Factual MindManager Review to Know More about the App & Alternatives

February 21, 2023Ashley Mae

Calling all of those who need to visualize the brainstorming, plan, projects, and framework because MindManager is a helpful app to do so. This app easily translates your ideas into visual content that you can share with anyone without limitations. Aren't you curious about it? This day is the perfect time to discuss more information about this app to see if it will fit your mind mapping app.

MindManager Review

Part 1. MindManager Review & Product Details That You'll Need to Read

MindManager software has a powerful toolkit to assist you in doing the visual project you longed for. With the drag-and-drop, you can easily manipulate the nodes and sub-nodes by placing them anywhere inside the canvas. The app has already proven its worth in becoming one of the most suited apps in 2023 for brainstorming, planning, optimizing workflows, framework, and more. Since its creation, the developer non-stop updated the app to claim rank 1. Thus, the app uses integration similar to Microsoft Office, which we are very familiar with. So, when you use the app, it is less burden how to use this for creating the project you want or need.


Key Features of MindManager:

Part 2. Is MindManager Worth It?

This MindManager review will also include prices on each item you can purchase when you use the app. Sadly, the app has a 30-day free trial, which is limited for users who want to use this app for longer than that. Also, the app has limited functionality in creating a Gantt chart, image, and icon selections which is better to have it. If you have decided to purchase it, we have listed the official pricing per item as of 2023. Also, each plan is yearly, so you can't have it for at least a month. Price may vary depending on your geographical location.

1. Essentials Plan

The Essential Plan is the cheapest plan this app supports because it ranges from $ 99 yearly, and you can only use it on the web. This app offers a broader theme, layout, library, diagram, content snap capture, task management, and planning.

2. Professional Plan

If you want an app that works online and offline better, have the Professional Plan for $ 169 yearly. It covers almost all of the advanced features that aren't available on the Essential Plan.

3. Enterprise Plan

There is no special price on it because you will need to get a quote on the app, and there are no limitations on how many will access it once you have the Enterprise Plan. It covers multiple users with additional features for collaborative work on the IT admin portal, discounts, scalable capabilities deployment, etc.

4. One Time Purchase

One Time Purchases are only supported on the desktop version of it. With this purchase, you wouldn't need to renew your plan yearly because you can have the tool for unlimited time for $ 349.

Part 3. What are the Best Alternatives to MindManager [2 Online Mind Mapping Apps]

1. MindOnMap

MindOnMap is the best alternative to MindManager that you can use for free. This application offers deeper features and premade template that you can use to create a Gantt chart, timeline maker, tree diagram, charts, and many more. It is operatable on both Windows and Mac because it is a web tool, which means there is no need for you to download the app. Here, you can use this app without limitations, but you will need to sign up so that it will keep track of the project you have made. Pro or not, both will have the same excitement when you have used this because it is easy. Full feature, ease to use, doesn't leave a watermark, accessibility, and more makes the app the best alternative, so if the limitations the MindManager restricts you from becoming creative, you better choose this.


2. Miro

MindManager vs. Miro, which is the best? If you want access to collaborative digital sticky notes and more agile workflows, you better pick the Miro . The app showcases a bunch of toolkits you can use to do an inspiring project, even if you start on a blank canvas. Here, you can easily use the app to work on the mind map you are dealing with, and if you want to use it without restriction, you will need to purchase the $10 price. However, the app offers limited access to the offline functionality of the app.


3. MindGenius

MindGenius vs. MindManager has been a hot topic for a long time, and here are the reasons why. This application has a practical way of managing projects to increase the effectiveness of elaborating the framework you are dealing with. It has the same level of complexity as the MindManager, but the MindGenius has a seamless way of creating an impressively better chart. When integration is what you are looking for, usually used apps, you can use this app since Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Project.


Part 4. FAQs about the MindManager

Can I save the MindManager project on the cloud?

Yes, you can access the cloud of MindManager since it is a cloud-based application that manages documents efficiently.

Does MindManager screen capture work?

MindManager has a feature that allows you to capture the project you have created on the web or desktop version of it. When a screen-capturing app is what you need, this might have drawbacks since its primary purpose isn't to focus on the snapshot.

Where can I download MindManager?

You can search over the primary domain of the app, the MindManager, and then open its website. The app provides different versions, so make sure you have downloaded the correct version on your device.


This MindManager review already showcases all the information you need before purchasing the app. Yes, the price of each plan is pricy compared to other apps, which is why we added free-to-use alternatives like the MindOnMap. We hope this article showed you all the needed information; if we missed something, mention it in the comment section.

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