iPhone Go Straight to Voicemail? 5 Ways to Fix It

November 19, 2019Nicole Jones

While the daily usage of your iPhone, have you ever faced the situation that iPhone went straight to voicemail when someone tried to call you? Why iPhone goes straight to voicemail and doesn't ring?

Due to different reasons, your iPhone will go forward to voicemail without ringing. For instance, your iPhone may have no service or is under the Do Not Disturb mode. Here in this post, we will show some main reasons why iPhones goes straight to voicemail. What's more, we will show you how to fix it when iPhone calls always go straight to voicemail and no ring.

iPhone Goes Straight To Voicemail

Part 1. Why iPhone Go Straight to Voicemail

As it mentioned above, for various reasons you iPhone will go straight to voicemail without ringing. In most cases, your iPhone will automatically transfer all calls to voicemail when you have no service in your area. You have activated the Do Not Disturb feature or your iPhone is in Airplane/Silent mode.

Sometimes, when there is a new available Carrier Settings update, iOS device may also put iPhone calls to voicemail with no ring, and prevent calls from coming. Surely there are other factors including hardware or system issues like iPhone system errors or unknown errors from Apple server will cause the iPhone goes straight to voicemail problem. In the following parts, we will help you identify and fix the issue.

Part 2. 4 Regular Ways to Fix iPhone Calls Going Straight to Voicemail

It is quite annoying when iPhone goes straight to voicemail instead of ringing. In that case, you are more likely to miss an important call. So here in this part, we will show you 4 common solutions to deal with this problem.

Reboot iPhone to Fix iPhone Calls Going Straight to Voicemail

When you have an issue on your iPhone and don't know how to fix it, the first thing you need to do is to restart your device. Go without saying that, rebooting is one best way to solve various problems.

Step 1.
Turn on your iPhone and keep pressing the "Power" button. Release your finger until you see the "Slide to power off" appears on your iPhone screen.
Step 2.
Swipe the red power button from left to the right to shut down your iPhone.
Step 3.
You can wait a few seconds and then reboot your iOS device. Just press and hold the "Power" button until the Apple logo comes to the screen. After rebooting, you can use another phone to make a call to check if the issue is fixed.

Disable Airplane Mode/Silent Mode and Do Not Disturb

When your iPhone is under "Airplane Mode", you are not allowed to use the call services. So if your iPhone goes straight to voicemail, you should ensure that your iOS device is not in Airplane mode. What's more, if you are on vocation and stay away from cell towers, a new call may also straight to iPhone voicemail automatically. So you need to make sure you have enough signal and carrier services.

Turn Off Airplance Mode

Similarly, your iPhone will automatically avoid incoming iPhone calls by default under the "Do Not Disturb" circumstance. You can go to Settings app and check if the "Airplane Mode" or "Do Not Disturb" is turned off. When you put your iPhone into Silent Mode, you won't hear the ring and will miss the call. In that case, you can set your iPhone vibrate or turn on the ringtone.

Set Announce Calls to fix iPhone goes straight to voicemail

There is a new feature called "Announce Calls" can help you fix iPhone goes straight to voicemail with ease. After activating it, you won't miss the incoming calls any more.

To turn on the "Announce Calls" feature, you can go to "Settings" app on your iPhone. Then tap Phone" and "Announce Calls" to access the function. Here you need to tap "Always" option to welcome all incoming calls on iPhone.

Set Always In Announce Calls iPhone

Update iOS to fix iPhone goes straight to voicemail

When there is an available iOS update, you should instill it on your iOS device. As we all know that new iOS will always fix many bugs in the old version.

Step 1.
Unlock iPhone and go to "Settings" app.
Step 2.
Tap "General" > "Software Update" section to check if there is one iOS update there. When you enter the "Software Update" interface, iPhone will automatically detect if there is an available iOS update for your device. Update iOS to the latest version here.
Update iOS

Part 3. Professional Way to Fix iPhone Go Straight to Voicemail

You should take it seriously if the first 4 methods still can't fix the iPhone goes straight to voicemail issue. Here we sincerely recommend the professional iOS issues fixing software, iOS System Recovery for you. It has the capability to fix various system related problems including the iPhone calls go straight to voicemail.

iOS System Recovery


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Step 1.
First, you need to free download, install and run this iOS System Recovery on your computer. You can easily do it by double clicking the download button above. When you enter the main interface, choose the "iOS System Recovery" option. Then connect your iPhone to computer with a lighting USB cable.

For the first connection, you need to tap "Trust this computer" on the iPhone screen to help your computer quickly recognize your iOS device.

Step 2.
You need to follow the detailed guide shared to put your iPhone into recovery mode or DFU mode.
Fix/Into Recovery Mode
Step 3.
iOS System Recovery has the capability to detect the specific model and other information of your iPhone. Moreover, it can quickly detect the reason why your iPhone goes straight to voicemail. During this step, you need to confirm all the information and then click the "Repair" button to start the fixing process. Here it will automatically download the repaired plug-in for the fixing.

When the repaired plug-in downloading profess is finished, iOS System Recovery will begin to fix the iPhone calls go forward to voicemail without ringing issue. Your iPhone will reboot itself and back to normal condition after the fixing.

After reading this page, you can know some reasons why iPhone calls go straight to voicemail and no ring. In addition, you can learn 5 effective methods to fix iPhone goes straight to voicemail. If you have any other solutions to deal with this problem, please share them in the comment with other readers.

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