What Does OOTD Mean & Popular Wear to Use for OOTD Posts on Social Media

January 18, 2023Ashley Mae

Over time, OOTD has been influenced by popular cultures, athletes, musicians, stars, influencers, royalty, personnel, and many others. Fashion has been one of the fastest-growing industries for almost a millennium. With different matches and a mix of clothes, everyone has the power to give their fashion statement on social sharing sites (even regular people) and to the world.

Differences in taste in fashion make us unique and show humankind's actual color; as much as we like, we want to be as photogenic as possible on every #ootd we post, and luckily, we don't need expensive wardrobes and accessories to do it. By reading the tips and tricks in this article, you can become a trendsetter or true fashion star effortlessly.

OOTD Meaning

Part 1. What is OOTD & Why is It so Popular on Different Social Media?

What does OOTD mean? OOTD is the short form or word for Outfit Of The Day. It is a popular hashtag trend in a fashion context when someone shares their up-to-date clothes or what they have worn on the said date. Includes splendid clothing to match the environment, weather, locations, etc., and the involvement of a photoshoot.

Since the #ootd can be commonly seen on social media sites, many users have adapted their styles, inspiring people on what they should wear today. With this hashtag, billions of people gave their shot to become fashion stars by showing the world their best outfits and using the hashtag.

Part 2. OOTD Fashion Examples for Men and Women to Wear in Any Season or Days

These are some ideas that you can use today as your OOTD fashion. Though we have listed the best we can find on the internet, owning up to your cultivated skills in fashion is still better, and you will need to be confident about what you have today.

1. What to wear in Summer?

Beat the heat! As many say, what is the best outfit that would be fitting for fashion when summer comes?

For Women:

It may be challenging to choose the right on this occasion, but in this season, you better wear an oversized tee or loose shirt and shorts, sleeveless dresses, or romper dresses for good airflow.

Summer OOTD for Women

For Men:

A no-mistake outfit that men can wear when summer comes is the open buttoned fit t-shirt, with white shorts, then pair it with low-cut shoes. If that isn't your forte, wear a plain shirt, unbuttoned polo or jacket, and pants. But you can go in a classic T-shirt and pants.

Summer OOTD for Men

2. What to wear in Spring?

When spring comes, the weather is warm, so the best OOTD clothing you should wear should be light because springtime is about colors.

For Women:

You can wear boho-style and floral dresses like these (since flowers began to bloom the same as the plants); the all-time favorite jeans + blazers as a combination can be a good choice when this season comes.

Spring Style Women

For Men:

A classic denim jacket with a shirt and pants is most men's go-to casual spring outfit. Yet, it shouldn't remove plain long sleeves from the options. Who can say no to boho style in this case?

Spring OOTD for Men

3. What to wear in Autumn or Fall?

After harvesting, Autumn or Fall will come, but what outfit is the best OOTD this season?

For Women:

Many fashion bloggers believe that loose knitted cardigans at the top and jeans with block heel boots fit this season. But other people think a fedora hat, a simple tee, ripped jeans, and peep-toe leather boots will do the trick. If that isn't what you like, try wearing a long cardigan sweater instead of the loose knitted one.

Autumn Fall OOTD for Women

For Men:

Men can wear cardigans and shirts for Autumn or Fall as well. If you have an odd vest, partner it up with a polo shirt (better if not plain) or henleys and wool pants. To play it safe, then a leather jacket can do the trick.

Autumn Fall OOTD for Men

4. What to wear in Winter?

Even when it's cold, OOTD fashion needs to be part of you, and there are a lot of choices when this season comes by.

For Women:

Monochromatic neon colors are the 80's choice, and for cold months they can also be your choice. With a solid cold breeze outside, a puffer coat is a lifesaver outfit. Yet, we must not forget you can wear a sweater and mix it with trousers and shoes of your choice for this season.

Winter OOTD for Women

For Men:

For not-too-cold weather, a crew neck sweater and trousers can be an option for men. A bonnet, inner shirt, thick jacket, and mittens can be another option, especially if the weather is too cold when winter comes.

Winter OOTD for Men

5. What to wear in a Rainy Season?

A rainy day shouldn't stop you from wearing your best OOTD outfit; here are the best for both genders.

For Women:

Well, a trench coat and boots go well for rainy days. Since it is raining, you better match your raincoat with monochrome colors for the inner shirt, shorts, and boots. But for starters, a casual hoody and pants will do the work.

Rainy Day OOTD for Women

For Men:

On rainy days, boots with slacks and a long trench coat with a fedora cap are one of the best outfits of the day to wear. But it would be disrespectful if we didn't list a raincoat because even with a raincoat, you can make it as fashionable as possible.

Rainy Day OOTD for Men

Part 3. Best OOTD Makers to Use for Editing Videos and Image OOTD Before Posting

OOTD meaning doesn't stop with the outfit you wear, so there are some parts of the video or photo you have that you need to edit, and these are the applications you can use to fix that problem. Continue to read more about these tools that can make your OOTD post stand out.

1. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate for OOTD Editing- Top Choice of Video Editors on the Market

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Aiseesoft Video Converter

Aside from the uncomplicated learning curve, you can get the following features we included once you have downloaded this app.

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2. Aiseesoft Background Remover Online

Are you looking for the best automatic background remover app for your OOTD fashion? Aiseesoft Background Remover Online can be the go-to app to remove the background and add a newer one. The app has AI technology that automatically detects the person's face. After the app detects the person, you can edit it by adding a newer background on your device, like colors or a downloaded background. It is easy and free to use, so if you want to use it, go to the app's official website and upload the image you want to remove from the background.

Aiseesoft Background Remover Online

Part 4. FAQs about OOTD

Can I crop OOTD videos?

Absolutely, you can crop videos using an iPhone, Android, or desktop. However, we better check if the app is paid because sometimes the app leaves a watermark that we don't want to have on our OOTD videos.

Does creating a Facebook Slideshow OOTD easy?

It is easy, and you can create that even using the Facebook app. If you want to learn how to make a slideshow on Facebook to post multiple images into a single video, then you better search for an article related to it.

Does anyone still use OOTD?

Many users still use the word OOTD for posting #ootd. This trend has been here longer than expected, so don't be late with our favorite personals' latest daily fashion wear, or share your post with a #ootd.


What does OOTD mean? It means Outfit of the Day, and useful information is already listed above. But the best addition to wearing your OOTD is with confidence; ensure that you keep your chin up and be bold on your OOTD outfit not because of others but because you can do it. We hope you have learned many things about the #ootd topic in this article.

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