Convert JPG to AI Format to Edit the Vectorized Image Well on Adobe Illustrator

Need the quickest way to convert JPG to AI that also supports batch conversion? Most image converter support batch converting and can help you process the image into an AI format, but their conversion speed isn't as impressive as it seems. Thus, testing each converter one by one is time-consuming and not preferable for beginners. Stop wasting time. Instead, read the tutorial we added here with the complete set of converters you can use to alter the format easily.

Convert JPG to AI

Part 1. JPG vs. Illustrator AI File | Which Image Format Is Better

When converting is needed, the only solution is a converter, but what makes users need to change the format if they can contain image data? In this part, we will discuss to you what are the advantages and disadvantages of an image format to see which is better before you transform the JPG to AI. Read this information that we included.

1. Which Format Is Better for Creating Logos

With JPG, you can still create a logo, and that possibility is high that we must not look away. But JPG offers only a surface level for logo creation. Professionals don't want to use a basic format, so they prefer the AI image format instead of the JPG.

2. Which Format Is Better for Resizing an Image

Since JPG is made of a pixel, the image will likely become pixelated when it expands rather than turning smaller. Unlike if you use the AI, you can freely adjust the dimension of the image for it is under the vector format. Instead of using pixels, vector images like AI uses lines and mathematical equation to produce a well-defined image that doesn't need a pixel.

3. Which Format has the Better Compression Technology

AI format uses lossless compression, while JPG uses lossy compression. When adding additional compression with the help of a compressor, there is a less likely chance that the quality will be reduced when you shrink the AI since it is lossless. But if we set aside the downsizing of the file size of an image with AI or JPG extension. JPG has a much smaller file size, for its ratio is 1:10 compared to what AI brings.

Part 2. 3 Best Methods to Convert JPG to AI at Ease

1. is a free online converter to alter JPG to AI vector online. With it, you can even copy and paste the URL of the JPG file you want to convert if it isn't saved on your desktop drive. Despite being an easy-to-use converter, many advertisements appear while you do the conversion, making it less admirable. But, if you don't mind seeing the ads on the web interface, here is the tutorial on how to use it.
Step 1:
Open the main website of the converter by searching it over the web.
Step 2:
Press the folder icon to upload the JPG file you are about to convert into an AI format. You can copy and paste the URL to upload the JPG image and press Add URL.
Step 3:
Wait for the app to analyze your uploaded file type, press Convert, then Download to save it.


Like the first application we mentioned, is also an online converter that helps users change JPG to AI Illustrator format. Its GUI has a comprehensive approach to the users, meaning everything is on-point when converting. In addition, the app has an advanced option that makes the image look better by adjusting the smoothness and despeckle. In the same way as the first online tool, ads are also on the apps, and it can't process multiple JPGs. If you have a single JPG that you want to convert, check out the steps here.

AutoTrace Org
Step 1:
Search the image converter to start using it.
Step 2:
Press Choose File to import the JPG image.
Step 3:
Under Select Output Format, choose the AI Adobe Illustrator on the available vector image options.
Step 4:
To start converting with this app, you must click the Start button.

3. FileStar

FileStar isn't an online converter, so there is no need for the internet to transform the JPG to AI. The app doesn't have ads on the interface, which benefits users who hate seeing ads while converting. It has the speed of converting and supports converting multiple images at the same time. However, you will need to download the converter on your desktop before using it. Besides converting the raster to vector, you can also use this converter to convert the image to STL, known as a 3D format. So, if you want to test this converter, you will only need to follow the indicated steps.

Step 1:
Download the latest version of this converter, follow the installation and setup, then launch it.
Step 2:
On the app interface, click the + icon to add the JPG image you want to convert.
Step 3:
After you upload the file, the app will ask you what you like to do with it, and the type converts to AI.
Step 4:
When the file is done, click Convert to save the final output to the directory.

Part 3. Convert Image Into a Popular Raster Extension Easily

Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online is a phenomenal image converter that many users use to change the format of their vector or raster into a popular format that is commonly used nowadays. Why is it phenomenal? Because the converter can process multiple images without degrading the quality of it and with an ultra-fast conversion process that isn't typically available on every online converter. Even though you aren't a master at converting images, you can start using this to finish the task in less than a minute. Are you Interested in how to do it? If so, here is the tutorial to start changing the extension of an image into a newer and more popular format.

Step 1:
With the search engine you are using, open a new tab and type the image converter's name to access it.
Step 2:
Click the format you want to achieve on the available output on the web interface.
Pick Output Format
Step 3:
When the output has been selected, you will need to import the images you are about to convert. You can drag and drop the image files and upload more than 40+ files.
Drag Drop Images to Convert
Step 4:
The app will automatically convert the files into a format of your choice. Press the Download All button to have all converted images in this converter.
Download Converted Image

Part 4. FAQs about Converting JPG to AI

Where can I change JPG to vectorize the image?

You can download and use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to solve this problem immediately. Though this will take some time, especially learning how to use it. Still, you can quickly turn JPEG into a vector with these apps.

Can I edit the AI format on another editor?

Aside from Adobe Illustrator, there are few image editors that offer editing features in AI format. However, Illustrator is the most suitable image editor for AI format.

Does changing JPG to AI turn into a vector?

After converting the JPG to AI, the image will be turned into a vectorized image, and you will see that the pixels will be gone since AI isn't made up of pixels, but it is made up of lines connecting each other.


Indeed, converting JPG to AI is pretty simple with the help of the converters we included in this article. You can follow the tutorial we added here, which will help you change the format into a newer AI format.

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