IP2Location Review and How to Identify IP Geographical Location

January 06, 2023Ashley Mae

You can use IP2Location to identify IP addresses and gain related geolocation information. It can help to identify visitors' geographical location and many more. This post gives a detailed IP2Location review to inform you of its main functions, pros, and cons.

Review IP2Location

Part 1. Detailed IP2Location Review

IP2Location is a popular IP location lookup tool that can retrieve geolocation information from IP addresses. It can gain clients' location details with no explicit permission. It is mainly used for finding IP geolocation. IP2Location supports all IP addresses in one database or API, including IPv4 and IPv6. What's more, it is equipped with different IP database packages to suit all business needs.

Review IP2Location

Key features of IP2Location

IP2Location is specially designed to identify geographical locations and proxy through IP addresses. It can find many geolocation details from an IP address, including Country, Region, City, Latitude and Longitude, ZIP Code, Weather Station, Coordinates, ISP, Time Zone, Domain, Net Speed, Advertising Category, VPN, Proxy ASN, others.

IP2Location Key Features

IP2Location can accurately determine a visitor's location and use the geolocation information for different needs. It can be integrated into other software to retrieve IP geolocation information. It is designed with an advanced Geolocation IP redirection technique to show users the relevant page which suits their preferences or needs. It also uses a blocking feature to prevent visitors from visiting certain pages or contents.

IP2Location enables you to access API, download the database, analyze web traffic, filter spam traffic, enhance lead generation, and more. It also offers Web services, Geocoding, Pageview Tracking, and Widgets.

IP2Location download

IP2Location offers downloads for Linux, Unix, and Windows devices. You can free download IP2Location from its official website. When you get to the IP2Location website, you can hover your mouse over the Developers tab, choose Tools, and then go to Applications. On the IP2Location Applications page, you can select a suitable download and download it on your device.

IP2Location Download

IP2Location also offers mobile apps to retrieve the current IP address and get geolocation information on an iPhone, iPad, and Android phone. You can free download the IP2Location app from App Store and Google Play Store.

Download IP2Location App on iPhone Android

IP2Location database pricing

You can freely determine the approximate geographic location of an IP address using its Demo version. You can click the Try Demo button to retrieve useful information from an IP address, such as country, city, latitude and longitude, ZIP code, Internet Service Provider, net speed, weather station, carrier brand, usage type, address type, and more. It also offers different databases to identify geographical locations and proxies. You can click the Buy Online button to access these licenses.

IP2Location Database Pricing

How to use IP2Location

When you enter the official website of IP2Location, you can click the Try Demo button and enter an IP address to get details about your Internet traffics. You can scroll down to check associated geolocation information under the IP Lookup Result. You are allowed to generate a link for sharing by clicking Share The Result.

Use IP2Location to Identify Geographical Location

When you want to use the IP2Location app on your portable iOS/Android device, you should free install it from App Store or Google Play Store first, open it, and then enter an IP address to get geolocation details.

Part 2. Best IP2Location Alternatives to Identify Geographical Location

One significant disadvantage of IP2Location is that it may offer you false information. You can use a free Demo account to use IP2Location. Before purchasing the IP2Location database, you can check the three IP2Location alternatives below.

MaxMind GeoIP

MaxMind GeoIP can be an IP2Location alternative to find geolocation and other information by an IP address. It can also get proxy detection through easy-to-use APIs. GeoIP is mainly designed for content personalization. Similar to IP2Location, it can provide the most accurate geolocation data, including city, postal code, local time, network, latitude and longitude, ISP or organization, static IP score, user count, user type, and more.

MaxMind GeoIP

Neustar IP Intelligence

Neustar IP Intelligence offers IP geolocation services to geolocate the physical location of website visitors based on IP addresses. It also gives online fraud protection and website content localization. This IP2Location alternative can help you better understand the geolocation of website visitors. Its price starts at $0.001 per query for localized web content by an individual query.

Neustar IP Geolocation Lookup Tool


InfoSniper is a famous geolocation tool that can find details from an IP address or domain name. As an IP2Location alternative, it can offer you a detailed analysis of IP address localization information, such as country, city, longitude and latitude, zip code, hostname, current address, and more. InfoSniper provides you with both free and paid geolocation services. When you enter the official InfoSniper website, you can enter an IP address or your key to quickly analyze associated geolocation information.

InfoSniper Net

Easy way to fake your IP address

Many IP address locators offered on the market can help to find geolocation information and details from an IP address. You may want to fake your actual IP address for privacy protection and other reasons. Here we strongly recommend the easy-to-use AnyCoord for you to set virtual IP addresses and locations. It offers a simple way to hide or fake your IP address




  • Fake your IP address and location on an iPhone or iPad.
  • Set virtual locations to play VR games, use social apps, and stream content.
  • Offer three modes to change GPS locations at different speeds.
  • Spoof IP addresses and GPS locations for different purposes.
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Part 3. FAQs of IP2Location

How many free IP addresses can I query using IP2Location?

IP2Location enables you to use a free Demo account and get up to 50 IP addresses daily. After you sign up for an IP2Location account, you can query up to two thousand IP addresses. If you still need more queries, you can click the Buy Online tab and purchase a license for your preferred database.

What is the IP2Location database?

You can access two types of databases on the official IP2Location website, IP Geolocation and Proxy Detection. You can click the Database under the related product to check more detailed information. IP2Location database offers different granularity information for what you selected. You can get twenty-four packages of geolocation database from IP Geolocation. Proxy Detection provides ten packages of proxy databases.

How to sign up and log in IP2Location?

When you enter the official website of IP2Location, you can click the Log in tab to enter your email address and related password. You can go to the Create New Account page to sign up for an IP2Location account as a new user.


IP2Location is an excellent tool for finding geolocation information from IP addresses. This post gives you a detailed IP2Location review to explain its primary functions, pros, cons, and other associated information. Moreover, you can get three IP2Location alternatives to get similar IP geolocation services. If you still have questions about IP2Location or geolocation, you can leave us a message in the comment section below.

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