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Best Free GIF Viewer to Play GIF Animation on Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Many people like to create animated GIFs from videos nowadays. Why do GIF images become so popular? An animated GIF is a graphics file that displays a short animation. GIFs are great as these animated images can really kill time and liven up our communication when you see that increasing people send or share GIF images on WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat and so on.

GIF Viewer

If you get some GIFs on your computer or Smartphone, how can you play these animated images? However, many people complain the GIF playback. For example, the default image viewer of Windows, Windows Photo Viewer can only open still image instead of the animation. To view the GIF animation, you have to open Internet Explorer to play them. Actually, you need one GIF Viewer to help you. What is the best GIF viewer for you? Some GIF players enable you to pause and control the animation speed, while some only allows you to view GIF in loop. Some advanced GIF animation software can even let you edit GIF files with features like Rotate, Flip, image adjustment (contrast, hue, brightness, sharpness, etc.). Most of GIF players support not only GIF format, but also other image format like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF, BMP, EMF and more. In this article, we will list best GIF player for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android.

Part 1. Best 6 GIF Viewer for Windows 10/8/7

In this part, we list 6 reputable GIF viewers for you. You can choose and download one GIF player for free and play your GIF file!

No. Program Screenshot Price Features
  • Free Media Player
  • Download site:

Imagine Free
  • ◆ View and play animated GIFs.
    ◆ Play, pause, stop, and resume GIF.
    ◆ Support other video and audio formats like MP4/AVI/MKV/MOV/MP3/FLAC/AAC, etc.
  • Imagine
  • Download site:

Imagine Free
  • ◆ Play animated GIFs.
    ◆ Flip, grayscale, change color depth, rotate, resize of the GIF file.
    ◆ Support other image formats like JPEG, PNG, TIFF and more.
  • IrfanView
  • Download site:
IrfanView Free
  • ◆ View animated GIF files.
    ◆ Play, pause, stop, and resume GIF animation.
    ◆ Other image formats are supported: .psd, .bmp, .gif,.jpg, .jp2, .tga, .psb, .tiff, .avi, .cdr.
  • FastStone Image Viewer
  • Download site:

FastStone Image Viewer Free
  • ◆ Open and play GIF image.
    ◆ Have editing features like effects, crop, resize, color options and so on.
    ◆ Support other image format including .bmp, .cur, .ico, .jpg, .psd, .tga, .tiff, .wmf, etc.
  • Image Eye
  • Download site:

Image Eye Free
  • ◆ View GIF animation, load next or previous images, and view slide show.
    ◆ Flip, rotate, adjust contrast/brightness/sharpness/hue.
    ◆ Highly support other image format like PNG, JPEG, TIFF and so on.
  • InView
  • Download site:

InViewer Free
  • ◆ Open and view GIF file.
    ◆ Play and pause GIF animation.
    ◆ Support other image formats including PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, ICO, etc.

Note: Besides these GIF viewer introduced above, there are other software that can play GIF image file on the Windows computer, such as GIF View, 7GIF, imageOpen, FreeVimage, DIMIN Viewer n5, ImageGlass, PicViewer, JPEGView, Universal View and so on.

Part 2. Top 3 GIF Player for Mac OX S (macOS High Sierra included)

If you are a Mac user, how can you play or view GIF file? Different with Windows, it is convenient for GIF playback on Mac OS as Mac has Mac Blu-ray Player, QuickTime Player and Preview. These 3 GIF player can help you view GIF image with ease.

1. Mac Blu-ray Player - Best All-in-one GIF Player for Mac

Price: Free

Platform: Mac

1Launch Mac Blu-ray Player on your Mac.

2Click "File" and select "Open File." Search for and locate the animated GIF file.

3Click "Open." Then GIF image will start playing automatically.

Mac Blu-ray Player

2. QuickTime Player - Mac Native GIF Animation Player

Price: Free

Platform: Mac

1Launch QuickTime Player on your Mac.

2Click "File" and select "Open File." Search for and locate the animated GIF image you want to play.

3Click "Open." The GIF file will be playable in the middle of the player.

4Click "Play." Then GIF image will begin playing.

QuickTime Player

3. Preview - Animated GIF Viewer for Mac

Price: Free

Platform: Mac

1Open the animated GIF in Preview.

2Click "View" > "Thumbnails" (if thumbnails aren't already showing).

3If you want to show or hide the frames in the animation, click "Show All" or "Show Less" next to the file's name in the sidebar.

Preview for Mac

Part 3. Best 2 GIF Viewer apk for Android and iOS 18/17/16/15/14/13

1. GIF Player - GIF browser for Android phones and tablets

Price: In-app purchases

Platform: Android


  • 1. Browse and play animated GIF images on Android;
  • 2. View and download hilarious GIFs;
  • 3. Search for funny GIFs on SeƱor Gif and Gif Bin;
  • 4. Share your favorite GIFs with your friends.
GIF browser for Android phones and tablets

2. GIF Viewer - Animated GIF Player Album for iOS devices

Price: Free

Platform: iOS


  • 1. Playback GIF in a photo album;
  • 2. GIF Frame viewer;
  • 3. Import GIF file from PC;
  • 4. Direct share GIFs to the social network.
GIF Player Album for iOS devices

Part 4. Play GIF on Internet Explorer/FireFox/Google Chrome/Safari

As we mentioned before, Windows Photo View doesn't allow you to play GIFs. You can use Internet Explorer or other browsers like FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari and more on Windows PC or Mac computer to View GIF images. And in this part, we will take Internet Explorer for Windows as an example and show you how to play GIF image on this browser.

1Right-click the GIF image and you can see the menu.

2Click "Open With", and this tab will show a list of software install on your computer.

3Choose "Internet Explorer". And soon, your selected GIF will be playable in Internet Explorer window.

Note: You can also directly drag the animated GIF file to the browser window.

Internet Explorer

Part 5. FAQs of GIF Player

Why won't GIF play on my computer?

Perhaps the built-in photo viewer doesn't support animated GIFs. You can try your browser as a GIF viewer or install a third-party image viewer.

Can VLC play GIFs?

Yes. VLC Media Player is a multimedia file player. you can play and exit GIFs in VLC Media Player.

How can I create a GIF from video?

Open Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. Navigate to Toolbox section, and select GIF Maker tool. Add the video from your local computer, and then edit the video according to your needs. After editing, click Generate GIF to create a GIF from video.

In this article, we mainly list some GIF viewer for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and online. Have you found your preferred GIF player to play the animated GIF files? Our site also provides some tips of green video software if you are interested in how to edit green video.

Bonus Tips

Not only want to play or view animated GIF files, but also try to make your own GIF animation? You can try this video to GIF converter which can help you make GIF from other video formats with ease. You can also play and preview the GIF before converting. Let's start to make your own GIF animation now!

video to gif converter

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