode, follow the steps as below:

Step 1 Download, install and run the newest iTunes on your PC.

Step 2 Connect iPhone in recovery mode to PC with USB cable, and a reminder will pop up in iTunes to ask you to "Restore" or "Update" iPhone. Here you need to choose "Restore".

Restore iPhone to factory settings with iTunes

If your iPhone is normal, you can also restore iPhone from iTunes.

Step 1 Plug iPhone to PC, and also launch the newest iTunes on your computer.

Step 2 Click the icon of your iPhone in iTunes, and all iPhone information will display on the right window. Click "Restore iPhone…". The resetting process will take minutes, and your iPhone will be rebooted. You need to keep your iPhone full of charge.

Reset iPhone with iTunes

If "Find My iPhone" is ON on your iPhone, then you a pop-up reminder will show up to let you turn off by tapping "Settings" > "iCloud" to turn off "Find My iPhone".

How to factory reset your iPhone with Find My iPhone

Without iTunes, how do you reset your iPhone? "Find My iPhone" will do you a favor. "Find My iPhone" is specially designed to help users who lost iPhone to erase data for safe protection. Here you could also use it to reset iPhone with "Find My iPhone" if you forget iPhone restriction passcode or iPhone is not at hand.

Step 1 Open in your browser, and sign in your Apple ID (Apple ID forgot? Change Apple ID now.).

Step 2 Click "Find iPhone", choose your iPhone from the drop-down list of "All Device" on the top.

Step 3 Click "Erase iPhone" in the right window where your iPhone information is displayed and then confirm to click "Erase" to reset iPhone.

Reset iPhone with Find My iPhone

How to reset iPhone with iPhone Reset

The above way does reset your iPhone, but the iPhone data is easy to recover with some tools. For resetting iPhone to permanently delete iPhone messages, contacts, photos, notes, etc. you could use iPhone Eraser. Free download this software to your Windows computer.

Step 1 Download, install and run this software on your PC.

Step 2 Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable, and this tool will detect your iPhone automatically.

Step 3 Choose "Erasing Level", Low, Medium or High, and click "Start" to erase all data permanently and thoroughly to reset iPhone as new.


You can watch the video to learn more about iPhone Eraser:

By now, five ways of helping you to reset iPhone are easy right? Those ways are also available to reset iPod touch or iPad. Choose the most suitable way for you to reset iPhone in simple clicks.

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