How to Remove Background from Video Using Online and Desktop Video Editors

December 18, 2023Ashley Mae

Removing the background from a video allows you to replace it with wonderful backdrops that follow your theme. The only crucial thing about this process is to ensure the subject is not distorted or cut with rough edges. Thankfully, you can find tools to help you remove the background with perfect cutouts. Read further and check the best online tools for video editing.

Remove Background from Video

Part 1. How to Remove Background from Video

Traditionally, you must record a video with a green screen to change the background easily. But with the help of AI technology, it is now an easy task with more options. Here are some of the online tools to try.

Method 1. Unscreen

The online tool offers its service for free with authentic background removal. Unscreen supports erasing video backgrounds for MP4, OGG, WebM, GIF, and MOV formats. It also provides background themes that you can apply as the new background on the video. The website is user-friendly and only requires a few steps to remove a full video background online for free.

Step 1.
Go to the official website and click the Upload Clip button. From your folder, browse for the video you want to edit. Click the Open button to continue.
Step 2.
Unscreen will automatically remove the background from the video while it is uploading. Open the Change Background option and choose the new backdrop for the clip. Click the Download button to export the file.
Unscreen Remove Background from Video

Method 2. Cutout.Pro

If you need to use AI to remove the background on the video, Cut.Pro is an excellent choice for online tools. It allows you to upload 2GB with a maximum of 4K resolution. It even has sample videos, which you can use to see the results. Cut.Pro is a free tool but requires registration before erasing the background.

Step 1.
Click the Upload Video button on the main Cut.Pro’s website. Use Facebook or Google accounts to sign up.
Step 2.
Choose a new background or leave the removed background as it is. Click the Download Preview button to save the video to your computer.
Cut Pro Video Removal Background

Method 3. Kapwing

Kapwing is well-known as a convenient online video editor. It removes a full video background online for free without distorting the quality. Since it can automatically trace the main subject, you don’t have to do it manually. Moreover, the result looks like an impressive studio-grade clip that you can use for work or school projects. Besides, as a comprehensive online platform, Kapwing is your go-to solution for other video editing like video reverse, trimming, cropping, etc.

Step 1.
Click the Remove Background from Video button to direct you to the official online video editor. Click the Upload button to get the video you need for editing.
Step 2.
Proceed to the Effect menu at the right pane and choose the Remove Background option. Afterward, continue editing with other tools or click the Export button to save the changes.
Kapwing AI Remove Video Background

Extra Tip: Remove Background Noise from Transparent Video

Background noise will likely appear on your video after removing the backdrop. You can get rid of it by using Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. One of its professional functions allows you to remove background noise, enhance the resolution, and reduce the video shaking. On the other hand, editing videos is easier with this tool as it offers more functions, such as a converter, compressor, movie maker, and more.

Video Converter Ultimate


Video Converter Ultimate

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  • Provide necessary tools to cut, trim, rotate, and edit media files.
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Step 1.
Download Aissesoft Video Converter Ultimate from the official webpage. Install and launch it. Proceed to the Toolbox section at the top menu.
Aiseesof Toolbox Video Enhancer
Step 2.
Open the Video Enhancer option and upload the video with the removed background. Tick the checkbox for the Remove Video Noise option. Do the same to others if you want to upscale the resolution and brightness and reduce video shaking.
Aiseesof Video Enhancer Remove Video Noise
Step 3.
Click the Preview button to see the first 10-second clip. Optionally, change the output format and resolution. Once done, click the Enhance button to remove the background noise and save the file.
Aiseesof Preview Save Remove Video Background

Method 4. Premiere Pro

Adobe has a set of professional tools for outstanding video editing. Premiere Pro is also a wonderful tool for sophisticated editors, as it can remove the black background in the video and change it with another backdrop. Of course, it is not an easy task with this tool, as it has a difficult learning curve.

Step 1.
Run Adobe Premiere Pro on your computer. Navigate to the Effects menu and go to Video Effects. From the Keying section, choose the Ultra Key option. Drop the file to the interface.
Premiere Pro Ultra Key Matte Generation
Step 2.
Set up the settings for removal. Make sure to change the output view to Alpha and use the Matte Generation for effective background removal video. Save the video once finished.

Method 5. After Effects

How to make a video transparent with After Effects? The Adobe tool was known for its RGB+Alpha option that enables transparency. It is also complete with features capable of removing backgrounds via Green Screen. If you need to save a transparent video for future work, it is best to go for After Effects.

Step 1.
Upload a file to After Effects. Locate the Composition menu and choose the Add to Render Queue option. Double-click the Output Module to open the window.
After Effects Render Queue Transparent Background
Step 2.
Select a format and set the channels to RGB+Alpha. Click the OK button to save the changes. Set the destination folder and click the Render button to process the video.

Below are more tips you can use in After Effects when editing the video.

Part 2. FAQs about Removing Background from Video

Can I remove the video background in Photoshop?

By default, Photoshop only has limited features for video editing, but it can be expanded by installing extensions. However, it is still best to use other Adobe tools like After Effects and Premiere Pro for better video background removal.

Can I change the video background in Premiere Pro?

Yes. The video editing app offers a flexible color palette to change the color background. You can find it on the Effect Controls panel.

Is it possible to keep the video background only with online tools?

Yes. Most online video background removals will allow you to export a clip without any background. Mostly, the exported video only has a black or white background, but you can easily insert a new one whenever you want.


You have learned how to delete a video background with some of the best tools you can find online or download on your computer. If you want an easy way to remove backgrounds, online tools will be the best go-to. On the other hand, professional video editing apps are needed for professional video editors. Lastly, the best way to remove video background noise is achievable with Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. Try it for free on Windows and Mac.

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