How to Convert JFIF to JPEG with Best Desktop and Online Converters

September 21, 2022Gerald Christian

You might have encountered JFIF on your computer folders. These files are generally the older version of JPEG files. For this reason, they might be taken with your old camera devices. Moreover, it is the compressed version of the corresponding file. Therefore, you can expect that this format does not consume too much space on your computer. The main disadvantage of this image format is that it comes with less acceptability among platforms and devices.

That imposes a problem, especially when you need to edit the JFIF format on other devices and platforms. That said, converting JFIF to JPG is necessary. If you wish to learn exactly how this task is done, you can look at the programs' reviews for your perusal. Also, you may check the guidelines to learn how to operate.


Part 1. What is JFIF

JFIF, less known as JPEG Interchange Format, is typically an image file that incorporates digital graphics encoding specifications that are implemented in JPEG files. This file format can store data files, documents, and even media. Generally speaking, JFIF files are the older version of JPEG file format. The main disadvantage of the JFIF file format is its low acceptance across web platforms. But since many people are using JPEG now, using this format is pointless. Therefore, check out the JFIF to JPG converters below.

Part 2. How to Convert JFIF to JPG Online

From the name itself, Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online is a totally free program that will help you convert your JFIF files to JPG/JPEG without losing quality. You can convert JFIF to JPEG files without worrying about security or privacy. That is because the program immediately deletes the uploaded photos after the session. Now, if you are dealing with multiple image files, you can convert them all simultaneously. You can change files up to 40 images at once.

Moreover, this tool has a user-friendly interface, making you quickly see and recognize every function and feature. Due to the AI-powered automated conversion process, you can convert files hassle-free. Follow the instructions below to convert JFIF to JPG online for free.

Step 1:
The first thing to do is open your favorite browser and visit its official website. Then, you should see the homepage of the tool.
Step 2:
After that, choose your target format from the available image formats. In this case, tick the radio button for JPG to convert your JFIF files to JPG. All the images you will upload will then be converted to the selected output format.
Select Output Format
Step 3:
This time, hit the Add Images button and select the photos you wish to convert. As soon as you tick this button, your computer folder will appear. By then, you can select your target JFIF photos. On the other hand, you may drag directly to the program's upload area to import photos.
Add Image Files
Step 4:
Once the conversion session is done, the photos will be available for users to download. Simply hit the Download or Download All button to get copies of these converted photos.
Download Converted Photos

Part 3. Convert JFIF to JPG Offline (Windows and Mac)

If you download programs to accomplish tasks, you can refer to the following JFIF to JPG converters. Maybe the internet connection is not always available on your device, or adverts just keep popping up on your desktop. Worry not. We have the solutions for you to convert JFIF to JPG on Windows 10 and Mac.


GIMP is an open-source image application with many options for giving your photographs the desired look; it is similar to Adobe, including layer features for fine adjustment and exact control. The program is also cross-platform because it works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It is capable of converting JFIF to PNG, JPG, GIF, PSD, PDF, and more formats. You may, however, only convert one file at a time. On top of that, the tool is free, so you do not have to spend even a cent.

The caveat is that you can only process one photo at a time. Nevertheless, you can get to convert and edit photos for totally no charge when using this program. Find out how this JFIF to JPG converter works by referring to the steps below.

Step 1:
Get a copy of the program's installer from its official website to get started. Install and run the application on your computer afterward.
Step 2:
Next, import the photo you wish to convert by going to File > Open. Then, select your target photo. You may also drag and drop the photo directly to the program when uploading photos. After doing so, you should see the photo on the main canvas or editor.
Upload Image File
Step 3:
At this point, tick the File menu to see some options. From here, you will see the Export As option. Select it, and the Export Image panel will appear.
Open Export Image Option
Step 4:
At the bottom of the window, tick the Select File Type (By Extension) option to see the available export formats. After that, select the JPEG image and hit the Export button.
Start Exporting

2. Preview app

For Mac users, you can process this conversion even without downloading third-party solutions. That is by the help of the Preview app pre-installed on Mac computers. For everyone's information, it is the default photo viewer of Macintosh. Besides its default function, you may also use it to convert photos, like JFIF, to other formats, including JPG. You can also process other conversions, like JPEG to PNG, and vice versa. Therefore, if your goal is to convert your JFIF to JPG using this tool, you can check the following instructions.

Step 1:
Locate the JFIF photo on your Mac OS finder. Then, rename the file and change its extension to JPEG. From the dialog box, select the Use .jpg option.
Rename File
Step 2:
Now, hit the File menu and look for the Export option. After that, a dialog box will appear.
Initiate Conversion
Step 3:
Next, under the Format option, tick the drop-down menu. Then, select JPEG from the selection. Hit Save to confirm the process.
Convert to JPEG

Part 4. FAQs About Converting JFIF to JPG

Can I rename JFIF files to JPG to change the file type?

Renaming the file extension of JFIF will not change the file type generally. This notion must be clear to everyone. It does not mean they are closely related; you can change the file by renaming the extension. Nevertheless, there are numerous conversion programs available for everyone to use.

What is the difference between JFIF and JIF?

The JPEG File Interchange Format or JFIF is a standard picture file format. It is a file exchange format for JPEG encoded files that adhere to the JPEG Interchange Format or JIF standard. It addresses some of JIF's shortcomings in terms of easy JPEG-encoded file transfer. It is safe to say that all JPEGs are JFIF.

Why does the JFIF extension show as a saved image format?

There may be a problem in terms of saving your photos. It can be closely associated with the incorrect file association in the registry. Anyhow, they do not have a problem when you open them on your personal computers.


That is how to convert JFIF to JPG. If you still have JFIF files that are not yet saved as JPEG, it is time to change them to JPG. By then, you will have the freedom to edit and open them on different platforms and devices. Anyway, there are various ways for you to accomplish this task. You can go online or offline, depending on your needs and preferences. Simply choose whichever favors your work routine. Therefore, when you need this conversion, you can easily accomplish it.

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