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Feel excited for the new features of new iOS update? Are you ready for the latest iOS update to 10 from 7/8/8.1/9? Before do that, check for something you cannot miss about iOS update.

ios update

Make preparations before iOS update

Feel amazed by the iOS 10 emoji messages? Want to try photo recognition in iOS 10? Then just update your iOS from 9/8.1/8/7… to the latest iOS 10? Before doing that, you need to make some preparations. Why? Not all iPhone or iPad is allowed by Apple to make iOS 10 update. Not all iPhone has enough space to download the latest iOS (iOS 10 takes up the space of 1.7G). So, check the iOS 10 compatible devices and follow the tips as below to free up iPhone iPad and iPod.

How to update iOS

After prepare all, you can start to make iOS upgrade. Two methods are available for you to make iOS update.

Method one: Update iOS on iPhone

Commonly, Apple will send the users the update reminder for its every iOS update, and you just need to tap "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update" to download and install iOS 10 beta software. If you do not receive the note information, check your iPhone update software.

Method two: Update iOS with iTunes

Download and install the latest iTunes on your PC, connect your device to PC and let iTunes detect your device ( iTunes won't recognize iPhone? ) automatically, click your device image, choose "Summary" > "Update" to update your iOS device.

Problems while updating iOS

When you update your iPhone or iPad from iOS 7/8/9 to 10, some problems you may encounter like failure of iOS update software download, iPhone stuck in updating process, and more. For such issues, you can still resolve the trouble.

Update software download failure

For avoiding this error, you can wait more than one day to avoid the rush hour of downloading.

Wi-Fi won't connect iPhone

iPhone software update needs a good network connection, make your iPhone connect Wi-Fi.

iPhone stuck in Apple logo

When your iPhone is stuck in Apple logo while updating iOS, exit your device from Apple logo.

iPhone stuck on recovery mode

Stuck in "Connect to iTunes" logo/recovery mode when you update iOS? Kick it out quickly.

What you need to do after iOS update

After upgrading to the latest iOS, you may find still there are something wrong with your iPhone like data loss, shorter battery standby time, low iPhone speed, and more. At this point, what would you do?

Recover data from iPhone

Data loss after iOS update? Recover iPhone text messages, photos, contacts, etc. directly.

Restore data from iCloud backup

If you make iCoud backup, then you can restore iPhone data from iCloud directly with simple steps.

Recover data from iTunes

If you are fortunate to back up iPhone to iTunes, now, you can retrieve data from iTunes backup now..

Speed up iPhone

Feel annoyed for the slow iPhone when you embrace more pleasure with the recent iOS? Speed up iPhone.

Entertain new iOS feature

No clue for the various new features about new iOS? The detailed iOS 10 guide will do you a great favor.

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