Everything You Need to Know about Nursing Concept Map and How to Make It

August 19, 2022Ashley Mae

A nursing concept map refers to the concept map in the nursing field that helps relevant professionals or students to understand the relationships among concepts, so you can better assess or diagnose a patient's issues. To better make use of this tool, you may need to understand the map thoroughly and find some nursing concept map templates to help and combine your nursing theory and practices together virtually. Therefore, this article will elaborate on the definition of the nursing concept map, its function, nursing concept map templates, and how to make a concept map for nursing.

Nursing Concept Map Template

Part 1: What is a Concept Map in Nursing

The nursing concept map is a specific branch of the concept map, and you may find other names like a nursing mind map. However, there is a slight difference if you contrast the concept map and mind map. Although these two are both tree-form structures, the concept map has multiple hubs and clusters, but the mind map emerges from a single center.

To be more specific, when it comes to the nursing field, a nursing concept map is a graphical tool that defines patient issues, organizes assessment results, and selects pertinent procedures and strategies while evaluating outcomes. There are 4 types of concept maps that nursing students usually use.

Part 2: What is Nursing Concept Map For

As a graphical tool and a schematic device, the nursing concept map has many practical functions for you to employ. Normally, nursing students use this concept map to diagnose patients' issues and visualize choices for solutions. Meanwhile, you can use the nursing concept map as an assessment tool and cultivate your thinking and judgment skills. Besides, there are more functions in the nursing concept map waiting for you to discover.

Benefits of Nursing Concept Maps

Why do I need a nursing concept map? You may have this confusion if it is the first time you have heard of this map. To better solve your question, you should see the following benefits you can obtain from the nursing concept map.

Nursing Concept Map Examples

After knowing so many features of the nursing concept map, you may wonder where you can find the nursing concept map examples/templates. You can surely save some time in figuring out the design and structure of a concept map for nursing if you have some templates that are pre-designed. There are some free websites that offer nursing concept map templates like Mind & Concept Maps, in which you can download templates and edit on Microsoft Word. However, there is a more convenient choice for you, you can use the templates on MindOnMap to edit and draw up a nursing concept map. Without further ado, move forward to learn how.

Part 3: How to Do a Nursing Concept Map

Without downloading templates from websites and editing in other places, you can achieve these actions in just one place – MindOnMap. You can build many nursing concept map templates on this website for free and without any limitations. Meanwhile, whether you intend to make a nursing care plan concept map or a map for diagnosis, there are some elements you should include such as an illustration of concepts' relations, assessment results, a definition of patients' issues, etc. Equipped with many features and nursing concept map examples, the MindOnMap can surely be your greater helper.

Step 1.
Go to the official website of MindOnMap. Before drawing any maps, you need to create an account first. Then, click Create Your Mind Map on the main page to move forward.
Mindonmap Create New Nursing Concept Map
Step 2.
Step 2: Choose a template from the following window or click Create New to build up a new of your own. You can also apply a desirable theme for your concept map from the recommended theme below.
Choose Nursing Concept Map Templates
Step 3.
To insert an idea or concept, you can click Node at the top of the webpage or right-click on the page to click Add Node to put up a space for you to enter text.
Add Node in Nursing Concept Map
Step 4.
You need to click Sub Node above to add a sub-idea or concept that is relevant to your major subject. Meanwhile, you can change the theme and style for your nursing concept map through the tool panel on the right side.
Mindonmap Nursing Concept Map Templates

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Part 4: FAQs about Nursing Concept Map Templates

Where to find more free nursing concept map templates?

Many design websites provide users with useful concept map templates, and you can download them to edit in Word or PowerPoint. Such websites include Canva and Creately. Additionally, the mind map for nursing can also be used as your templates and you can find these examples in TemplateHub, and WordTemplatesOnline(WTO).

Are there any tips to make a good nursing concept template?

Yes, there are. The first important tip is to make sure there are no errors in your nursing concept map, if there are, you need to correct them. Other suggestions like choosing the information to include carefully, including precise entries, and making legal considerations.

What are the benefits of a nursing concept map template?

When you are unsure about how you should draw a mind map for nursing, you can use an example to better help you as some examples may be from a professional writer or an experienced nurse. Therefore, you will know what to include in a nursing concept map and how to draw it.


At the end of this article, you have now learned the definition of the nursing concept map which can better help you in making a map of your own. Meanwhile, you also get some extra tips on the benefits and functions of this concept map for nursing. Most importantly, the article offers you a workable maker and teaches you how to do a nursing concept map. Now, you can finally start and set up your concept map.

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