Full MapQuest Review and How to Better Plan Your Route

February 07, 2023Ashley Mae

MapQuest was once one of the most famous brands in the US, providing online mapping services. Back in the 1990s or early 2000s, you could rely on MapQuest to create a map or plan a route online before Google Maps came along. Is MapQuest still a thing?

MapQuest still offers driving and walking directions, route plans, real-time traffic updates, and other associated services, competing with Google Maps and Apple Maps in the free GPS app realm. This post gives you a detailed MapQuest review. You can keep reading to check all the related information.

Review MapQuest

Part 1. Detailed MapQuest Review

MapQuest is an American online mapping service launched in 1996 as the world's first route-finding service. It is mainly designed for users who need to become more familiar with the place and want to get directions. MapQuest offers an extent of street-level detail or driving directions for many cities and countries.

What is MapQuest

Besides an online mapping service, MapQuest offers turn-by-turn GPS Navigation apps for iOS and Android users. The free MapQuest mobile app has voice-guided navigation, POI search, real-time traffic, and other advanced features.

What is MapQuest used for

You can get real-time driving or travel directions, check live traffic updates and road conditions, print maps, plan routes, and more on the official MapQuest website. What's more, MapQuest prompts nearby businesses, restaurants, hotels, and other related information, such as food, gas, coffee, shopping, and others. You can use it to avoid traffic and check your travel length.

Pros and cons of MapQuest

MapQuest offers maps, directions, and paid services for you to access from your mobile phone, computer, and car. Better than competitors like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Here, its POI data can guide you directly to the entrances of businesses and destinations rather than general street addresses.

MapQuest enables you to input preferences and get associated prompts. It is designed with several travel products and advanced route options. For instance, MapQuest allows you to compare nearby gas prices. But this feature can only be used in the United States. What's worse, you will see many ads while using MapQuest.

MapQuest provides users with both driving and walking directions. You can get current traffic updates. However, it does not offer public transit information. Another disadvantage of MapQuest is that it needs to be improved to track drivers, deliveries, or vehicles.

MapQuest can give good car navigation. But its walking directions had some quirks. Compared with Google Maps and Apple Maps, MapQuest lacks satellite views. It offers nifty street-side photographs of given locations in some major cities. We must admit that most functions of MapQuest still pale next to the competition.

MapQuest download

MapQuest is compatible with all commonly-used web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Yahoo, Safari, and more. You can navigate to the official MapQuest website and use it without downloading. What's more, you don't need to install any external plug-ins. You can also use its web version on your portable iOS or Android device.

As mentioned above, MapQuest offers mobile apps for iPhone and Android phones. You can download its mobile app from App Store and Google Play Store. You can also download the MapQuest app on the Windows Store and Amazon. When you get to the MapQuest website, you can click the Menu icon and select the specific app you want to download.

Access and Download MapQuest

MapQuest pricing

MapQuest offers a free web version to access many essential features and get directions. When you get to the MapQuest website, you can sign in to your account and use it for free. You can enter your starting and target places and click the Get Directions for step-by-step walking or driving directions to your destination. You have 15,000 transactions per month in the accessible version of MapQuest.

MapQuest also offers different business plans. The price of its Basic plan is $99.00 per month. MapQuest Plus costs $199.00 per month, Business at $399.00 per month, and Business Plus at $499.00 per month. These plans come with different transactions.

MapQuest Pricing Plans

MapQuest alternatives

Many online mapping services like MapQuest can offer driving directions. If you are not satisfied with MapQuest, you can try using its alternatives like RoadWarrior, TomTom, Waze, AAA TripTik, or Google Maps.

These route-planning apps are equipped with advanced functions for different purposes. For instance, the Waze app is an excellent choice for the city driver, RoadWarrior is quite helpful for planning multi-stop routes, and AAA TripTik is the best option for the Brand Loyal.

MapQuest Alternative Waze

Part 2. How to Use MapQuest

MapQuest is designed with many useful online mapping tools. When you enter the official website of MapQuest, you can access its four main features, Get directions, MapQuest Travel, Route Planer, and Print your map. This part will guide you to use them separately.

MapQuest Key Features

Get MapQuest directions from one location to another

Step 1:
When you need to get directions on MapQuest, you should first navigate to its official website. You can open a web browser, search for MapQuest, and then go to the site. When you get there, click the Menu icon and select Get directions.
Step 2:
Enter your starting and end locations in the boxes, and then click the green Get Directions button to create a route on MapQuest. You can select the driving or walking directions to your destination based on your need.
MapQuest Directions from One Location to Another

How to use MapQuest Route Planer to optimize your route

MapQuest Route Planer helps you create your route and optimize the delivery schedule in small batches. You can enter the starting address and click the View route directions button. As you can see, MapQuest route planner gives three options for you to input addresses, Line by Line, Copy/Paste, and Import. You can pick your preferred way to add locations.

You are allowed to click Add another stop to quickly add a second address. MapQuest Route Planner enables you to add many stops as you need. As a free MapQuest user, you can add up to 16 stops. In addition, you can enable Re-order Stops on your route. You can freely change the orders of different stops in your created route. You can also create a round trip if you need.

Use MapQuest Route Planner

You can use MapQuest Route Planer to optimize your route for the shortest time or shortest distance. You can also set to avoid highways, toll roads, country borders, timed restrictions, and more. In addition, MapQuest Route Planer allows you to add multiple addresses from a file quickly.

How to print your MapQuest directions

MapQuest offers a simple way to print your directions. After you create a route using Get Directions, you can click the View Route Directions button to check and select your route. You can click the Print button and follow the instructions to print your MapQuest directions. Choose the Directions & Map or Directions List Only option based on your need, and then click the Print button at the top of the page to confirm your operation.

Print MapQuest Directions

How to share your MapQuest map or route

MapQuest offers a convenient way to share your created route or map. You can click the Share icon in the map tools on the right side. Now you get three solutions to share it, through phone number, email, or a link. You can send your map or directions via text, email, or copy and paste a link.

Share MapQuest Route Map Directions

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Part 3. FAQs of MapQuest

How to create a MapQuest account?

You can sign up for a free MapQuest account from its official website. When you enter its home page, you can click Login and then choose to Sign up to start creating a MapQuest account. You must provide an email address, given name, family name, and related password to sign up for a MapQuest account.

Why can't MapQuest find the current location correctly on my iPhone?

When the MapQuest app can't display and find your current location correctly, you should check if you have enabled the Location Services on your iPhone. Moreover, you need to give MapQuest permission to access your GPS location information. You can go to Privacy in the Settings app and make sure the Location Services is enabled for your iOS device and the MapQuest app.

Where to check saved routes in MapQuest?

After you save routes to your My Map while using Get Directions, you can go to Account and click My Maps to check the saved routes you have ever created. You can hover on the specific route to edit it, rename it, or add a description.

How can I remove unwanted ads from MapQuest?

You will see many ads while using MapQuest. You can use it under private browsing mode to get rid of unwanted ads or add-ons. You should also remove all the cookies and cache from your web browser to disable all of the add-ons and ads.


In conclusion, we hope you can get a clear overview of MapQuest after reading this review. This detailed MapQuest review lets you know its key features, advantages, disadvantages, how to use this online route planner, and other related information. For more questions about MapQuest, you can message us.

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