Create the Best Pixel GIF Art Ever with the 4 Pixel GIF Makers Available

September 15, 2023Amanda Brown

Pixel animation offers a unique and charming aesthetic moving pixelated design that is still in use up to this date. Back in the day, pixel art animation was used in various contexts, and it reached a point where it became so popular and was infused in video games, indie game development, web design, short films, and more. Aside from the mentioned context, you can blend artistry into technology by creating it as a GIF and turning it into a mesmerizing animated masterpiece. Whether you are a seasoned pixel artist or a curious beginner, this guide will equip you with the skills and knowledge to do this craft. Without further ado, let’s start creating the best pixel GIF ever with the tutorial below.

Make Pixel GIF

Part 1. The Best Way to Create Animated Pixel GIF Offline [Editor’s Choice]

Aside from turning video into GIF, you can use the Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate to create a mesmerizing pixel art GIF, even if you are a beginner. Through the help of its professional GIF editing, you can even add a specialized theme on any occasion with transitions and add text to it whenever you like it. Want to add music to it? Well, you can do so with this app's help. There are two methods this app has to offer for you in creating animated GIFs, and we are giving both of the methods so you may choose which one fits the best.

Steps to Create Pixel GIF with GIF Maker:

Step 1:
Firstly, download the app on your computer by clicking the presented download button. Then, install the package you downloaded earlier, follow the quick setup, and launch the program to start using it.
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Step 2:
Next, open the Toolbox, go to the Search Toolbar, and type GIF Maker, and the feature will appear on the list then click it to use it.
Search GIF Maker
Step 3:
Then, options will appear on your screen; choose Video to GIF if the pixel art you want to upload is video and Photo to GIF if the pixel art is a static image. A file folder will appear; choose the pixelated animation you want to upload and click Open.
Upload Video or Image
Step 4:
The output setting will appear on your screen. Change the GIF setting based on your needs and click OK to save changes. Click the plus button to upload more files here and re-arrange them accordingly when needed.
Edit Output Settings
Step 5:
Now that you have uploaded the animated pixels here, click the Export button to download the GIF you have created here.
Export File Pixelated GIF

Steps to Create Pixel GIF with MV:

Step 1:
Open the app you previously downloaded, and click MV on the upper menu. Tick the + icon to upload the pixel images you have downloaded or created and turn them into a GIF.
Open MV Feature
Step 2:
Choose which Theme you want to apply to your GIF, and go to Settings to add texts and audio tracks if you want to.
Change Theme and Settings
Step 3:
When everything is settled, go to the Export menu, change the format to GIF, and click the Loop Animation to create a newer ending GIF on loop. Click the Start Export button to have the GIF animated pixel downloaded on your PC.
Export Pixelated GIF

Part 2. 3 Effect Ways to Make Animated Pixel GIFs Online

1. EzGIF - Animated GIF Maker

EzGIF is a user-friendly online platform offering a pixel GIF maker you love to use. Here, you can create, edit, and optimize a GIF properly, even if your skill level could be a lot higher. So, if you want to try using this app, here are the steps you must follow.

Step 1:
Open the official website of the EzGIF and choose GIF Maker.
Step 2:
Click Choose File, upload all the pixelated art you have saved on your device, and click Upload and make a GIF! to start using it.
Step 3:
Edit the GIF by changing the frame here, resizing, adjusting time, loop count, effects, and more. When you are done, click Make a GIF.


  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It offers multiple GIF editing features.
  • It supports a variety of input formats.


  • The features it offers are only basic.
  • It has a limited input and output file size.

2. is a comprehensive web-based platform that you can use to create pixel GIF art. It caters to users looking to resize, optimize, edit, or add effects to their GIFs for free. Once you have visited its website, you can see that it is clean and straightforward, making it accessible to all users. Here are the steps you can follow if you want to use it.

Step 1:
Visit the official webpage and open the GIF Pixelizer of it.
Step 2:
Here, you can drag and drop the GIF you want to turn into pixelated, and when the GIF is successfully uploaded, a sample pixelated will appear below.
Step 3:
Adjust the GIF using the GIF Pixelizer Options, and when you are done, go to the preview back and click Save As to export it.


  • The comprehensive set of GIF tools.
  • No watermark was added to the output file.
  • The website interface is designed to be clean and easy to understand.


  • Limited file size.
  • Limited advanced features.

3. Piskel

Piskel is a specialized pixel GIF maker you can use to create pixel art animation and sprites. Using this, you can create a personalized pixel art frame, and it also supports collaboration work, making it great for team projects. Not only can it export a project as GIF, but it can also export it as PNG, granting you the format's flexibility. If you want to try using this, follow the steps here.

Step 1:
Open the main website of Piskel and click Create Sprite.
Step 2:
Here, you can draw pixel art on the presented frame with the chosen color and available options. To add more frames, click the Add New Frame.
Step 3:
When you are done, click the image button and Download to export the image as GIF.


  • A specialized web tool for creating pixel art animations and sprites.
  • It offers a collaborative feature to work with multiple users.
  • Export your pixel animation as GIF < PNG and more.


  • The learning curve is stiff.
  • Limited to pixel art with different visual styles and techniques.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Make Pixel GIF

Does Google have a GIF maker?

Compared to what you can search over the internet, Google does not have a fancy, advanced feature wherein you can create amazing GIFs instantly. But you can create a series of photos to create an animated GIF in a minute with the help of Google Photos. You can also create a more customizable GIF with text and animation with Google Slides or download an existing GIF on Google Images.

How do I turn a picture into a GIF?

You can turn a photo into a GIF with the help of a converter and a GIF maker or editor. First, you can convert a picture to a GIF, but the result will become a static image since you only use a single photo. But if you combine multiple images, edit them, combine them, and export them as GIFs, the result will become animated.

Is uploading GIF files to Instagram restricted?

Well, there are restrictions on its size limitation, duration limit, quality, and aspect ratio when you upload GIFs to Instagram; that is why you need to be mindful of these restrictions.

What is happening to Piskel?

In early 2022, a widespread rumor was circulating that Piskel, the online pixel art and animation tool, would be closing down all user accounts. However, it's important to clarify that, as of today, Piskel remains accessible and fully operational on the web. Users can continue to use Piskel for their pixel art and animation projects without any account-related disruptions.

Can I convert the image to pixel art?

You can now create an eight or 16-bit pixel by converting the image to pixel art using the dedicated tools you can find online.


As you can see in this article, you can complete the pixel art GIF you want to achieve in various ways, especially if you follow the steps thoroughly. If you have any other questions regarding this article, please comment on the section below, and we will answer your queries as soon as possible.

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