Unpixelate Images - 2 Methods You Must Know to Easily on Desktop & Web

Everyone might encounter one or more pixelated images, but did you know that pixelated images is worse than blurriness? Scary right! No need to be. Well, we can resolve the problem with the pixelated image if you resize it. Several tools might help, but not all do the same job as the tools we add here. If you want to unpixelate images, you might need to spend a minute or two reading the following information we add here.

Unpixelate Images

Part 1. What Do Pixelate and Unpixelate Mean | Brief Discussion about the Pixelate & Unpixelate

Before we proceed to the tools and the tutorial on how to unpixelate an image, you will need to know the meaning of pixelating. Images tend to pixelate, especially if you enlarge or save a small image and do the same thing; you will see a tiny square known as pixels. All the images you have and see are made of tiny pixels; with this, you can have an image digitally seen. Each pixel makes the image looks better; the more pixel the image is, the better quality it will have.

However, there are times when the PPI isn't sufficient, which would causes the image turned into pixelated. If your images look grainy, then that is pixelated, and the only solution you will need to use is adding new pixels or resizing them to make the image look unpixelated. To know what tools you must use, proceed to the next part we add here!

Part 2. Ultimate Solution on How to Unpixelate an Image with the Free, Easy-to-Use, & Professional Software

1st Method. Using the Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online - Free Online Image Upscaler

Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online is an AI-powered tool you can use to unpixelate images online for free. One of the fantastic features of this tool is the AI technology it supports because it can remake the lost pixels on your image to turn it back into its former glory. Unlike other software, you can download or use, this tool produces a professional output that you won't even imagine that this free tool can do for you. With this, we can assure you that you can have the unpixelated photo you want in no time. Want to know how to do it? To not let you wait anymore longer, follow the steps we add here to unpixelate the picture you have quickly.

Step 1:
No downloading is necessary with this app, you can click this link, and it will take you to the main webpage of the image upscaler, where you can fix the problem you have with your image via upscaling and resizing.
Step 2:
Hit the Upload Photo to open the folder where the image you want to upscale is, press the file once, and click Open to upload it successfully.
Upload Pixelated Photos
Step 3:
In this part, you can now choose what type of upscaling you want to use. Choose the Magnification you want to apply to your image to make the photo unpixelated.
Select Magnification to Unpixelate
Step 4:
To save the image that isn't pixelated, click the Save button. As easy as that, you now have the image on your hand that isn't pixelated, and you can enjoy it with much finer details than before.
Save Unpixelate Image

2nd Method. Using the Adobe Photoshop - Professionally Upscale the Image on Windows and Mac

Adobe Photo Shop

Adobe Photoshop is a well-known image unpixelator you can download and use professionally to handle this problem much better than any other software. With this professional tool, you can quickly add pixels automatically without having distortion on it after. The software is free to download, and you can use its free trial if you haven't. But if you consume the free trial, you must avail yourself of a monthly or annual subscription fee to Adobe to continue using it. Are you interested in how this tool works? The following steps will give you a walkthrough on how to deal with the problem.

Step 1:
Download the software on your desktop, press the File and click Open to upload the pixelated image.
Step 2:
Go to the Image section, then open the Image Size under it.
Step 3:
On the Image Resize option, click the Resample and select the Preserve Details (Enhancement).
Step 4:
Add the measurement necessary to your image to resize it, and press OK to save the changes.
Step 5:
To improve the image, go to the Filters, Others, then click the High Pass.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Unpixelate Images

Does blurriness and pixelated the same?

No, it is not the same. Some people use blurriness and pixelated in a single context, but there aren't the same. Though these problems are the worst, their meaning and what they can do to your image differ. For example, if the image you capture loses its focus, it becomes blurry, and if you enlarge an image beyond what can be, it will turn pixelated. The solution to the blurry image is by sharpening them; on pixelated; you will need to resize or create a new color data for the lost PPI.

Why does the image become pixelated on 4k TV?

Every image has a definite size known as resolution, and most 4k monitors or TV do automatically stretch out the image to make it fit the screen. Because of that, the image became pixelated because the image was stretched out. You can avoid this problem if you resize the image that is indeed fit to the 4k dimension; you can either use the free tool we add here or the professional image editor.

Do I need to have a pixel on images?

Absolutely! Images are made of millions of pixels, and in every pixel, there is data that makes the image visible to our naked eyes. Without the help of pixels, we cannot save the image digitally or transfer it on the web. It will become invincible if the pixels aren't presented.

Can I increase the pixels of an image?

Yes, you can increase the pixels of an image by adding new information to it by resizing the image. However, not all photo resizers can add new data to the image. So, if you want the tool that adds information, you must read the two tools we add here.


To unpixelate the image you have, you need a photo reliable photo resizers that could produce new pixel data for your image, like the Aiseesoft Free Image Upscaler and Adobe Photoshop. You can either choose between them, and we can give you the guarantee that you will have the best image after you upscale them in the tool we add. So, which way do you prefer the most? Is it the professional way or the freeway? Share your comments on each tool by leaving a comment below and share with us what makes the tool you select the best fit for you!

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