SVG to PNG Converters You Should Be Knowledgeable About

SVG, short for Scalable Vector Graphics, is a vector-based file format that is scalable to a larger size without losing image quality. This file format is your best bet when creating animations, logos, web design, or digital projects. However, you might find it large in file size. PNG has a balance of quality and file size. Hence, if you are looking for an alternative with less file size consumption, PNG is your best bet.

Additionally, you can use this format when exporting your work for social media or saving storage. This post will introduce the best free SVG to PNG converters you should consider using. Find out which tool works well for you.

SVG to PNG Converter

Part 1. SVG to PNG Online Converter

Perhaps converting online is convenient for you when you wish to save more disk space on your computer. True enough, you can save space on your device because you do not have to install anything. It all comes down to the best online SVG to PNG converters. That said, here are some image converters online.

Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online

You can directly convert SVG to PNG from the webpage without downloading software on your device with Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online. It does change your SVG files to PNG, JPG, and GIF. Not to mention, you can upload and transform between these formats in batches. Actually, both single and batch conversion is possible with this tool. Besides this, all your uploaded photos are automatically deleted, so your privacy is kept.

Moreover, the program is very easy to operate, and users without prior experience can handle the tool without any hassle. More often than not, it converts at a fast rate, provided you are connected to a stable and reliable internet connection. On the other hand, follow the steps to use this SVG to PNG converter.

Step 1:
First and foremost, open any browser available on your computer and visit the tool's official site. Simply type in the name of the website to the program's address bar. Then, you will arrive at the home page.
Step 2:
This time, tick the PNG radio button to set it as the output format. Next, hit the Add Images button and select the SVG photos you wish to convert to PNG. After that, the photos will be automatically converted to PNG.
Add Image Files
Step 3:
Lastly, hit the Download All button below the converted files to get them downloaded all at once. However, if you wish to download individually, tick the Download button associated with a specific photo.
Download Converted Files


Convertio is another web-based SVG to PNG converter you can rely on. The tool works with almost all major browsers. Upon checking the output formats available in the program, you can see different file conversions. That includes image, document, ebook, font, vector, and CAD. If your files are located from cloud storage services, the tool supports cloud storage platforms like Drive and Dropbox. If you are new to this program, make sure to follow the instructions below to convert SVG to PNG.

Step 1:
In the same drill, go to the program's main page using any browser on your computer.
Step 2:
Hit the Choose Files button or select from one of the cloud storage platforms where your files are located. Then, upload your files to the program and start the conversion.
Add SVG Photos
Step 3:
Now, go to the Profile menu and choose the Image option. From here, select PNG to set it as the output format.
Select Output Format
Step 4:
Lastly, hit the red Convert button and allow the program to do the work for you. You should see the state of whether the conversion is ongoing or finished. Hit the Download button to save the converted files.
Save Converted Photos


The last program for online SVG to PNG converters we will introduce is CloudConvert. Likewise, the tool does not only allow you to upload files locally but also via the file's URL. It also enables you to upload from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can take advantage of the program's batch conversion when saving time and effort by converting individual files. Learn how to convert SVG to PNG by reading the simplified guide below.

Step 1:
Launch a browser you commonly use and type in the name of the tool to the browser's address bar. After that, you should arrive at the main page.
Step 2:
From here, hit the elect File button or choose from the other storage where your SVG photos are located.
Import SVG Photo
Step 3:
Choose PNG as the output format. At last, tick the Convert button to begin the process of conversion.
Convert to PNG

Part 2. SVG to PNG Converter Software (Windows & Mac)

At times, it is necessary to convert online, especially when you do not have access to the internet connection in your current place. You can use GIMP as a desktop SVG to JPG or PNG converter for your desktop computers. The program works well with Linux, Windows, and macOS. The tool is primarily developed for editing photos. Therefore, you can fine-tune your image's effects using this program. It functions like Photoshop and offers alternative tools for you to edit photos. Now, here is a step-by-step guide to converting SVG to PNG.

Step 1:
Acquire the GIMP from its official page. Next, install and launch it on your device.
Step 2:
Now, go to File > Open. After that, it will launch the computer folder on your computer. By then, you can load the SVG photo you like to convert.
Load SVG Photo
Step 3:
Next, open the File menu and select Export As. This time, choose PNG from the format option and hit Export to begin the conversion process.
Start Conversion

Part 3. FAQs About Converting SVG to PNG

What is a vector image?

It is a vector-based image developed through the connecting lines and curves. When you zoom in on this image, you will see clear points, lines, and curves. Hence, this format is used for illustrations and logos. One example of this format is SVG.

What is a raster image?

A raster image is created by a rectangular grid of pixels that is viewed with the help of a bitmapped display. This is common to photos like PNG and JPG.

Which is better, a raster or a vector image?

It depends upon the user's needs. Raster images like PNG should be your best option if you are working on complex images with diverse colors, blends, and themes. On the other hand, vector images are your best choice for increasing size without sacrificing quality. Typical usage of this file type includes making logos, etchings, engravings, etc. So, some may find it useful to turn JPEG to a vector image.


Those are the SVG to PNG converters you can utilize. Thankfully, there are two methods you can get this done. Online tools are your go-to solutions for users who are not fond of downloading a program. Meanwhile, desktop tools may be helpful when you have no access to an internet connection.

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