How to Disable iMessage on Mac – Ultimate Guide You Should Know

November 27, 2019Nicole Jones

When you use the same Apple ID for both iPhone and MacBook Pro, you might feel annoyed to receive the notifications of iMessage on your MacBook Pro. How to turn off iMessage on your Mac? Especially the MacBook Pro is used for business purpose only in your office.

Whether you need to disable the iMessage on your Mac completely, turn off the iMessage temporarily, just need to disable the iMessage notification, or even clean up the iMessage files on Mac, you can learn more details from the ultimate guide from the article.

Disable iMessage

Part 1: How to Turn off iMessage on Mac Permanently

Just as mentioned above, iMessage notification is related to Apple ID. If you do not want to receive any notification of iMessage on your Mac, you can disable the Apple ID to turn off iMessage on Mac permanently. Learn more details about the process as below.

Step 1:
Launch the "Message" app on your Mac. Click the "Messages" menu in the top menu bar, and then choose the "Preferences" option to set up your account for iMessage.
Step 2:
Click the "Accounts" option, which enables you to sign out the Apple ID on your Mac, or block the iMessage files from the related iMessage addresses from the list.
Step 3:
In order to turn off iMessage completely on your MacBook, you can simply click the "Sign Out" option. This will completely remove iMessage access to your Apple ID on Mac.
Turn off iMessage

Note: You can re-login the Apple ID to get the notification again to sync iMessages from iPhone to Mac. Even if you reverse by re-enabling into your account, you can only receive the new iMessage instead.

How to Change the Notification Tone

When you are annoyed with the irritating "Ping", you can mute the iMessage tone or change the notification to fix the problem. It is another temporary method to turn off iMessage tone on Mac. Here is the process you should know as below. (iMessage out of order?)

Step 1:
Just launch the "Messages" app on your MacBook Pro. You can also click the "Messages" in the top menu bar, which you can choose the "General" option to mute the notification tone.
Step 2:
Click the "Message receive sound:" option and choose the "None" from the drop down list. It will mute the notification tone and disable the iMessage tone on your Mac.
Change the Notification Tone

Part 2: How to Disable iMessage Notification on Mac

If you just need to avoid interruption notifications from iMessage during the meeting, you can just turn off the notification to disable iMessage on Mac as a temporarily solution. Of course, you can retain the ability to use the Messages whenever you want with ease.

Step 1:
Click the Apple Logo in the upper left corner, you can choose the "System Preferences" option. Then choose the "Notification" option to disable the notifications of iMessage.
Step 2:
Go to the Notification Center and find the "Messages" from the drop down list. After that, you can choose the message alert style and hide notifications for iMessage accordingly.
Notification Center
Step 3:
Choose the message alert style as "None" and uncheck all the option to disable any form of iMessage notification or sound on Mac. You can restore the original setting to get back the notifications later.
Disable iMessage Notification

Part 3: How to Disconnect iMessage from Mac Temporarily

In order to disable the iMessage notification on Mac temporarily for a period of time, you only need to enable the "Do Not Disturb" mode. When you need to keep the Mac from displaying any iMessage pop-ups for the remainder of the day, you can follow the steps as below.

Step 1:
Go to the Notification Center from the "System Preferences" option. You can access to the "Do Not Disturb" as the first option. It enables you to hide the banners and notifications.
Step 2:
In order to turn off the iMessage on Mac temporarily, you can turn on the "Do Not Disturb" option. Choose the detailed schedule to disable the notifications of iMessage on Mac.
Disconnect iMessage

Part 4: Best Method to Clean up iMessage Files on Mac

Once you have already disabled iMessage on Mac, what should you do if you need to clean up the iMessage files? If you need to remove the iMessage files completely from your Mac, Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner is the professional Mac management tool to remove iMessage files, shred files, old and large files, delete duplicated images and more.

Mac Cleaner


Mac Cleaner

  • Scan and filter the result by name and order by size, time and others.
  • Remove junk files, unneeded iMessage files, large files, duplicated files, etc.
  • Monitor the system performance, like disk utilization, battery and memory.
  • Advanced clean up tools to remove the desired files and related caches.
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Step 1.
Launch the Mac Cleaner on your Mac
Download and install the Mac Cleaner, launch the program on your Mac. You can click the "Status" to check and monitor the CPU, Memory, Disk and the other parameters.
Step 2.
Scan the iMessage files on your Mac
After that, you can click the "ToolKit" option to choose the "File Manager" icon to view and scan the unneeded iMessage files, which you can completely crush unwanted files with ease.
Step 3.
Remove the iMessage files on your Mac
Once you have scanned iMessage files, you can remove the iMessge files completely from your Mac. You can also choose the size the file to delete the selective files accordingly.


When you need to disable or turn off iMessages on Mac, you can learn more about the methods from the article. Whether you need to block the notification for a period of time, or even completely disable the message on Mac, you can learn more details from the article now.

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