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How to Use Aiseesoft Burnova

Want to make your videos into the DVD or Blu-ray disc as the gift for your lovers? Wish to burn your favorite movies into the DVD disc for a long playback and preservation? Aiseesoft Burnova is the exact tool to help you realize your dreams.

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Aiseesoft Burnova works functionally to burn videos to DVD or Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO file. Follow the guide to make your own BD/DVD file now in five parts:

Part 1. How to burn videos to DVD or Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO file

Step 1. Insert a blank DVD or Blu-ray disc to the DVD drive if you want to burn videos into DVD disc.

Step 2. Click "Add Media File(s)" to add one or more video files to this software.

Add Media Files

Step 3. Click the edit button in the main interface to edit videos.

Step 4. Choose Disc Type in the bottom-left corner to make sure what type of DVD or Blu-ray disc you want to burn video into. Click "Next" to edit DVD menu.

Step 5. When you enter in the menu editing interface, choose a menu template for your DVD. You can click the "Preview" button to preview your DVD.

Make Video to DVD

In the Preview interface, click the "Play" button to make all videos play in order.

Make Video to DVD

If you want to play videos at random, click the "Scene" button to view your videos. Then, choose and click the one you want to play.

Make Video to DVD

Step 6. Click "Burn" to get the DVD/BD burning settings

Here you can make the DVD settings as the following:

Select create video to DVD disc or DVD folder/ISO file.

Choose the TV standard as NTSC or PAL.

Play the DVD file from the first title or menu.

Loop all titles or not.

Make Video to DVD

Step 7. After making all settings, click "Start" to burn your videos to DVD/BD.

Part 2. How to edit video effects before burning

Before you make the movies or videos to DVD, you are allowed to edit your video effects freely to animate your videos.

Step 1. Click the "Edit" button to enter the editing interface.

Edit Media Files

Step 2. Rotate or flip video
Click "Rotate" to rotate video in 90 clockwise or 90 counterclockwise or flip horizontally or vertically.

Rotate Media Files

Step 3. Clip video
Click "Clip" to drag the bar automatically or set the start time and end time to cut the unwanted video parts.

Clip Media Files

Step 4. Crop video
Click "Crop" to select the zoom mode as "Letterbox", "Center", "Pan & Scan" or "Full" to get rid of the unwanted edges or capture the wanted parts.

Crop Media Files

Step 5. Change effects
Click "Effect" to color for your videos. Here you can edit video effects like photos as Blur, Sharpen, Frame, Gray, Sketch, Color Pencil, Erode, Pixelate, Noise, Sculpture, Emboss, Smooth, Canvas, Mirror, Material, Wave, etc. Check this page to know more about special video effects.

Effect Media Files

Step 6. Adjust video
If you do not like the brightness or contrast, you can click "Adjust" to manually adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and volume.

Adjust Media Files

Step 7. Watermark
If you want to add your own mark to the video, you can click "Watermark" to add text or images as the watermark on your video files.

Watermark Media Files

Part 3. How to edit menu before burning

After editing your videos, you could edit the menu for burning.

Step 1. Click "Next" to enter the menu editing features.

Edit Menu

Step 2. Menu templates
Here you can use the default templates of this software, or download from online sites to make the menu background. Moreover, if you do not like those, just click "Change Background" to import your own images or photos as the menu background.

Change Background

Step 3. Add background music
Checkmark "Add Background Music" to import the audio file. Here you can set the music as loop or single playing.

Add Background Music

Step 4. Add opening file
Want to make your video more enjoyable? Then add opening film. You can use downloaded or local opening film to make your video more professional.

Add Opening Files

After you make menu settings successfully, click "Next" to proceed the subsequent steps.

Part 4. More preference settings for Aiseesoft Burnova

The above step guides show you how to use Burnova to burn videos to DVD/Blu-ray. For this software, still some features you cannot miss in this part.

Add Media Files


For checking the new feature of this software, you need to make settings to get the update reminder. Click "Menu" > "Preferences" > Tick "Check Updates Automatically".

Comparison between free and register version

Burnova has its free version and register version. You can check the functions between them from the table as below:

Main Features Trail Version Register Version
Free trial 30 days Unlimited
Free DVD/BD creating 3 times Unlimited
Add watermark to the created video Forced NEVER
Download online menu templates no yes
Free technical supported and upgrade no yes