How to Fix Apple Music When It’s Not Working on iPhone and Android

Apple’s Music app is a streaming service for various songs made by popular artists. But apps are bound to have issues for many reasons, making Apple Music not working on iPhone or Android. The approach you will take depends on the causes of the issue on the app. So this article will guide you by providing the best solutions to fix the Apple Music app. Then, you canenjoy endless sonn listening.

Apple Music Not Working

Part 1. Apple Music Not Working on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11

Your iPhone has the Apple Music app as the default music streaming service. Your subscription allows you to enjoy a seamless experience with your favorite soundtracks. If you run into trouble with the app, here are the possible reasons and solutions to work it out.

Check the Apple Music Subscription

Sometimes, you might not have noticed that your subscription is not activated or the Apple Music Membership is not working. Make sure you are subscribed to the app's premium version by following the steps below:

Step 1.
Go to settings and tap your name. Visit the iTunes & App Store menu.
Step 2.
Access your Apple ID, then tap the Subscriptions option. Check the Music app to see if the subscription is active.
Settings iTunes App Store Check Subscription

Disable and Turn On Back the iCloud Music Library

When you open the Music app only to find out all the songs and playlists are not there, it is possible the new iOS update removed them. But if you use iCloud for backup and syncing, you can retrieve your playlists on Apple Music. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1.
Go to the settings and visit the Music menu. If the Sync Library is toggled on, disable it. Wait for a minute or two before reactivating it again.
Settings Music iCloud Library
Step 2.
You may close the app and open it again to reload the playlists. Open it once again to check if Apple Music is working.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Apple Music App

One of the most effective methods to fix Apple Music when it is not working is to delete the app from your iPhone. This method will also help to fix other issues like Apple Music Sing not working and the music library not loading. Don’t worry about the app data, as you have the choice to keep it while deleting Apple Music. Check the steps on how to do it:

Step 1.
Launch the Settings app and go to the General menu. Tap the iPhone Storage from the page.
Uninstall Reinstall Offload App
Step 2.
Scroll down and search for the Music app. Tap on it. Choose the Offload App option. It will uninstall the Music app but keep the data. After that, reinstall Apple Music from the App Store.

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Step 1.
Get the Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery on Windows or Mac. Follow the onscreen instructions for software installation. Then, launch the application and connect your iPhone with a compatible lightning cable. Enable device connection on the phone by tapping the Trust button.
Download Connect iPhone Trust
Step 2.
Choose the iOS System Recovery mode for a general fix on the device. When the program detects the device, confirm the details to get the right firmware package. You have the option to download the iPhone information to your computer.
Device Information Download Details
Step 3.
Click the Next button, and iOS System Recovery will automatically download the firmware package. Keep the devices connected to a stable WiFi network. Finally, click the Repair button to fix iPhone issues.
Download Firmware Package Repair

Part 2. Solve Apple Music Not Working on Android

The Apple Music app is downloadable on Android. When you subscribe to the premium plan, you can have endless listening experiences with the same functions as iPhones. However, the app can still run through errors, and you will find a way to troubleshoot on your Android.

Check the Internet Connection

Apple Music won’t connect online with an unstable internet connection. Although it has an offline mode, some functions may not work well and require internet. If you see the WiFi icon on the status bar of your device, try to turn it on and off. Or choose mobile data to connect. Another way is to restart the router and check if the app works.

Visit the System Status Page

One way to check if Apple Music is not working is via the official page. Most error occurrences are posted there, and it will notify both users from iPhone and Android if the server is down. Remember, the red mark means the app is not working at the moment, and the green means it is perfect. If you see green despite having a problem, see the next solution.

Update the Apple Music App

An updated version of Apple Music is important for new features and fixed bugs. While there is an auto-update option you can activate, you still must check if there is a new update released. To do that, here are the simple steps:

Step 1.
Open the Google Play app on your phone. Type Apple Music in the search bar and enter.
Update Apple Music Google Play
Step 2.
If you see the Update button, it means there is a new app version. Tap on it and wait until it is completely installed on the device. Launch the app to see if it’s working.

Clear Cache from the Device

It is important to clear cache on Android to avoid it from crashing or malfunctioning. Although the cache helps to speed up browsing and show similar interests, it will overload the app, which causes the malfunction. Here’s how to declutter Apple Music cache from Android:

Step 1.
Open settings and go to the Apps menu. Scroll down and find the Apple Music app.
Clear Cache Apple Music Android
Step 2.
Tap on the Storage menu. See if the file size of the cache is big. Tap the Clear Cache button to declutter it. Restart the app and check if Apple Music is working.

Part 3. FAQs about Apple Music Not Working

Why some songs aren’t working on Apple Music?

The song is probably not yet available in Apple Music’s library. If you find a song is grayed out, it means the app removes it from the server. Some artists will reupload it, so you need to wait for the updates.

What to do when Apple Music is not working for downloads?

Ensure that the Apple Music subscription allows you to download songs for offline streaming. If there is no problem with the plan, check the storage space on the device or manage the internet connection as you use the app.

How to fix Apple Music won’t connect to Airpods?

Try to disconnect and reconnect the AirPods to the iPhone. You can also use the methods in this post for app problems. If AirPods are brand new, it is possible they have manufacturing defects. Go to a local Apple Store to replace them.

How to fix Apple Music force stopping itself?

If the app doesn’t allow you to enter the library, you can delete the app and reinstall it after. Go to settings and tap the General menu to access the iPhone Storage. Scroll down and tap the Apple Music. Tap the Delete App or Offload App button to uninstall Apple Music. Then, you can reinstall the app again from the App Store.


This article showed the best solutions to fix Apple Music not working on iPhone and Android. You can now enjoy listening to music without any trouble. But if you don’t know which causes errors on your device, download Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery to quickly fix disabled iPhones, battery drain, and others. Click the Download button to try it now on Windows and Mac.

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