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How to Block Number on iPhone

Everyone may have received some annoying calls. These calls may come from some salesmen or they may come from some harassers. When you receive such calls, the thing you most want to do must be preventing these numbers from calling again. How can we achieve this goal? We only need to block these bothersome numbers on our iPhone. It is not a hard task to block numbers on our iPhone. If you have already saved the number to your iPhone, you can add the contact to your block list. But if this number is not stored as a contact, you can also block the unknown numbers on iPhone by another solution. The article will offer different solutions to achieve the goal. Moreover, we will also introduce some apps that allow the user to block calls from numbers that are proving a nuisance.

Block Number on iPhone

Block Number on iPhone

Part 1: How to add a contact to the block list

There is always the case: You get tired of talking with someone in your contact, but he continues to call you. Then you need to add the contact to the block list of your iPhone to block the number on iPhone and prevent his call. Here are the steps to block number on iPhone.

Step 1 Upgrade to the latest iOS 12/11

If your iPhone is not the latest iOS 12/11, you need to upgrade it with your Internet connected. To do so, you should go to "Settings", and then tap the "General" option in the menu. Tap "Software Update" and finally tap "Download and Install" option.

Step 2 Find the blocked menu

On the home page, tap "Settings" icon. If your iPhone is the latest iOS version, simply find "Phone". If you have earlier iOS, tap "General" and then you can find "Phone". Next, select "Calls" option and you will see "Call Blocking & Identification" or "Block this Caller".

Step 3 Block number on iPhone

Tap on the "Add New...." button and you will see all the contacts in your iPhone in the appeared window. Then you can scroll down the name and find the contact you want to block. Tap the name and you can successfully block the number on your iPhone.

Part 2: How to block a number which isn't stored as a contact

In the above part, we offer the way to block number on iPhone when it is stored as a contact. But what if you want to block number on iPhone that isn't stored? It is actually even easier to complete. Let's see the steps.

Step 1 Upgrade to the latest iOS

The first thing you need to do is upgrading your iPhone to the latest iOS, in case your IOS is not new enough. Get your iPhone in a network. Tap "Settings" app on the home screen and tap "General". Then go to "Software Update" > "Download and Install".

Step 2 Find the recent calls

After upgrading your iOS, you can star to block number on iPhone. Tap the "Phone" icon on your home screen and then go to the "Recents" tab on the bottom of the window. Now you can see all the calls that contact you recently.

Step 3 Block number on iPhone

Scroll down the call list and find out the number you want to block on your iPhone. You will see a blue circle with an "i" in it next to the call. Tap this blue circle and a contact will appear. Tap "Block This Caller" option and choose "Block Contact" when the massage shows up.

Block Number on iPhone

Block Number on iPhone

Part 3: Apps to block numbers on iPhone

You can simply block number on your iPhone by itself. Also, you can depend on some apps to block number on iPhone. There are various apps that can help you.

Call Blocker - Block unwanted calls on iPhone

Call Blocker is an app that can help you to block numbers on your iPhone from which you don't want to receive calls. Also, it is able to identify telemarketers and scams in order to avoid these annoying numbers. What's more, its users can report some unknown numbers, too. It is interesting that its users can join a growing community and prevent suspicious numbers in this community.

Block Number on iPhone

Call Blocker

YouMail -Free number blocking app

YouMail is a charge-free app to block numbers on iPhone. It has many powerful functions. For example, when telemarketers call its users, they will receive "Number out of Service" greeting. Moreover, this app can help you to deal with those unknown numbers. When you have unknown calls, this app will automatically set up a customized greeting to greet the callers.



Truecaller-Identify spam and block these numbers

Truecaller is a useful and user-friendly app. it has the ability to identify a number that has been reported by others for many times and then it will block this number on iPhone for its users. What's more, its users can search numbers or names they want to find out in this app. And users can also follow other people on Twitter directly on this app.

Block Number on iPhone


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Part 4: FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery

As we all know, contacts information is one of the most important data in your iPhone so it is vital to save our contacts well. However, sometimes you may accidentally delete you contacts or drop your iPhone when you block number on iPhone. What should you do in such situation? Don't worry, because FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery can help you with such trouble.

FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery is professional data recovery program. It can recover 19 kinds of data including messages, iMessages, WhatsApp, contacts, photos, notes, call history, etc. from your IOS devices. Let's take recover iPhone contacts for example. FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery is able to recover iPhone contact in three ways. It can recover iPhone contacts from iTunes or from iCloud. Furthermore, it can also recover lost contacts without iPhone backup but with iPhone directly. In conclusion, FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery is the best choice for you to recover iPhone contacts in your iPhone.

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