What Stakeholder Mapping Is and How to Create a Stakeholder Map

September 02, 2022Ashley Mae

It's crucial to know your stakeholders. Stakeholder mapping is important to every project for its investors and customers. Besides being able to identify the stakeholders in the project, you should also know how to manage them. What are stakeholder mapping and analysis?

This post will teach you about stakeholder mapping, commonly-used stakeholder mapping examples, free stakeholder templates, and how to create a stakeholder map.

Stakeholder Mapping Example

Part 1. What Is Stakeholder Mapping and Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder mapping is drawing a visual representation of the stakeholders involved in or affected by the project. Stakeholders are organizations or people with a vested interest in the project's success, either internal or external. It can provide a clear picture of various stakeholder groups and their motives and interests.

Stakeholder maps are used for evaluating the influence and interest of project stakeholders. With stakeholder mapping and analysis, you can better sort and manage stakeholders that will affect the outcome of a project. Moreover, you can easily figure out whether the interest can positively or negatively impact the project execution.

When finding ways to assess the potential impacts and risks associated with your projects, you can rely on stakeholder mapping. With a proper stakeholder map, you can effectively navigate your way around obstacles.

Part 2. Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis Examples

You can easily access and download stakeholder mapping examples to create your stakeholder maps. Before creating your stakeholder value map, you can first view some fully-fledged stakeholder mapping examples.

To quickly access popular stakeholder mapping examples, you can open your web browser, like Chrome, and then search for them. Click Images for stakeholder mapping examples to get related stakeholder maps for matrix, grid, analysis, power interest matrix, program, design, healthcare, project, pharma, and more. You can click the specific tab to check the associated templates you need.

Stakeholder Mapping Examples Online

You can also go to some stakeholder map creators or online diagram websites to find useful stakeholder mapping examples. When you find a suitable example, you can start to create your stakeholder map based on it.

Part 3. Easy Way to Create a Stakeholder Map

Creating a stakeholder map makes it easier to identify the key stakeholders, make decisions quickly, and figure out the interests of each stakeholder. Here in this part, we like to guide you to make a stakeholder map step by step. To do that, you can rely on the easy-to-use online stakeholder map creator, MindOnMap. It offers various themes, templates, and examples to quickly start a stakeholder mind map, flowchart, tree diagram, fishbone diagram, or organizational chart.

Step 1:
Open your web browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, or Yahoo, search for MindOnMap, and then go to its official website. When you get to the stakeholder map creating site, click the Create Your Mind Map button.
MindOnMap Stakeholder Map Creator
Step 2:
You will be taken to a Log in to MindOnMap page. Here you can sign in with Google or email. You can choose to create a new account for creating the stakeholder map. After signing in to your account, you can enter its diagram-creating page.
Log in to MindOnMap
Step 3:
Click New on the left sidebar to display various templates and themes. You can select a suitable example to start your stakeholder mapping.
Select Stakeholder Mapping Example MindOnMap
Step 4:
When you enter the main stakeholder map creating page, you can click Theme, Style, Icon, or Outline on the right to start making a stakeholder map based on your need. This online stakeholder map maker provides useful options in the top toolbar to add nodes, insert images, links, and comments, add components and undo or redo your operation.
Make A Stakeholder Map Online MindOnMap
Step 5:
After you create a stakeholder map, you can simply click the Share or Export button in the top-right corner to output your created stakeholder map. It allows you to generate a sharing link or save your creation as a JPG/PNG/SVG image, Word file, or PDF file.
Share or Export Stakeholder Map

Part 4. FAQs of Stakeholder Mapping

What are the different types of stakeholders?

Most stakeholders can be sorted into two main groups, internal stakeholders and external stakeholders.
Internal stakeholders include the project sponsor, project manager, team members, high-level executives, and business departments.
External stakeholders include the customers or end-users, suppliers, government, local authorities, action groups, and more. They should include anyone that may have an interest in your project and is affected by your business activities.

What are stakeholders in project management?

Project stakeholders refer to the organizations or people affected by the project of a business or its activity. Stakeholders can be any party with a direct or indirect interest in your project.

What are the benefits of stakeholder mapping?

Stakeholder mapping enables you to effectively identify the people who will influence your project and its success. With a proper stakeholder map, you can quickly figure out who has the most influence over a project, who will benefit most, who has restraints on the project, who has more resources, and other important information. A stakeholder map can help you to satisfy when building your project.


Stakeholder mapping helps facilitate the evaluation of your environment. You can use a stakeholder map to check what powers are at play to help or hinder the progress of your project. After reading this post, I hope you can know more about stakeholder mapping, find valuable examples, and learn to make your stakeholder maps.

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