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HTML5 Video Player - Solutions to HTML5 Video Playback and Conversion

Gone are those days when you have to use GIF animation images or Adobe Flash to your website. The HTML5 specification currently offers the video element for video playback purpose. The upspring of HTML5 and its powerful multimedia features has enabled users to design their websites to do nothing with any slow-loading GIF files or Adobe Flash. That is why HTML5 video gets increasingly popular. However, there are only 3 video formats supportable by HTML5 - MP4, WebM as well as OGG/OGV. This article is going to show you three HTML5 video player desktop-based applications.

HTML5 Video Player

Part 1: Top 6 HTML5 video player

No.1 HTML5 Video Player - JW player


JW Player is consistently able to offer the best viewing experience. The JW HTML5 Video Player performs greatly with the most popular desktop-based or mobile browsers to let users use and watch HTML5 videos or other videos with any buffering delays. Whatever browser you have on Windows, Android or iOS, JW Player will provide you great experience to access your HTML5 video perfectly.

JW HTML5 Video Player

No.2 HTML5 Video Player


In case if you often run out of space over server then it is advised to move to YouTube hosting environment. YouTube has recently switched to HTML5 based default video player tool and now you need not to worry about video encoding process every time. You can request that the HTML5 video player be used if your browser doesn't use it by default.

YouTube HTML5 Video Player

No.3 HTML5 Video Player - Videojs


Videojs is another web video player tool for video lovers that is designed with HTML5. This HTML5 video player follows protocols of Flash video along with HTML5. The advanced plugins also supports playback on many social media platforms including Vimeo, YouTube. It is easy to set up, and you can enjoy video playback with Videojs on mobile devices and desktops.

Videojs HTML5 Video Player

No.4 HTML5 Video Player - HTML5 Video Player


HTML5 Video Player software support HTML5 video on all well-known web browsers, such as Safari IE9, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and so on. No < object > or < embed > tags is needed. The program can also convert almost all video formats and encode them to HTML5 video formats, WebM, MP4, OGG/OGV. It also offers some basic video editor features.

HTML5 Video Player

No.5 HTML5 Video Player - JPlayer


JPlayer is a completely free and open source HTML5 video player written in JavaScript. As a jQuery plugin, JPlayer allows you to quickly weave cross platform audio and video into your web pages. This HTML5 video player is very lightweight and totally customizable with HTML and CSS.

JPlayer HTML5 Video Player

No.6 HTML5 Video Player - Bitmovin HTML5 Player


With great technology, Bitmovin HTML5 Player is able to completely customizable to your needs. This HTML5 video player needs no any client side plugs-in. The Bitmovin player streams high quality, encoded video files without any delay. It offers encoding service and HTML5 player working together. With this program, you can play Virtual reality and 360 degree video on any device. Its patented adaptive technology ensures maximum quality.

Bitmovin HTML5 Player

If you're keen on using HTML5 videos on your website, you should know something about the file types of responding browser.

◆ Google Chrome – WebM, OGG
◆ Mozilla Firefox – WebM, OGG
◆ Safari – MP4
◆ Opera – WebM, OGG
◆ Internet Explorer 9 – MP4
◆ Internet Explorer 6-8 – No HTML5 support

Part 2: More solutions for HTML5 video playback

Though WebM and OGG are two newer video formats related to HTML5 video, WebM format works better for many browsers. The format has been already supported by Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox 4+ and Internet Explorer 9. OGG/OGV could be supported but it seems to lose out as the format has a bigger size then WebM. As for HTML5 format, you're recommended with the WebM format.

For better HTML5 video playback, here we highly recommend Total Video Converter. With this program, you are able to convert any video to WebM, OGG, MP4 format for HTML5 video.

1Download, install and launch Total Video Converter.

2 Click the "Add File" to load the files or load the folder.

3Select the "WebM" format form the "Profile" list, and then click "Convert" to convert video to WebM for HTML5 playback.

Convert Video to HTML5

In this article, we mainly show you three HTML5 video players as well as how to convert video to HTML5 video format. Welcome to leave what you want to express for better recommendations and suggestions.

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