7 Solutions to Convert JPG to PDF in a Batch to Make it a Single Document

You can use the PDF as a new extension when you want to save a bunch of JPG files on a single file to make them organized and readable. Unlike JPG, PDFs can contain a wide array of data, e.g., text, hyperlinks, rich media, metadata, and multiple images like JPG or JPEG. It is best for attaching to email, especially if there is a file size restriction, for it compresses the data better than the JPG even without a compressor's help. Without further ado, let's start discussing the converter you can use to convert JPG to PDF.

Convert JPEG to PDF

Part 1. 2 Free Ways to Combine & Convert JPGs to PDF Online

1. Aiseesoft Free PDF JPG Converter Online: Best for Combining & Converting JPGs into One PDF File

How to convert JPG to PDF without downloading a converter? If you are not a fan of downloading software on your desktop and still want to convert the image into PDF, we highly recommend using the Aiseesoft Free PDF JPG Converter Online. It is the most secure converter that you can use to transform the format of the JPG you have into a PDF file. After converting the JPGs, every data is deleted to the server to protect the users who use this online converter.

Here you can upload numerous images, merge them, and convert them as PDFs within a single click. You can enjoy doing it even if you aren't professional enough to handle a converter. Doesn't believe the details we add because it is an online tool? If that's the case, below are the steps to convert and combine the files into one PDF.

Steps to Merge & Convert Using Aiseesoft Free PDF JPG Converter Online:

Step 1:
To access this converter, you can search its name using your favorite browser and open it.
Step 2:
Press Add JPG Files to upload the JPGs you want to convert into a newer format, PDF. To upload more JPGs, click Add Images to add more of your JPG files.
Add JPG Files

Optional: Since PDF can contain more than a single file, you can click the merge button to combine JPG to PDF so that every JPGs you import are saved as a single PDF document.

Merge Multiple JPGs as PDF
Step 3:
To export the PDF file, click Convert All; there will be short processing and wait for a few second for the tool finishes the conversion.
Start Conversion Process
Step 4:
Go to the result, click Download, and view them on your desktop.
Download Converted PDF

2. iLovePDF.com

iLovePDF.com is a simple yet effective converter you can use on your browser. This software is built to be a PDF solution, not only because the name suggests but because of the additional tools that you can use associated with PDF. Like the converter we introduced above, you wouldn't need to download this converter, for it is accessible on your web browser. So, if you want to try this software and see if it is a real PDF solution, the steps below will guide you on converting JPG to PDF.

I Love PDF

Steps on Combining and Converting Using iLovePDF.com:

Step 1:
Open the converter using your web browser.
Step 2:
Click Add File to upload the JPGs you want to convert into PDFs.
Step 3:
To combine the JPGs you add, click Merge All Images in One PDF File.
Step 4:
Next, click Convert to PDF to have the converted and merged JPG files on your desktop.

Part 2. How to Convert JPG to PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Without a Cost

Most Adobe products will cost you a fortune because they are a professional software, but if you want to convert JPG to PDF on Adobe, you can do it quickly and for free! However, this software can't convert multiple images and merge them into one PDF. So, if you want to convert a single JPG, this could be the converter you will ever need for Adobe powers it. Everyone is wondering how this converter works. If you are one of the interested users of this software, you can follow the steps below.

Adobe Acrobat JPG to PDF

Steps on How to Convert Using Adobe Acrobat:

Step 1:
Open your web browser, search its official website, and then launch it to use it.
Step 2:
Click Select a File, and a folder will appear on your screen. Locate the JPG file you want to convert and press Open to add it here.
Step 3:
Wait for the uploading process because the software makes your image is being prepared to be a PDF. Here, you can edit the image with the Edit features. If you don't want to edit the image, you can proceed instead to the last step.
Step 4:
The last step is to click the Convert button to transform the JPG into the best PDF file.

Part 3. 2 Efficient Ways Convert JPG to PDF Offline on Windows and macOS

1. TalkHelper PDF Converter

How to convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10? Pro or not, you can use the TalkHelper PDF Converter to quickly change your files, such as JPG, into a PDF file or do it the other way. This software offers other PDF tools, such as extracting the text data or converting PDF into Word if needed. Other than that, you can also split and merge the PDF files you have into a single document. Even though the application is free to download, you will not be able to use it to its maximum potential if you use the free version. Purchasing it is needed so that you can register and use it freely. So, if you want to see how this software works on converting the image into a PDF, you can follow the steps below.

TalkHelper PDF Converter

Steps on How to Convert Using TalkHelper PDF Converter:

Step 1:
Download this convert by visiting its official website; this is available in all Windows Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ or 10 with 32 and 64-bit operating systems.
Step 2:
Open the converter, click Convert File to PDF, and choose on the drop-down list the Image to PDF.
Step 3:
In the middle part of the interface, drag the image file you want to convert into a PDF.
Step 4:
To start the conversion process, click Convert. The file will be ready after converting it; you can click the folder icon to go to the destination of the converted JPG file automatically.

2. Wondershare PDF Element Pro

How to convert JPG to PDF on Mac? Wondershare PDF Element Pro can be downloaded and used as a converter. It is a natural PDF converter that supports additional features you can use to view, edit, convert, annotate, and share PDF files. Like the Aiseesoft Free PDF JPG Converter Online, you can secure the PDF file by adding a password. This software has a Windows version to be downloaded if you are a Windows user. Since it is a paid PDF solution, the free version it provides has limitations that make the experience less exciting. But if you are wondering how this software works regarding converting, you can proceed by copying the steps we add.

WonderShare PDF Element

Steps on How to Convert Using Wondershare PDF Element Pro:

Step 1:
Download and install the software; open the converter and click Create PDF.
Step 2:
A pop-up window will appear; choose the JPG file you want to convert and press Open.
Step 3:
This software automatically converts the file you upload into a PDF.

Part 4. 2 Effective Ways to Convert JPG to PDF on iPhone and Android

1. Microsoft Office - Mobile Version

Microsoft Office Mobile Version brings you the all-time favorite Word, Excel, and PowerPoint you can use on the desktop version. It is extremely rich in features and actions you can use; mainly, it is an optimized version of the desktop version. The software isn't a converter but can still save the files as PDFs. With this software, you can scan and save it as a PDF when necessary. You can learn how to change JPG to PDF by following the steps below.

Microsoft Office Mobile Version

Steps on How to Convert Using Microsoft Office - Mobile Version:

Step 1:
Download the software on your Android or iPhone, and open the app on your mobile device.
Step 2:
When the software is opened, press Actions and select Pictures to PDF.
Step 3:
Your camera roll will appear on your screen, and select the image or multiple to add the JPEGs you want. After choosing the photos, click the next icon on the bottom right corner.
Step 4:
Before you export the PDF, you can edit the images based on your preference. If you are finished, click Done.
Step 5:
You will see a preview of the PDF version on your screen; if you are satisfied with it, click the share icon and press Upload. The converted image is automatically saved on One-Drive

2. Image to PDF Converter - PDF Maker

Image to PDF Convert - PDF Maker is about converting, securing, and compressing your PDF file. It is your typical converter that does the job well for Android devices. There is an option here where you can change the name of the output file. Even though you haven't used an internet connection, you can still manage to do the conversion here. So, if you want to know how to turn JPG into PDF, you can start it by downloading the software and then following the steps we add below.

Image to PDF Converter

Steps on How to Convert Using Image to PDF Convert - PDF Maker:

Step 1:
After downloading the converter on your Android app, click the plus icon.
Step 2:
Select the JPEG file you want to upload, and then press Done.
Step 3:
On the upper right corner, tap the PDF icon, add the PDF details and click OK.

Part 5. FAQs on How to Convert JPG to PDF

Where can I edit the PDF file?

Despite the advantages you can get on PDF, it is still challenging to handle editing what's inside. Luckily, there are 10 best PDF Editors you can use on your device to edit the PDF file easily without changing the extension into a new one.

What makes PDF better than JPG?

Since PDF can contain more documents in a single file, it also has a better compression technique applied to the document so that the file size will become smaller. Unlike JPG, it can only contain color data of the image and metadata.

Why the PDF became encrypted?

With a particular software, you can add encryption to the image so that you will add a layer of protection to it. Instances may occur; many users forget the PDF file's password. Fortunately, you can learn more about password protecting PDF so you can retrieve the data in that file.


Indeed converting the image file into a PDF is difficult for most of us, but with the help of the converters here, you can now safely save JPG as PDF. If you haven't decided yet what to use, you can start using the Aiseesoft Free PDF JPG Converter Online, change the format, and merge them into one PDF file.

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