10 Best Call Flash APPs– Make Your Phone Flashes with/without Ringing

"How do I make my Android flash when it rings?"

"Is there a way to natively get the camera light to flash for calls, texts and other alerts?"

"I am not usually able to hear my phone when it rings, and I don't usually find out any incoming calls until well after the fact…"

Call Flash APPs

If you do not want to miss any call or message in noisy situations, the easiest way is to make your phone flash for every incoming call. Compared with loud ringtones, the calling flash alerts do a better job. Well, it is also a good way to find your blinking smart phone from various devices. Imagine the phone is ringing and flashing, it is hard to neglect any phone call, right?

Part 1: Use the Built-in Calling Flash Feature on Your Android Phone

Some Android phones may have the calling flash feature. However, you cannot get much customizations. Your Android phone's camera blinks when there is an incoming call. That's all. If you want to make it cool, you can do as the following paragraphs tell to turn on calling flash on your Android. Well, you can find related calling flash features under Android Accessibility. Though different manufacturers may vary slightly.

How to Enable Flash Notification on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Step 1Open the "Settings" app. Scroll down and tap the "Accessibility" option.

Step 2Choose "Hearing" from the "Accessibility" list.

Step 3Tap "Flash notification" to activate the camera light or screen flashing.

Step 4Trigger on the "Camera light" or "Screen" option based on your need.

Consequently, when you receive new notifications or alarms sound, you can see the screen or camera LED flashing.

Enable Flash Notification

How to Activate Flash Alerts for Incoming Calls on Your LG Phone

Step 1Power on your LG smartphone.

Step 2Choose "Accessibility" from the "Settings" menu.

Step 3Tap "Hearing" under the "Type" category.

Step 4Switch on the "Flash alerts" option for incoming calls, messages and alarms.

Step 5Tap "Turn on" to confirm to enable calling flash function.

Activate Flash Alerts

Be aware that flash alerts may influence some Internet apps. Moreover, the flash will not blink under low battery life.

Part 2: Top 10 Flash Alert Notifications APPs – Get a Call Flash Maker for Android

Just as above mentioned, you can get a few choices from above flash alerts features. Since you set personalized ringtones for different contacts, why not adding something special to your call screen? Here are popular call flash makers for Android with positive reviews. You can read and choose your best call flash notification app.

Note: If you do not want to be distracted in certain situations, there is no need to uninstall call flash apk. You can activate and deactivate calling flash and blinking alerts with easy steps.

Top 1: Color Call Flash – Phone Call Screen, LED Flash

Price: Totally Free

Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.call.flash.color.phone.callerscreen.flashlight

Color Call Flash allows users to create special call phone screen flash for incoming calls. There are various personalized color call themes you can choose for calling flash on Android. It is super easy to set a color call screen flash. Just download your favorite call flash theme and ringtone. Later, you can see the amazing caller flash screen in all scenarios.

Color Call Flash

Thus, you can find your phone in silent mode or loud background noise effortlessly. In another word, you will be notified with a flashlight and colorful call screen. Many users leave comments that they do not miss any call after installing the call flash maker app.

Top 2: Flash Alerts on Call & Alerts on App Notifications

Price: Contain in-app purchases

Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fantasticdroid.flashalerts&utm_source=appgrooves&utm_medium=agp_a51d3121b3cb40fdf8d865e19e14f2eb_com.fantasticdroid.flashalerts_us_others_15481233217766

You can get flash alerts for app notifications, calls or messages. It is also supported to deactivate flash alerts for certain contacts selectively, as well as new messages. If you do not want to be disturbed by calling flash, you can set a particular time for flash alerts controls. However, the call flash for Android app charges for most features.

Flash Alerts on Call and Alerts

Top 3: Flash Alerts on Call and SMS

Price: Contain in-app purchases

Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iodev.flashalerts&utm_source=appgrooves&utm_medium=agp_a51d3121b3cb40fdf8d865e19e14f2eb_com.iodev.flashalerts_us_others_15481233326028

By using Flash Alerts on Call and SMS, you will not miss important calls or messages in vibrate or silent. If your Android phone is in low battery, you can turn off the calling flash function to save more battery. Well, you can also press the Power key to disable blink flash quickly.

Flash Alerts on Call and SMS

Top 4: Flash on Call and SMS

Price: Free

Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lpa.flash.notification&utm_source=appgrooves&utm_medium=agp_a51d3121b3cb40fdf8d865e19e14f2eb_com.lpa.flash.notification_us_others_15481453655600

If your phone is not in your reach, you can find it in noisy places and crowds by Flash on Call and SMS app. Your phone will flash for incoming calls in silent mode too. Thus, if you want to get calls or notifications in meetings or church, you can try this call flash for Android app.

Flash on Call and SMS

Top 5: Flash Alert on Call

Price: Free

Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.siimob.flash.alerts.sms.call&utm_source=appgrooves&utm_medium=agp_a51d3121b3cb40fdf8d865e19e14f2eb_com.siimob.flash.alerts.sms.call_us_others_15481453760657

If you are at parties or crowed places, you had better install one call flash app like Flash Alert on Call on Android in case of missing calls and messages. You can be notified with not only phone rings, but also blinking flashlights. Moreover, it is a good way to receive incoming calls and SMS text messages with silent blinking flashes.

Flash Alert on Call

Top 6: Ultimate Flash Alerts

Price: Contain in-app purchases

Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.irisstudio.flashalerts&utm_source=appgrooves&utm_medium=agp_a51d3121b3cb40fdf8d865e19e14f2eb_com.irisstudio.flashalerts_us_others_15481453730609

Every time you receive new calls, SMS and notifications, your Android phone will start blinking with or without ringtones. Thus, you can set blinking flash signals instead of ringtones when your phone is in silent mode. If your phone battery is low, you can use Ultimate Flash Alerts to disable flashlight alerts manually or automatically.

Ultimate Flash Alerts

Top 7: Flash Notification for All

Price: Contain in-app purchases

Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flashalerts.flashnotification&utm_source=appgrooves&utm_medium=agp_a51d3121b3cb40fdf8d865e19e14f2eb_com.flashalerts.flashnotification_us_others_15481470060680

You can enable flash notification for all applications on Android. Thus, once the new notification arrives, you can see the flashlight on the screen. If you do not want this feature, you can press the Volume or Power key to stop flash alerts quickly. The call flash apk works well on Android 4.1 and later versions.

Flash Notification for All

Top 8: Flash Light Alert Calls & SMS Colors

Price: Free

Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.developenich.flashflashalert

The call flash light for Android app can turn your phone into the brightest one for every incoming call, SMS or MMS. Thus, you will not miss messages from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and other apps. Well, you can also set whether to enable flashlight alerts for certain apps or not.

Flash Light Alert

Top 9: Flash Light Alerts

Price: Contain in-app purchases

Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ZaraDesigns.flashalerts&utm_source=appgrooves&utm_medium=agp_a51d3121b3cb40fdf8d865e19e14f2eb_com.ZaraDesigns.flashalerts_us_others_15481470110092

Even though you do not hear your phone ringing, you can still see the incoming call via the blinking flash screen with Flash Light Alerts. Consequently, you can keep in touch with others in silent zones like hospitals, meetings and more. If you do not need flashing alerts or notifications, you can disable in one tap.

Flash Light Alerts

Top 10: Flash Alert

Price: Free

Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gwnt.flashlight.alert.call.and.sms&utm_source=appgrooves&utm_medium=agp_a51d3121b3cb40fdf8d865e19e14f2eb_com.gwnt.flashlight.alert.call.and.sms_us_others_15481470142035

You can get notified with camera LED flashlight for incoming phone calls and SMS messages at many times. In another word, if your phone need to be silent, you can still get the real-time information via the call flash light Android app. The simple and intuitive interface is friendly to all users.

Flash Alert

These call flash for Android apps are tested and downloaded by numerous users from all countries. You can set up calling flash to reduce the probabilities of missing important calls. At present, Color Call Flash app offers the maximum of colorful phone call flash themes in the market. If you are new to call flash light alert apps, you can free download the call flash maker for a try with no charge.

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