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Hd Video Converter allows you to convert any High Definition video (4K included) to SD, 720p/1080p HD and 4K video in MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV and more for any player and video editing software without quality loss on your Windows computer.

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By Leah 2019-01-20

Wow, So Fantastic

Wow, so fantastic. I have many HD video files from my Sony Camcorder, and I cannot play on my iPad. With this software, now I can convert the M2TS files to MP4 and play on my iPad Pro easily.

By Edwards 2018-10-10


I get some SD video files, but the definition seems not good. Using your program, and the video files are clearer than before. Thanks.

By Jones 2017-12-13

Simple yet Powerful

I know a lot of video converters called themselves as HD video converter but they are really not. I have test this HD video converter the results really satisfies me.

By Nelson 2017-08-02

Really support HD video

I used this software to convert HD videos, the output video quality are surprisingly great. high recommend it.

By Alex MMM 2017-07-22

Stable and powerful

Stable and powerful application

By Alex 2015-04-02

Great piece of software

I just want to say thank you to Aiseesoft HD Video Converter. My grandpa wants to watch the videos of our Christmas family party. He has a HDTV, but it cannot play the AVCHD MTS files. This HD converter converts the files to MP4 format easily and keeps the HD video quality. We have a great time watching the videos. Thanks!

By Wilfred 2014-12-24

Really like it

It has a number of excellent options; you can define the output as relative size or actual size and to be sure the quality of the output is up to your requirements.

By Jolin 2014-11-17

Very fast

Just tried to convert a short video – 5mins- shot with my Canon Camcorder. I select the high definition H.264 and it converts the video with less than 2 minutes.

By Devon 2014-11-17

Good HD video converter

Installed and registered on WIN 8 64bit without any problem. Just make a brief test here: 1. Support HD and SD videos. 2. Convert to audios. 3. Support all popular output formats. 4. Convert videos in batches and enables to convert to various formats with only one conversion. 5. Support basic video edit. 6. Numerous output settings. It is a friendly and helpful tool if you want any good video converter.

By Roy 2014-11-16

Awesome program!

Installed and registered without problems on a Win 8.1 Pro 64 bit system. A well structured interface, easy to use, with GPU acceleration, multiple kernel support – the kernel support works really – i selected only kernel 3 and it does, what I wanted.

By Harold 2014-11-15

Great work Aiseesoft.

It allows me excellent control over the size of the output video, useful to me as I often want to send them to members of the family via the Internet.

By Dallas 2014-11-15

I really like it!

It has a number of excellent options; you can define the output size and to be sure the quality of the output is up to your requirements you can specify short snippets from the beginning middle or end for a number of seconds and then view it.

By Susan 2014-3-15

It works fast

It works very fast, and the Profile formats are bountiful, satisfying all the basic needs. Runs well in my Windows 8.

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