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Total Video Converter has done a great job in the past several years. It helps more than 500,000 people for converting and editing their favorite videos. See the feedback from our customers:

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By Cathy 2019-02-15

Adjust my video effect

This total video converter is exactly what I am looking for. Besides the basic converting feature, it also carries many basic editing functions. The effects adjusting feature is my favorite one.

By Bachelor 2019-02-01

Convert video to iPhone compatible format

I mainly use it to convert some unsupported video formats like avi, flv, mkv and more to my iPhone supported MP4. It provides an iPhone category for directly converting video to iPhone format. Very convenient.

By Hal 2019-01-14

Fast speed!

Fast converting speed! The video converting speed is very fast if don't convert the video from common SD to 4K UHD. And the output quality if acceptable.

By Maxine 2019-01-03

Multiple functions

Aiseesoft Total Video Converter can not only convert different video formats, it is also equipped with multiple functions, such as video enhancing functions, audio conversion, etc.

By Mykee 2019-01-01

I Love Your Programs

Aiseesoft studio, I love your converter programs, and great thanks for coupon.

By Hailley 2018-12-23


I downloaded and installed the software, no problem. Add files, and convert files so fast. Bravo.

By Michael Smith 2018-12-17

Good Quality

Was easy to install, easy to register, had a clip from an outside security camera, turned out well, clipped 15 sec from 11min, Good quality. Happy with Aiseesoft Studio.

By Ootje 2018-12-09

Aiseesoft Works Well and Greatly

A conversion from MP4 -> WEBM and another software with flip and watermark. Aiseesoft works well and greatly.

By Mike 2018-11-19


Aiseesoft Total Video Converter, is well-polished. I tested using an AMD graphics card [RX470], and find the conversion speed is faster than before without any acceleration.

By Karol 2018-11-04

Good Video Format Compatibility for Input Videos

Aiseesoft Total Video Converter like most converters has very good video format compatibility for input videos, but gets more options in output formats for video and audio file.

By Lynley 2018-10-10

Work Good for Me

Registration went smooth. Convert 50 files from MP4 to MOV in 10 minutes. Work good for me.

By Chasm 2018-09-19

Good Function

Over the years I used a decent amount of different video converters, so there is a lot things I like, like 4K, 3D, hardware acceleration, trim, merge, adjustment, crop, rotate, flip, watermark function, and more.

By AR 2018-08-23


In terms of quality, video enhancement is what my favorite feature about this software.

By D Murphy 2018-07-13

Get the Registered Version Quickly

Quick trial left me favorably impressed with its intuitive interface and pleasing edit options in addition to ability to convert. Get the registered version quickly.

By TK 2018-05-19

Thank you

Downloaded & registered without any issues on win 10 pro x64. Add Heaven's Prisoners (1996) 1280×720 mpeg HD(blu-ray) mp3-m2ts 6.418.428 kB to m2ts, and get a better quality. Thank you.

By Bety 2018-03-20

Satisfy the Converting Speed.

I get many video files in WMV, but they cannot open with my QuickTime Player on Mac. I use your tool to convert all the video files into MOV. 57 video files about 60G costs me about 2 hours. I satisfy the converting speed.

By Jamer 2018-02-15

Works well.

I tired many converting software to change the subtitle for my ripped video file, because the ripped video file gets wrong subtitle. However, they all failed. Only your program works well. Now I can put the downloaded subtitle to the video to get an ideal video now.

By Tiddy 2018-01-10

Wow, this is really a total video converter.

It lets you convert and edit video easily. All the operations are very easy, though I am new in this field.

By Jack 2016-11-10


I really like Aiseesoft Total Video Converter. I've used it many times for many different video/audio conversion and editing tasks, and it usually does the job.

By Anna 2016-10-30

It's so fast.

The Aiseesoft product is fast. It gives me a complete set of powerful video conversion and editing tools.

By Paul 2015-9-14

A wonderful video converter program.

This is very convenient video converter software. My friend recommended Aiseesoft to me then I bought this Total Video Converter after trying it for free. Both the conversion speed and quality are satisfying.

By Angela 2015-9-10

It's easy to use, fast and has many output formats

First, it's easy to use. The interface is simple. You can understand at the first sight. Second, the converting is fast. Third, it has many output formats, which can meet all my video conversion needs. Last but not the least, you can adjust the output quality by changing settings.

By Joe 2014-12-18

Always enjoyed aiseesoft products

It's a wonderful and highly useful program. One of the best uses I have for it is a friend of mine keeps sending me online video links and asking for me to extract the audio from them, this does it perfectly. Thanks again Aiseesoft.

By Shelton 2014-11-23

A very good and useful utility

It works well and does all conversions that I have tried. It has many profiles when converting video files to mobile phone. I installed it on Windows 8 32 bit, no problems registering and running the program. Program looks good, many thanks to Aiseesoft.

By Scott 2014-10-15

Great program!

Does everything it says and more. 5 star rating is perfect. Much appreciated.

By Diego 2014-9-3

Works great!

Oh, I love this program so much, I nearly soiled myself with glee!

By Spike 2014-5-12

Love it.

The merge function is good. It helps me a lot. I have lots of video clips om my computer. Aiseesoft Total Video Converter could merge them into one video. It is very convenient to play on player. Moreover, the conversion speed is really fast.

By Adam 2014-3-17


Performance of this video converter was smooth, and I didn't encounter any lag when handling conversion. The acceleration technology is very powerful!

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