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Samsung vs. LG, Whose OLED Screen Do You Like

Both Samsung and LG Electronics showed off curved OLED HDTVs at their CES booths. The battle between the top two LCD TV manufacturers in the world hotted up. Although their OLED HDTVs' shapes are similar, there are still a plenty of factors to distinguish one from the other. Below is a roundup of the both company's new 2014 TV announcements.

Samsung vs. LG

Samsung's 105-Inch Curved 4K TV

Samsung's 105-inch curved 4K TV model uses an ultra-wide ratio of 21×9 to take advantage of the size and curvature of the set. It has 11 million pixels and includes an Auto Depth Enhancer to bring pictures to life.

Samsung UHD TV

Samsung UNHU9000 series: Curved 4K Sizes: 78, 65, and 55 inches First availability: April

As the world's first curved UHD TV, Samsung's new 4K UNHU9000 series of Ultra-HDTVs reinvent home theaters with their curved screens, which provide a new viewing experience and creates a wider field of view for those with aisle seats. It's available in 55", 65" and 78" varieties this April and features a range of shiny trinkets to keep technophiles amused. Its pricing has not been announced but won't be cheap.

Samsung UNHU9000 Series

Samsung UNH8000 series: Curved 1080p Sizes: 78, 65, and 55 inches First availability: April

If you want curves but don't fancy 4K yet, UNH8000 may be your favorite. As Samsung's best non-4K LED TV, UNH8000 series is a 1080p range available in the same sizes as the UNHU9000. It has the same real local dimming found on the 4K models.

Samsung UNH8000 Series

LG 105-inch curved 21:9 TV

LG's 105-inch curved 4K UHD TV with a 21:9 cinematic aspect ration and 5120×2160 pixel resolution has an astronomically high price – $69,999. For content at lower resolution than 4K, the set converts it with LG's Triple XC Engine for the screen's 5,120 × 2,160 display with 11 million pixels. It also has the latest in connectivity in HDMI 2.0, allowing to accept full 4K video at 60 frames per second.


LG's 77-inch OLED UHD TV

LG called it world's first 77" 4K Flexible OLED TV. This Ultra HD OLED television is absolutely stunning. Even with poor lighting, it is clear that there is no backlighting at work. Blacks are jet black, and colors are more enthralling than ever before.


Out of these OLED TVs above, which one do you like better aesthetically?

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