Scapple and the Advantages You Can Get from This Mind Mapping Software

March 07, 2023Ashley Mae

Needs to improve information recording? Well, mind mapping is a technique that you can use on Scapple. It is a minimalist application that works effectively for this needs of yours. If you have encountered the app and are wondering if it is worth downloading, read this article as we open the gates of needed fruitful information.

Scapple Reviews

Part 1. What is Scapple

What is Scapple? It is a reliable app that links notes, ideas, thoughts, and information into a visual graphic medium. Unlike other applications you can use for brainstorming, once you add nodes in here, the link isn't automatically connected to the central node, which means you can connect it where you want using arrows or lines. Even if you start in a blank space, the command it uses to create the illustration you need is definitely at par with the best software you can get.


However, the app isn't supported on mobile devices and online, so you will need to download it on your Windows and macOS to continue using it for free for 30 days, and after that, you will need to purchase a plan. Sadly, the app doesn't support a version even if you are a Linux user.


  • It is flexible for creating maps, diagrams, charts, and more.
  • Apply different types of connectors with colors and shapes based on your needs.
  • It is a minimalist program with a simple user interface.
  • Utilize the elements that the app supports for the beautification of the illustration.
  • You can link with Scrivener.
  • Scapple for Mac and Windows is free to download.


  • The free version only lasts for 30 days.
  • Most features are hidden on the menu.
  • Compared to its alternative, the app is expensive.
  • No web version is supported.
  • A mobile version isn't supported.
  • Linux version isn't supported.

Part 2. Scapple Features & Prices

So before you download Scapple mind map and purchase, you will need to understand deeply what are the things that this app has to offer to you and if it fits your needs as a creator. Interestingly, the app has comprehensive features you can freely enjoy on the free version and continue to use for a long time by purchasing it. If you are interested in this topic, read the information below.

Features of Scapple App:

1. Best Simplified User Interface

Once you have opened the app, the first thing you will see is the interface of the app. There aren't many things going on, so you will not be bombarded with what it has compared to other tools. When you click twice on the blank space, the node will be automatically added, and you can type in the information you want to add. Replacing it wouldn't be your primary problem because you can drag them anywhere on the canvas. That is one of the Scapple examples features you can get.

2. Connectors

Unlike other apps, the connectors aren't automatically connected to the central node you added earlier, so you can easily manipulate them whenever you want. Aside from that, you can also choose the connector you want, and it can be a broken line, straight line, arrow, and connection label. Even if you aren't experienced in creating a mind map, you can still use free mind map software and connect all your ideas without a problem.

3. Adjustable Format

Since you can add text on the nodes you have added on Scapple software, it is only natural that you can adjust the input you have added. Here, you can choose a note style, font, alignment, indents, color, border, writing directions, shadow, and fade at your preference.

4. Supported Output Format

When your illustration on Scapple is done, you can export the final output as a text file, PDF, image, and even a mathematic equation. If you want a hard copy of the map you created here, the file is print-ready; you don't need to convert the format into printable.


The macOS and Windows versions of Scapple app have the same price. However, once you purchase a license on Mac, you can't use that license on Windows or the other way. If the free trial ends, purchase the app's Standard or Educational License. For Scapple Standard Licence, you can have the app for $ 20.99 and the Educational Licence for $ 16 .79. The price of the plan became higher compared to the previous version of it.

Part 3. Scapple Review - User Review

Based on the Scapple review, the app creates an impressive map you will ever need for presentation, chart, framework, brainstorming, discussion, and more. Even though they have alternatives, it is still software on its league, which means the app has unique features you wouldn't get on other apps.

Yet, the app has limitations like the supporting version on other OS and online; sometimes, that feature you want to use is hidden on the menu bar. If you are willingly ready to read a tutorial that the app created, then you will be able to utilize the app even better. Mastering your craft with the app might take time, but it wouldn't be long.

Part 4. Scapple Alternative - Best Mind Mapping Software for Free

If you are looking for a Scapple online, you can't do so because the developer didn't create one, but you can use the MindOnMap as an alternative. You can use this app on any device with a web browser and an internet connection. Unlike the app we have reviewed, it remains free forever, which means you can use the full feature without purchasing it.


Here, you can add multiple nodes to the project you are creating and add beautification by applying the themes. Even if you aren't professionally knowledgeable in creating a map, with this app, you wouldn't need to wonder how to do so. Better use the app for creating flowcharts on your device if you want to, and be surprised what are the things that this app can do for you.

Part 5. FAQs about Scapple

What OS version does Scapple support?

Scapple is supported on Windows 8 up to the newer with 64-bit or on macOS Catalina 10.15 or higher.

Is Scapple one time purchase?

Yes, Scapple supports a one-time purchase plan on a specific operating system of your choice. When you purchase a Windows version, the plan isn't supported if you transfer it to Mac or vice versa.

Who created Scapple?

The creator of Scapple is the same creator of Scrivener, and it is the Literature Latte. So, if you want to download the official version of the app, ensure that the developer does the same.


Scapple review compiled all the essential things you can get after downloading the app on your desktop. With the advantage, it provides, creating a phenomenal map is easy and possible with it. Even though you can download the app for free, limited access to time restricts everyone from using it in the long run. If you want to create a mind map without time restriction, you better use the MindOnMap, the best alternative for Scapple.

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