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Best Alternatives to Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Player is not the best. This article lists several best alternatives to Amazon Cloud Player for you to choose from.

05.01.2017 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
Download SoundCloud Songs and Convert SoundCloud to MP3

Want to download music from SoundCloud? You can learn how to download SoundCloud songs and convert SoundCloud to MP3 with high quality in this post.

27.12.2016 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
Garth Brooks Songs – Where and How to Download Garth Brooks Songs

Garth Brooks songs are not on iTunes, so where and how to download Garth Brooks songs? Read this article to freely download Garth Brooks music from Amazon Music and more.

23.12.2016 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
Best Streaming Video Recorder and How to Record Streaming Video

The article introduces you the best streaming video recorder in the category and how to record streaming video with the excellent Streaming Recorder by Aiseesoft.

23.12.2016 | Posted by Iris Walker
Mixcloud Downloader: Download MixCloud in MP3/M4A

Want to find a Mixcloud Downloader to download Mixcloud music, radio shows, podcasts or DJ mixes in MP3/M4A? Read this article and get the best way.

22.12.2016 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
TubeMate YouTube Downloader for Windows/Mac

Want a TubeMate YouTube Downloader alternative for Windows or Mac? Read this article and find the best YouTube Video Downloader.

22.12.2016 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
How to Convert WebEx ARF to MP4

Still puzzled about how to play WebEx ARF recording files on your own player? Download WebEx recordings and convert ARF files to MP4 easily in this post.

22.12.2016 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
Alternatives to MP3 Monkey - Best MP3 Songs Download Free

Want MP3 monkey's alternatives? Read this article to find 20 best MP3 songs download sites like MP3 monkey net and free download top 20 MP3 songs in 2016.

21.12.2016 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
10 Best Spotify Alternatives for Streaming Music

Spotify is not the best service for streaming music. Want to find an alternative to Spotify? This article lists 10 best Spotify web play replacements to streaming music on your computer.

16.12.2016 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
iTunes Streaming: Stream iTunes Movies/Music/TV Shows

How to stream content from iTunes library to Apple devices like Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, etc? What if you fail to play iTunes streaming movie on Roku? Read this article.

15.12.2016 | Posted by Louisa White
How to Convert CDA to MP3

What is CDA? Want to convert CDA to MP3 to store on your hard disk? Read this article and find a CDA to MP3 converter alternative.

07.12.2016 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
How to Record a Phone Call on Android Easily

How to record a phone call on Android? Read this article to record phone calls with apps and Xposed framework to record phone calls on Samsung Galaxy/other Android devices.

07.12.2016 | Posted by Iris Walker
Cassette Recorder: Record Cassette Tape to Computer

What is the best cassette recorder to record cassette tape to MP3 or other audio format on your Windows or Mac computer? This article shows you how to record cassette tape.

06.12.2016 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
How to Burn A CD on iTunes

How can you burn iTunes music or playlist to a blank CD? This article shows you two ways to burn iTunes music or radio to a CD.

05.12.2016 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
How to Record iTunes Radio Easily

How to get music from iTunes Audio as iTunes Audio has no longer been free? Recording iTunes radio is a great method. This article shows you the best iTunes Radio Recorder.

05.12.2016 | Posted by Jenny Ryan