5 Websites to Watch Anime/Cartoons Online With or Without Account

March 13, 2023Ashley Mae

Animation or anime widely affects the whole world, so western people adopt it and develop an exaggerated cartoon version. You can ask thousands or even millions of people. They all know what cartoons and animation are. Both animated styles contribute to our life as a child and up to now. Based on a recent study, there are more adult anime and cartoon watchers than children; if we are about to sum it all up, there are no age limitations in watching animated videos on your device. So, if you miss some episode of the cartoon or animation you have watched, better read this article as we showcase top websites wherein you can watch anime/cartoons online easily with a tutorial.

Watch Cartoon Online

Part 1. How to Watch Cartoons Online for Free and Paid

These are the cartoon and anime streaming websites you can visit whenever you want to watch fictional animation. So, if you want to know how to use these popular websites to watch better, read the information that we have added below.

1. YouTube


YouTube is the biggest video-sharing website to watch anime for free; even cartoon is available. You can access this platform on different devices, such as Windows and Mac, then you can download it directly on your Android and iOS if you don't want to use the website version of it. Considering the billions of videos uploaded here, there is assurance that anime and cartoons are available here. Yet, sometimes the video animation you can watch here has low volume, so you might need to make Youtube videos louder when that happens.

Thus, the update per episode will depend on the person's channel on the app and not the app itself update it. Besides, there are times when the video you want to watch isn't available here, but if you want to try your luck using this, follow the instructions below.

Step 1:
Open Google Find My Device on your device and ensure that the device you want to track opens its location because if not, you wouldn't know where that person is. Also, the app won't work without a connection. Both devices should have internet before you can find where it is
Step 2:
Log in to the account you want to track now, and after that, you can know they are going when the device location changes.
Step 3:
As easy as that, you can watch where the person is going and have surveillance of where they are going.

2. Netflix

Netflix is the paid version of the best anime websites you can search online. You can access this app on different websites, but mobile downloading is better for a better watching experience. Here, you can watch thousands of movies with different genres and episodes, yet it is not for free. Also, you must register an account in this app before watching the anime or cartoon you like.


Same scenario with YouTube; this platform doesn't support all of the animation and cartoony you would like to watch. But the platform team created some exclusive anime and cartoons for you to watch that aren't even available on other sites. If you want to use this better, follow the steps we have included here.

Step 1:
Open Netflix and create an account here. Register your account with the plan the app supports, fill in the payment information and choose the method to proceed.
Step 2:
Now that the account has been registered, you must go to the upper part of your screen and click the magnifying icon. Type in the anime or cartoon name you want to watch to see if it is available here.
Step 3:
A bunch of results will appear on your screen with the alternative things you can watch aside for the one you have searched. If it says the result is not found, the platform hasn't adapted the anime and cartoons today. If you are using an iPhone and want to connect Netflix on iPhone to PS4 for a more widescreen, then a tutorial for that is what you need.

3. BiliBili

BiliBili is the biggest anime website you can visit compared to the others we have mentioned. Here, it prioritizes the latest anime, which means you can quickly get the latest episode for each anime you watch or the complete one. Moreover, you must register an account and agree to the terms and agreements that you are 13 or above. Here, you can find some anime highlights on this site that are inappropriate for children who aren't 18+, so it is dangerous for children to access this. If parents are supervised, you can download or visit this to watch some of the best animes here.

Step 1:
Search the BiliBili site using your web browser, and you must create an account here.
Step 2:
On the main page, you will see a bunch of short anime you can watch. If you want to search, click the search button on the upper part.
Step 3:
Search over the anime you want and click the video you want to watch here.

4. GoGoAnime.network

GoGoAnime.network is famous for the weebs, wherein they can watch animes for free and without logging into an account. Here, you can easily update with the recent release of animes since it posts all of it on the main page. This website could be the best choice for those who want to watch anime non-stop. Despite its fame, many subdomains copy the official anime website, which may lead you to a virus website. Ensure not to visit the website of GoGoAnime with an unprotected link, and remember that the website doesn't charge money, so don't input card details once it asks you. So, if you want to use this free anime website, follow the steps below.

GoGoAnime Network
Step 1:
Using your browser, search the official website of GoGoAnime.network and click the link to open it.
Step 2:
On the main page, you can see the recently released anime you can watch. Click it to watch the first episode of the anime. However, if you want to look for old animes, click the search button and type the name of the anime you want to watch.
Step 3:
The result will appear on your screen, which is the best time to click on the anime you want to watch on your device using this website.

5. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is the home of the best cartoon full episode clips you can access on the web. When you visit the main page of it, you wouldn't be able to see anime since it is exclusive to cartoons only. Like other applications, you can download the app version on your mobile devices, so you don't need to access the main website of it repetitively. In addition to its watching, you can also play games here if you want to. So, if you want to watch cartoons online, better read the following details that we have added below.

Cartoon Network
Step 1:
Open a new tab and search Cartoon Network. But if you are using an Android or iOS device, you can download the official version of it on Playstore or Appstore.
Step 2:
Launch the application or website and click the Videos to see the available clips. As you can see, all known cartoons will appear on your display.
Step 3:
Enjoy watching the video you want to, and if you want to watch others, you can scroll down to the bottom to see the next episode to watch.

Part 2. How to Watch Anime & Cartoons Offline with High Quality

If you have Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player, you can watch videos without limitations as long as it is downloaded on your device. It is a reliable video player that plays every type of video format without needing an additional or extension tool. Moreover, you can also play videos that are on your disk since it can read embedded information. So, if your video player on Windows or Mac can't play the videos you want, choose this and follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Download and install the video player on your device by tapping the correct operating system we have added below. Next is to open the app, follow the setup process, and then launch the app to begin using it.
Step 2:
Now that you have opened the app, click the Open File and search over the video file that you want to play saved on your device, then click Open to load it up.
Upload Video to Play
Step 3:
While the video is playing, you can take a quick snap by tapping the camera icon, and once you click the folder icon, you will be able to see the images captured on the video playing.
Take Screenshot
Step 4:
Repeat the steps to watch other videos, such as anime and cartoons, on your desktop more clearly and without an internet connection.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Watch Cartoons or Anime Online

Why did watching cartoons and anime become a trend?

Because of the cute faces of the characters, plot twists, and the creator's influence, many people love to watch 2D or 3D animation rather than films with real-life people. Still, some doesn't like anime and cartoon since these are only for a child based on their perspective.

Can you turn anime videos into 3D videos?

Well, that is possible with the help of 3D video editors you can use. However, creating a 3D video from an anime isn't as easy as you may think because you will need to go detailed-by-detailed about the animation, and you will need to become a pro before you can do it.

Is it safe to watch cartoons or anime online?

To the trusted website, watching cartoons and anime are possible and safe. Well, watching anime and cartoons will maintain the device you have used to access them; however, some websites copy the primary name of the website to lure in people. It would be better to download an app like BiliBili, Netflix, and YouTube to watch this genre.


How to watch cartoons or anime online? You can easily do that with the help of the websites we have added here. But, if you have downloaded a video film and hate that loading up, you better use the Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player on part 2.

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