How to Back up Your Important WhatsApp Messages and Chats

For many people, WhatsApp is the primary way to keep in touch with friends, families, colleagues, classmates, business partners, etc. So, what a shame it would be if a lost or broken iPhone meant the loss of all your important conversations. Don't let that happen to you. Backup WhatsApp messages is easier than you though if you use the right way. With the help of this guide, you can get it done within a few minutes.

Backup WhatsApp Message on iPhone

Part 1: The Best Way to Backup WhatsApp Chats to Computer

When backup WhatsApp messages or chats on iPhone, you may focus on several elements, like data loss, easy to use, etc. In fact, it does not require a lot of technical skills, if you master the right method. Aiseesoft WhatsApp Transfer for iOS, for example, is a simple way to back up WhatsApp messages and other data from iPhone to computer. It does not need cloud storage or internet connection.

WhatsApp Transfer for iOS


Aiseesoft WhatsApp Transfer for iOS – Best Way to Backup WhatsApp Messages

  • Backup all WhatsApp messages and chats on iPhone.
  • Transfer all messages to computer in a single click.
  • Keep the original status of your messages.
  • Restore WhatsApp messages to iPhone at any time.

Needless to say, it is the easiest way to back up your important WhatsApp chats from iPhone to computer quickly. Also, it offers the way to help you export WhatsApp chats quickly.

How to Back up WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

Step 1:
Install WhatsApp message backup tool

Install the best WhatsApp backup tool on your computer. Launch it and choose WhatsApp Transfer for iOS to enter the main interface.

Select WhatsApp Transfer
Step 2:
Preview WhatsApp messages

Plug your iPhone to the computer with a Lightning cable when you want to backup WhatsApp messages. Then the software will scan your WhatsApp messages on iPhone after device detect. Then click on Backup to move to the next window.

Select Backup WhatsApp

Tip: For iOS 13 or later, you need to enter your passcode to permit the connection.

Step 3:
Backup WhatsApp chats

Make sure that you see your iPhone appears in the Source panel. It means that the connection is successful and ready for message backup. If you messages are private and you do not want others to see them, check the box next to Backup encryption and follow the onscreen instructions to leave your password protection. Bear in mind that you need to unlock the backup when restoring to your iPhone if you have setup encryption. So, you’d better write down your password.

Next, move to the right panel and click the Folder icon to select a proper location for saving WhatsApp messages on your hard disk. Finally, click on the Start Backup button at the bottom to initiate the process. When it is done, disconnect your iPhone and quit the software. Now, you can feel free to clean up your WhatsApp messages on iPhone.

Backup iPhone WhatsApp to Computer

Part 2: How to Back up All WhatsApp Messages with Built-in Feature

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages with Settings

It is well-known that WhatsApp provides the backup feature to protect your messages and chats. However, there are somethings you need to know about it. Firstly, the built-in feature will backup WhatsApp messages to your iCloud, so it takes up your cloud storage. If your chats include a lot of video clips, your iCloud will run out quickly. Moreover, it requires a good network; otherwise, it won’t work. This way won’t let you preview your message. It can only backup all messages. If you do not mind it, follow the steps below.

Backup WhatsApp
Step 1:
Connect your iPhone to a good network. Open your WhatsApp from the home screen and tap the Settings icon at the bottom right side.
Step 2:
Choose Chat Backup and you will get several options. Tap Back Up Now and WhatsApp message backup will begin. You can also set up Auto Backup.

How to Backup WhatsApp Chat with Email

If just need to back up a single WhatsApp chat, you can also use the Export Chat feature and send it to your mailbox.

Email You WhatsApp Thread
Step 1:
Run your WhatsApp app, and go to the chat that you want to backup.
Step 2:
Tap the contact name on the top of your screen, choose Export Chat, and decide to backup media files or not. To save photos and video clips along with the messages, choose Attach Media. If not, select Without Media.
Step 3:
Next, select Mail on the toolbox to open the new mail screen. Enter an available email address, type in a subject and tap Send.

Note: Once backup WhatsApp chat with email, you cannot restore it through this way.

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Part 3: FAQs about Backup WhatsApp Messages

How can I restore my WhatsApp chat history?

WhatsApp offer the backup feature as well as messages restore capacity. However, you have to delete WhatsApp and current messages, and then restore the app, in order to get the Restore option.

Can WhatsApp messages be recovered after deleted?

The answer depends on your situation. Firstly, if you have set up the auto backup in WhatsApp or manually back up chats, you can recover them from the backup after deleted. If no backup with you, there is the data recovery software on market helpful. However, they can only get back up the messages deleted recently.

Will I lose my WhatsApp chats if I change phones?

To keep all your WhatsApp chats without loss, tap Back Up Now button in WhatsApp on the old phone. Then turn to the new phone, install WhatsApp, open it and verify with the same phone number. When prompted, tap Restore and follow the onscreen instructions to get your messages.


Now, you should understand that you have at least three ways to back up your WhatsApp messages on iPhone. The built-in backup feature can help you save all chats to your iCloud, so that you won’t lose them. For individual chat, you can export it with your email. If you need more advanced features, Aiseesoft WhatsApp Transfer for iOS is a good choice. It is not only easy to use, but also able to perform selective backup. If you encounter other problems related to WhatsApp, welcome to leave your messages below.

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