Ultimate Ways to Find, Watch, and Recover Deleted YouTube Videos Easily

March 15, 2023Ashley Mae

In the world of technology, YouTube compiled the best videos you can watch limitless and for free but have you ever encountered a video with deleted YouTube videos? It can be incredibly frustrating to find out that the video you are about to watch has been taken down. Since there is modern technology today, we are here to help you find out the best strategies you can use to find, watch, and recover all of the videos that have been deleted on YouTube. Whether you are a content creator or an avid YouTube viewer, this guide will help you navigate it and solve the problem of enjoying the content you want. So, let's get started!

Deleted YouTube Videos

Part 1. How to Find & Watch Deleted YouTube Videos without URL

If you want to find deleted YouTube videos without the link, use a web browser, the internet, and the steps we have added to this article. We can show you the complete instructions on doing it with the steps added to this information. However, there are times when the video that you want to watch isn't available anymore or has been completely deleted, but you can still try the steps below.

Step 1:
Open your browser, but we prefer to use Google.com in this case, but any browser will do.
Step 2:
In the browser's search box, type in the www.youtube.com + video name you want to watch, then search it.
Search YouTube and Username
Step 3:
When the search has been loaded up, you can find results that are remarkably similar to the name you added to the search. Scroll it down to see if your lost video is under the result.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos with Link

Internet Archive Wayback Machine allows you to recover deleted Youtube videos but with a link. It is the archive of every uploaded data on the world wide web, but it still has an advanced algorithm to help you look for the video you want to access here publicly. Here, you can watch and retrieve every piece of data or visit each without limitation, whether it is a website, movie, software, or more. If you are interested in this application, follow the steps in the next part.

Internet Archive
Step 1:
Open your browser and search Internet Archive Wayback Machine, and if the result shows a primary domain with an archive.org, then you click that because that is the link for the website.
Step 2:
On a new tab, open YouTube and log into your account; go to the email account and find the email of the video you uploaded on YouTube and copy the link.
Step 3:
Now that you have copied the video link paste the URL on the app's search bar and hit Enter to load it up.
Step 4:
When the result appears on your screen, you can now download the video back into your device to create a copy of the deleted video on YouTube.

Part 3. How to Protect Your YouTube Videos from Deleting - 3 Tips to Know About

1. Do Not Use Profanity Words or Content

Some content creators post profane or obscene content on YouTube to gain popularity, but that is not how the platform works, and the kind of attitude posting YouTube doesn't let that slide is why videos have been taken down. If you don't know the community standards of the app, go back to the terms and agree to see what allowed and not allowed content to be posted.

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2. Copyright Infringement Violation

Videos are usually taken down because the added clip or audio here is used without permission. Since you can download content like this for free, many users think it is okay to use it freely on the film they are making, which isn't. So, if the content you want to use isn't originally from you, you better add a disclaimer or ask the creator for exclusive permission so it will not be taken down when you post to the public.

3. Terms and Conditions Service Violations

All the information that came before these falls under the standard that YouTube sets, but there are still standards we haven't mentioned that could be the main reason why it will take down your video posted on YouTube. In such cases, hateful content about other races isn't appropriate to be watched by watchers on the said platform since it fights against anything derogatory about the person. So the best thing it can do is take that video down to limit the damage. Also, if someone uses your private content without your permission, you can report that, and the YouTube team will take care of that. Avoid doing all of these so it will not take the video down.

Part 4. FAQs about Deleting YouTube Videos

Does YouTube automatically deletes older YouTube videos?

The platform doesn't delete content when a user doesn't violate any rules, regulations, or standards that YouTube sets. As you see and try to search old videos, you can watch old ones you didn't create in the modern era based on their looks.

Does YouTube remove videos with watermarks?

Well, it doesn't care if the video that you are about to post has a watermark that you have created. However, if the content you are about to post has a watermark from another, then it will take the video down based on the standard. If you want to protect your videos from possible thieves, adding a watermark to video before you post it is ideal.

How to become famous on Youtube?

You will need to add tags that are most commonly searched by the person but make sure that the tags you use are related to the video's content. But what is important is that you make your video eye-catchy for all viewers by editing the video that fits all ages.


When YouTube deletes videos, there is a reason. But what could it be? We had enlisted all possible reasons you violated, and when it became public, the platform chose to take that down. If you have other questions regarding this topic, the comment section is more than open for you to tell us.

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