Top 5 GIF Loopers for Different Devices

September 29, 2022Ashley Mae

You may be looking for feasible and workable means to combine a never-ending sequence or series of your photos in GIF. That is no surprise if you want to gain more views or wish more people to visit your page. Loop videos are, in fact, attractive to many users. Also, if you will notice, loop content is present on almost all social media sharing sites.

You cannot just stop watching them and staying on a specific page for a long time. Therefore, you might have the objective of getting your page known to the public. GIF loops might be your way to go. Here, we will introduce programs to GIF loop maker programs. Check them out below.

GIF Looper

Part 1. Best 5 GIF Looper

We conducted research and handpicked the best programs for creating loop GIF photos. In this content, you will have five options to choose from. So, without further ado, look at the featured programs and loop GIF files simply and quickly.

1. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is a professional tool that offers many features besides its primary function, which is converting files. One great feature of the tool is its ability to make a loop animation from a GIF file. Undoubtedly, the tool enables users to make GIF files from photos and videos. In other words, you may convert videos to GIFs or photos to GIFs.

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Moreover, its loop animation is just a click away. You do not need to click some other settings to help make GIF loops. Aside from that, editing and cutting your GIF is possible using this program. If necessary, you can adjust the output size and frame rate. At the same time, you can preview your GIF file before generating the resulting file with this infinite GIF maker.


  • Apply loop animation without complicated settings.
  • Edit GIF by applying effects, cutting, rotating, etc.
  • Resize output to your desired aspect ratio.
  • Preview the GIF before generating it.


  • You need to create a GIF first and apply a loop.
Aiseesoft GIF Looper

2. Coub

In a nutshell, Coub is a video streaming service accessible on different platforms and devices. You can stream this program on the web, iOS, and Android platforms. In addition, you can use the tool to combine pre-existing video clips from well-known video-sharing sites to create and share audio-visual loop videos up to 10 seconds long. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the program's loop feature to make a GIF that plays infinitely without having to play the GIF manually.

It is also a perfect loop GIF maker for users who wish to make reverse GIF loops. In essence, you can make an even more interesting loop with the help of this program. On top of that, you can apply the boomerang effect quickly. Find out more by checking out the pros and cons of this GIF loop maker.


  • Add music to the GIF file.
  • Create a reverse media with a back loop.
  • Insert random reactions and emojis into GIF.


  • You do not need to register for an account to use it.
Coub GIF Looper


Another web-based tool that may help you produce and directly edit GIF files on a website is Kapwing Loop Video Online. There are various ways to edit GIF files when using this program. You may resize a GIF, crop, add effects, separate images, and loop GIFs. If you wish, you could change the frame rate of your target GIF and cut a specific part.

What makes the program good is that it shows all frames in a GIF. With that, you can choose to skip a specific frame or copy and paste. Additionally, you can adjust the delay of every single frame in a GIF. Not to mention, you can apply crossfade frame effects. You can look into its advantages and disadvantages below for further scrutiny of this GIF looper.


  • It enables toggling a range of frames.
  • Specify a loop count or loop forever.
  • Apply crossfade frames to GIF files.


  • Simple and outdated user interface.
  • Only 6MB GIFs can be uploaded.
EZGIF Looper

4. Loop Videos and GIF Maker (iPhone)

If you wish to play a loop on your iOS device infinitely, you should get the Loop Videos and GIF Maker mobile app. iOS devices running iOS 9.0 or later are compatible with this program. Moreover, you can feel produce top-notch videos in an endless loop using this program. Additionally, it has a number of editing tools. With it, you can specify the number of repeats of the GIF loop. Also, you can add text, stickers, or images to your GIF as you please.

On top of that, you will be able to adjust the speed of your GIF and the direction to help you reverse a GIF image. By default, all GIFs have infinite loops. Therefore, there is nothing that has to be configured or changed. For further review, see the pros and cons below.


  • Create GIFs in never-ending sequences.
  • Choose the direction of the loop.
  • Add sticker, text, or image to the looping GIF.
  • Best GIF looper for iPhone.


  • It comes with annoying adverts.
Loop Videos and GIF Maker

5. Loop Video (Android)

Using the Loop Video mobile program, you can also loop a GIF on your Android phone. In just a simple procedure, you will be able to create loop content from the videos saved on your Android device. Over and above, you can directly share your output with well-known social media websites. One major flaw of this tool is that it is loaded with advertisements that can be annoying to many.

Also, there are interrupting, especially when you want to finish your work, but suddenly an advert pops up. Nevertheless, it is a capable infinite GIF maker you can depend on. Here are its pros and cons to look out for.


  • Share output to different social media sites.
  • Create loop GIF files quickly.
  • Generate GIF that is 10 seconds long.


  • Advertisements are constantly popping up.
Loop Video Android

Part 2. FAQs About GIF Looper

What is a burst photo?

Burst photo is a series of rapid or swift succession photos. With it, you can capture high-speed action, such as fast-moving objects and people.

Can I make a burst photo loop?

Yes. It is possible to create a loop of your burst photo. The tools introduced above should be able to achieve it.

Can I remove the loop in GIF?

In case you wish to remove the loop from your GIF, you can open the GIF to a GIF editor. There should be a remove loop option in the program. Then, resave the GIF.


Those are GIF looper programs that will help you make play GIF files over and over again. There is a desktop program, two online tools, and two mobile apps. Therefore, you can choose whichever you prefer.

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