Top Programs to Convert Images to PNG - Online, Desktop, and Mobile

September 21, 2022Gerald Christian

Perhaps you want to overlay your photos to other backgrounds. It could be ID, or you just want to change the background of your picture. You need an image format that will help you produce a transparent background. In this case, you can opt for the PNG image format. Now, you may have a set of photos you wish to edit PNG photos.

That said, we will share programs enabling you to convert images to PNG. Without much ado, here are the best converters you can use to save your images as PNG photos. Read on to get the necessary information.

Convert Images to PNG

Part 1. Convert Image to PNG Online

Aiseesoft Free Image Converter is, without a doubt, ideal for converting images to PNG. The program is internet-based, making it a lightweight and straightforward utility program. With 30+ image formats support, you can convert various image formats to PNG or other formats, including JPG and GIF. Hence, if your purpose is to convert on the go, the program is best suited for you.

Moreover, the tool enables users to convert files in a batch or process multiple files simultaneously. In exact, you can convert up to 40 images all at the same time. On top of that, the program immediately deletes the uploaded files to keep your privacy. Over and above, you can maximize the tool for free without paying a cent or registering for an account. Moreover, here are the steps to use this program.

Step 1:
Using any browser on your computer, visit the program's official website. When you get to the program's page, you should see the simple and elegant interface of the program.
Step 2:
Next, select your target format by ticking the PNG radio button. This will serve then as the output format for all your conversion at the moment.
Select Format
Step 3:
After that, hit the Add Images button and select the photo you wish to convert to PNG.
Upload Image Files
Step 4:
Finally, tick the Download or Download All button to get copies of all your converted photos.
Download Files

Part 2. Convert Image to PNG on PC

If you are a person who accomplishes tasks on a PC most of the time, you can rely on GIMP. This tool allows you to edit and convert files without needing an internet connection. What is so great about the program is that you can edit your photos, offering the functions of Photoshop. You can cut, crop, remove background, and many more. Furthermore, you may convert to various image formats.

It supports GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and a lot more. The same is true for the supported formats of the tool. You can expect the program to accept almost all image formats. On the other hand, here is a step-by-step process on how to save images as PNG. Of course, the caveat is you are required to download the desktop tool to use its full service.

Step 1:
Acquire the program from its official web page and get its installer. Once the program is installed, launch the tool on your computer.
Step 2:
After that, load your photo by going to File > Open. Now, choose the photo you wish to convert.
Upload Image
Step 3:
Next, access the File menu once more. Select the Export As menu from here, and the Export window will appear. By then, you can select your output format and specify where to save the converted photo.
Access Export Window
Step 4:
Tick the Select File Type (by Extension) to see the output formats. Then, select the PNG image format from the options. Lastly, hit the Export button to commence the conversion session.
Export Photo

Part 3. Convert Image to PNG on iPhone

You can also use the Image Converter app by Vector File to help you convert between commonly used image formats, like JPG, PNG, or SVG. The program can also read formats, including HEIC, ICO, EPS, SVG, BMP, PSD, and many more. Plus, the tool enables you to load files from your phone gallery, files, or via the photo link. Apart from that, this program lets users convert files in bulk at their fingertips. Thus, the tool is perfect for you if you are dealing with lots of photos. Now, here are the steps of how to convert images to PNG.

Step 1:
On your iPhone device, go to App Store and look for the mobile application by searching for its name. Afterward, install and launch the app.
Step 2:
From the home screen of the application, tap the Gallery, Files, or Link to import your desired photos.
Step 3:
On the next screen, select PNG from the selection of output formats and tap the Convert button to initialize the process of conversion. Wait for the procedure to get done.
Step 4:
Then, another screen will pop up. You will have options whether to Save the converted photo to your gallery, share it on your social media accounts, or scratch the photo.
Converter App

Part 4. Convert Images to PNG on Android

JPEG PNG Image File Converter is a helpful Android program you can utilize to help you convert images to PNG transparent photos. It does the job well when converting images to PNG. More importantly, the program converts files without sacrificing the quality or losing any quality. If you are only converting a few photos, the program is perfect for you. However, if you will be using the program for converting many photos at once, nevertheless, follow the instructions below to learn how the program converts images to PNG.

Step 1:
First, go to the application store on your Android device. Use the search bar to type in the name of the program to look for the program. After finding the application, install it on your mobile device.
Step 2:
Launch the program to its home screen and circumnavigate the interface to get familiarized. The navigation is pretty straightforward. Tap the Load a photo button from the home screen and allow the permissions to access your photos.
Step 3:
On the next screen, select and tap the Save as PNG (.png) option and wait for the tool to finish converting the photos. By then, you can share your photos on your social accounts.
JPG PNG Image File Converter

Part 5. FAQs About Converting PNG

Can I save a PNG as a JPG?

Yes. Both of these formats are useful in their own way. Now, if you will use photos for graphic designing or making logos, you should go with PNG. On the other hand, save PNG as JPG if you wish to save space on your disk space.

How do I compress PNG photos?

If you wish to reduce the file size of PNG, you can find many compressors online. However, just be mindful of the level of compression. The more you compress a file, the quality will degrade. Therefore, take the balance of media size and quality when compressing photos.

What is the disadvantage of using PNG as an image format?

PNG photos use lossless compression, support transparency, and full color spectrum. The sole disadvantage is it is not suitable for print. It requires more memory space since it is a lossless file. Lastly, it is not universally supported by programs and devices.


This post covers the programs that will help you convert images to PNG effortlessly and quickly. Therefore, there will be less human intervention when switching from one format to another. There you have it. You can choose which method is suitable for your preferences. If you wish to convert without downloading a file, then the online tool will be helpful.

But, if you prefer working with a PC, then the desktop program is advantageous. At last, you can use mobile programs to process photos at your fingertips. All in all, it is a matter of preferences and needs. Check each tool for your perusal.

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