How to Save Illustrator as PNG Image Files: Default and Alternative Ways

September 01, 2022Gerald Christian

Adobe Illustrator's photo format offers excellent image features. This format uses a vector to build a photo, making it a scalable extension. That means you can enlarge or shrink the photo without affecting the photo's quality. However, there are instances when you need to convert Adobe Illustrator to PNG. That is necessary, especially when you are going to produce a hard copy of your photo.

One of the best image formats that will help you retain the quality of your photo. Besides, this format also comes with high accessibility, allowing you to view it across different applications. Therefore, if you wish to print or open your AI photos, you may save them as PNG. On the other hand, below are the methods on how to accomplish this task.

Adobe Illustrator to PNG

Part 1. How to Save Illustrator as PNG

As you may notice, most PNG photos have a transparent background. This format is ideal when creating logos or icons for web pages. Hence, many want to save their AI photos to PNG. For additional tips, it is best to export your photo in different sizes to support standard and high-resolution displays. Meanwhile, it can be done manually or automatically. But, we will guide you on how to save Illustrator as PNG automatically by following the process below.

Step 1:
First, launch your browser on your personal computer. After that, please type in the program's name or its link to the browser's address bar. Then, you will arrive at the main page.
Access Export for Screen
Step 2:
Then, you should see the Artboards tab in the next window. Select the Artboards tab and set the Format to PNG and Scale to 1X under the Formats menu.
Export Screens Window
Step 3:
Right after, hit the Add Scale and set the Scale option to a new relative size you are trying to resize. Keep adding sizes if necessary.
Add Scale
Step 4:
When everything is set, and you are good with the settings, tick the Export Artboard to save your images. Optionally, you can go to File > Save As. Then, select PNG from the drop-down menu of the folder window and hit Save. That is how to get PNG from Illustrator.
Export Artboard

Part 2. Easier Ways to Convert Images to PNG

You now have learned how to save Adobe Illustrator as PNG. Perhaps you are looking for easier and simpler ways to convert photos. In actual fact, there are many available programs and applications over the internet you can use. It is just that not all of them deliver excellent and efficient results. On that note, we researched the best image converter programs.

1. Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online

You can fully depend on Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online if you wish to convert directly from the web page. The tool lets you convert image files to PNG, JPG, and GIF. Plus, you can upload and convert multiple image file types. It supports picture file types, including BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMT, TIFF, SVG, ICO, and many more. As a matter of fact, it can process 30+ image formats.

Additionally, the program enables users to upload and convert image files in a batch. The same can be said for saving these converted photos. You will be able to download photos in bulk with just a click. On top of that, the program instantly removes the uploaded photos as it values the privacy of its users. On the other hand, here is how you can convert Adobe Illustrator to PNG.

Step 1:
First, launch your favorite web browser and visit its main page by typing the program's link or name on your browser's address bar. Right after, you will arrive at the home page of the tool.
Step 2:
Next, tick on one of the formats to set the target output format. In this case, we will choose PNG to set it as the output format of the images to be converted. tick one of the formats to set the target output format.
Select Output Format
Step 3:
After that, hit the Add Images button or drag the photos from your file folder directly to the program's interface. Either way works for uploading photos.
Add Image Files
Step 4:
Then, these photos will be converted automatically. Once the conversion process is done, tick the Download or Download All button to save the converted photos. You will only hit the Download button associated with each photo when trying to save a specific processed photo.
Download Photos

2. CloudConvert

Another online program that enables you to convert photos. This program works on almost all major web browsers on your Windows and Mac computers. Additionally, it can convert from AI or Adobe Illustrator photos on a single or in a batch conversion process. Moreover, it lets you turn PNG or JPEG photos into vector images, CAD, documents, etc. On top of that, you can adjust the size of a photo by customizing the width and height. Plus, setting the resolution is possible by simply typing the value. Now, here is how to convert Adobe Illustrator to PNG.

Step 1:
Use any browser on your computer and visit the program's main page.
Step 2:
Then, tick the Select File button and load the AI photo you wish to convert.
Select Files
Step 3:
After loading photos, set the target format to PNG under the Image tab.
Select Image Format
Step 4:
Finally, hit the red Convert button to initialize the process of conversion.
Start Conversion

Part 3. FAQs About Saving Illustrator as PNG

Can Illustrator export each layer as PNG?

The answer is yes. Exporting Illustrator layers as PNG by downloading and adding a script. After downloading the script for exporting layers as PNG, you should put it in the Scripts folder under the Presets directory.

Is it possible to convert SVG to PNG in Adobe Illustrator?

Yes, simply go to File > Save As. Then, open the file types drop-down list of formats and select PNG. Meanwhile, you may turn SVG to PNG without Adobe Illustrator.

Can I convert JPG to AI?

You can use Adobe Illustrator to accomplish it or use alternative tools available online. One example program that can help you convert from JPG to AI is Convertio.


There you have it! If you wish your vector image to turn into a file that is best suited for printing, you should convert Adobe Illustrator to PNG. Also, the above-mentioned tools will help you to achieve that. Check each program to see which works well with you.

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