3 NEF to JPG Converters You Must Used to Change NEF File to JPG [Easy]

NEF format is part of the RAW file format that is exclusively used for every image captured on Nikon cameras. Mostly, photographers enjoy the advantages of the NEF format, for it can retain the original value of a picture without automatically optimizing its settings. The format can be an advantage to every professional, but it may be a problem for everyday users. Since the images are contained here, it takes time to load up when you've opened them, and it isn't ideal for storing the image for a long time on the device because its vast file size for the format is RAW.

Yet, you do not need to worry because you can use a NEF to JPG converter to change the .nef into a format that uses compression and has a smaller file size: JPG. Some converters may cause you a fortune, but here we only added the free converters you can use to solve the problem immediately.

NEF to JPG Converter

Part 1. What are the Differences between NEF v.s JPG

It would be better if you read this comparison chart that we added below so that you can determine the differences before you change NEF to JPG. Keep on reading to find out the information that you haven't known.

Stands for Nikon Electronic Format Joint Photographic Experts Group
Best for Since NEF are uncompressed, there is more room for improvement when an image is in this format, like changing the value of brightness, color, tones, contrast, hue, exposure, and sharpness. While JPG uses compression, the image's original value has been automatically tweaked. It means you wouldn't need to dig deeper into the value of the parameters with it.
Compression Type NEF uses three types of compression depending on the settings set; these are uncompressed and lossy and Lossless. Compression. On the other hand, JPEG only uses lossy compression to shrink the image's file size.
Strengths It stores precise and complete metadata and image data captured by the camera sensor.
It uses digital negatives with little to no compression to preserve the original data.
The format is exclusively used on every Nikon camera.
It can contain metadata about the image it stores.
The format is the most used image format for saving the images captured on different devices.
Since the format is most used, it is also compatible with being opened using an image viewer pre-installed on the device.
It uses compression to shrink the file size of the image so that it will turn into a space-friendly format.
Weaknesses Not the best image format for storing multiple images because of its file size.
Other than the Nikon camera, no cameras save their final output as NEF.
It doesn't support animation and transparency.
There is compression is automatically applied to the image saved into this format.

Part 2. 3 Methods to Convert NEF to JPG for Free and Quickly

1. Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online

How to convert NEF to JPG for free? Your converting problem can be solved using the Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online. It is a well-optimized converter that you can use on any web browser. You have to change the format of the image you have into newer raster Imagery. When You use this over the other converters, you can have the output format you want to achieve in less than a minute. Still, trying to convince? To see is to believe, right? In that case, read and follow the steps below on how the app works.

Step 1:
Since the app is a web converter, you will need to open a new tab and search for the official site of this image converter.
Step 2:
There are different output selections you can pick from; choose one of the final outputs you want to achieve in the uploaded NEF file.
Choose Format
Step 3:
After selecting the desired output, press Add Images to start uploading the NEF files here. Besides clicking the button, you can also drag and drop the NEF images you want to alter into a newer format.
Import NEF Image
Step 4:
The app will automatically initiate the converting process once the images are uploaded. After that, click Download All to export the final output that has been processed thru this app immediately.
Save Converted NEF Files

2. Convertio - NEF to JPG

Convertio is another online converter you can use to convert NEF to JPG on Mac and Windows browsers. Like the first, this app also needs an internet connection to function as a converter. With this app, you can upload as many as NEF or another image format to convert. However, the app doesn't support whole batch conversion, but you can do it if you sign-up and pay for the pro version. You can follow the conversion process below if you are only here to convert at least one to two files.

Convertio NEF to JPG
Step 1:
Open the official web converter and press Choose File. Select the NEF file that is saved on your device.
Step 2:
Hit the drop-down button to choose the final output on the list.
Step 3:
Press Convert to start changing the format to the list's selected output.

3. Movavi NEF File to JPG Converter

Lastly, do we need to convert NEF to JPG with a freeware app? In that case, you can spend at least a few amounts and purchase the Movavi Video Converter. With this app, you can change the format of an image even though the names declare that it is a video converter. Well, the app offers a free version. However, it adds a logo on the output, which means you might want to remove the Movavi watermark to make the converted image looks professional. Unlike the other two apps, you must download this on your desktop before running it. After that, proceed to the steps that are included below.

Movavi Image Converter
Step 1:
Launch the converter, click Add Media, and select Add Images on the options that appear. Upload the NEF file on your computer now so that it will process the file here.
Step 2:
Open the available Images output on the tab below and select the JPG.
Step 3:
Hit the Convert button to save the NEF file as JPG.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Convert NEF to JPG

Where can I edit NEF files?

You can edit NEF files on Adobe Photoshop if you want. You can resize the image on Adobe Photoshop to trim or enlarge the image's dimension into a fitting one. Other than resizing, you can also do multiple image editing, even complicated ones.

Can cannon cameras save NEF as output image format?

Even though cannon cameras are popular, they still can't save the image as NEF since it is exclusively for Nikon. However, there are RAW formats available on canon, which performs similarly to NEF but with a different extension.

Does the file size of converted NEF to JPG will become lower?

Yes, because JPG uses compression, unlike what the NEF format can offer you. With the shrunk file size, you will also notice that the quality of the image has been adjusted to make the file size smaller.


Needs the best converter when converting NEF to JPG? As easy as 1-2-3, you can have the final output JPG with the help of the converters at the top.

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