Excel to JPG: Best Converter You Can Use to Convert Chart into Image

When transforming Excel to JPG is needed, picking the suitable converter can be as difficult since there have been thousands of selections on the market. Several choices are too challenging to handle for this simple task. Instead of blindly picking the converter to do this task, it would be beneficial for you to read this article to know it better. So, if you are a user finding a solution, all the needed information is here; keep up the pace of reading this article.

Excel to JPG

Part 1. 3 Reasons Why Do You Need to Convert Excel to JPG

Doesn't have enough idea what are the reasons why you need to convert Excel to JPG? Here are the known reasons that users need to understand why they need to convert their file into a JPG with a listed explanation. If you are interested in knowing it better, read the reasons below.

1st Reason. Safely Sending and Attaching Emails

Attaching images to an email is much simpler because of their file size. Since JPG uses compression to downsize the file size, the loading time will become faster when you attach an image to an email you've created; the loading time will become faster than sending an XLS. Also, when you want to help the receiver easily view the information on a digital spreadsheet, it is advantageous for them to receive a JPG spot-on open or view the file.

2nd Reason. Avoid Anyone Copy or Edit the Information

After converting XLS to JPG, no one can edit the file if it has been opened on an XLS editing program. It will be difficult to copy the information since it has become an image format. For a user to copy and edit the file, they needed to manually copy the information into a new Excel sheet, then edit it there.

3rd Reason. Dashboard Charts or Excel File Can Be Used as Wallpaper

Most of us use charts for schedules we've created on Excel processing applications such as Microsoft Excel. However, the XLS format can't be used as a wallpaper or lock screen, so if you want to be reminded of your daily schedule, setting the sheet as a wallpaper in JPG format would be beneficial.

Part 2. 3 Methods You Must Learn to Convert Excel to JPG

1. Aiseesoft Free JPG Word Converter Online

Aiseesoft Free JPG Word Converter Online is a top-notch Microsoft Office Excel to JPG converter online that you can easily use to change the format of any DOCs such as XLS. With it, you can import multiple Evel files here and convert them into a newer format other than JPG. E.g., PNG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF.

Here, you do not need to convert the XLS into a PDF, then convert it into a JPG because it is dedicated to saving the final output directly as JPG. So, if you want to use this app, follow the indicated steps that are included here to show you how this works.

Step 1:
Open a tab on your web browser that you are currently using, then search for the application's name and open it to start using it.
Step 2:
Even though the name suggests Add Word Files, click it, and a folder will appear on your screen where you can find the XLS file you are about to convert.
Upload XLS Files
Step 3:
When the file is uploaded, choose the output image format you want and press Convert All to start changing the format into an image form.
Choose and Convert XLS
Step 4:
Once the file is under the result, click Download All to have all the converted images on your desktop.
Export Converted XLS

2. CDKM.com - XLS to JPG

CDKM.com can save the Excel graph as a JPG. It is an online converter that you can use to convert most files, such as PDF to JPG. This app is considered one of the best because of its processing to change the format of a file. Despite being a reliable converter, the app won't notify you whether the file is uploaded, which makes the user confused about whether it is inserted.

CDKM Excel to JPG
Step 1:
Open the main website of the image convert and select Choose File.
Step 2:
After you have uploaded the XLS file that you want to convert, hit the target format and select the JPG as an output.
Step 3:
Hit Start Conversion to alter the format of the XLS into an image form.
Step 4:
On the lower part, click Download to save the converted XLS file into your computer.

3. A1Office.co - XLS to JPG

A1Office.co is another converter you can use to convert Excel Files to JPG online without quality loss. You can drag and drop the XLS files you want to convert here. It has a clean interface, meaning you wouldn't notice ads while using the application. Though the converter is an excellent choice for converting Excel files, the app does have trouble processing multiple Excel files simultaneously, which means the app can't do a batch conversion. But if you have a single Excel file that you want to convert, then try this app and follow the succeeding steps below.

A1 Office Excel to JPG
Step 1:
Like the other converter, open the app by searching it on the web.
Step 2:
Hit the Choose Files button to insert the Excel sheet you want to change into a JPG.
Step 3:
After that, the Excel file you upload will be processed immediately, and click Download to save the converted Excel sheet on your device.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Convert Excel to JPG for Free

Are there any ways to recover Excel files?

There are thousands of ways to recover an Excel file. For example, if you accidentally deleted the file, you can go to the Recycle Bin or Trash to look for it. But if the Excel file's contents have been deleted, then the best way to recover the Excel file can be found when you read the related topic on it.

Can I convert JPG to XLS format?

Yes, you can convert JPG to XLS format with the help of dedicated converters that supports uploading JPG and can export XLS format.

Is it possible to lose content when converting Excel to JPG?

Since converting is changing a format into a newer format, the content embedded into an Excel will always be recovered when you convert it into a JPG. Though there are no cases that it did happen, the possibility of losing data or contents on an Excel file is high.


Now, it's your turn to speak up about the information you have gained in this article. We hope that you have found your way to convert XLS to JPG with the help of the converters that we added. Share this information with others so that they will learn how this process works.

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