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1.1 Root Android with Kingo Root
1.2 Root Android with King Root
1.3 Root Android with One Click Root
1.4 Root Android with PingPong Root
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1.7 Root Android without PC

An Ultimate Guide to Root Samsung with One Click Root

How to root Android device? We are familiar with the word "rooting". But do you know the exact meaning of rooting? In this article, we will give you an introduction of rooting as well as its benefits and risks. There are many rooting software for you to root Android device, such as One Click Root, Kingo Root, KingRoot and so on. And which one should be better for you? For Samsung device, One Click Root may be better for you. You could learn from this article to root your Samsung with One Click Root.

Root Samsung with One Click Root

What is "Root"?

Rooting enables Android users of devices operating the Android to attain root access. Simply speaking, you can have the authority to install or uninstall any app after rooting your device.

Benefits and risks of rooting

✔ Rooting will void the warranty of your device.

✔ You will have the authority to remove some apps you don't need or programs preinstalled.

✔ Rooting will help to stop some pop-up information or ads of some apps.

✔ Rooting would not brick your phone if you obey the rooting rules step by step.

✔ Some unexpected mistakes and accidents may happen though rooting is safe. For example, your device may be bricked if the phone runs out of the battery. Some significant system files may be deleted, which will result in system errors.

What should do before rooting your Samsung Android phone with One Click Root

Back up your device data

In case of unexpected mistakes or accidents during the process of rooting, you'd better make backup of your phone files, photos, videos and contacts. In that case, we would like to recommend you the best convenient Android backup software.

Ensure your phone is fully charged

Running out of battery may cause your device bricked, so you'd better fully charge your device at least 80% before rooting.

Choose a reliable root tool

Here we recommend One Click Root. One Click Root is the fast, easy and secure rooting software, which supports thousands of devices. It can root your Android device with one click.

Steps to root Samsung with One Click Root

Root Android phone with One Click Root on computer

Step 1 Download One Click Root

Click the download link of One Click Root for PC, download and install this software to your computer.

Step 2 USB debugging

On your Phone, debug USB mode by tapping "Settings" > "Develop options" > slide "USB debugging" to ON, which will enable you to manage your phone without notifications on computer.

Connect Kingo Root with USB Cable

Step 3 Connect Samsung to PC

Plug your Samsung phone to computer with USB cable, and One Click Root will detect your phone automatically.

Connect Samsung

Step 4 Root Samsung with One Click Root

After One Click Root detects your phone successfully, click "ROOT NOW" to start to root your phone. The rooting process will take minutes. So you just need to wait patiently.

Root Samsung with One Click Root

After rooting process succeeds, your phone will reboot automatically.

Root Sunsung successfully

Root Samsung with One Click Root on Mac

Because there are some uncertainties and insecurities with rooting on Mac, so if you are using Mac computer, and you want to root your Samsung on Mac, we suggest you root Samsung devices on Windows.

In this article, we mainly show you how to use One Click Root to root Samsung Android devices. If you want to learn more about how to root Android, welcome to tell us.

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