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Two Ways to Convert SWF to HTML5

Swiffy ever helped people to convert SWF to HTML before, but Swiffy cannot support the conversion now. If you are searching for an alternative to Swiffy converter to convert SWF to HTML5, this article is prepared for you. This article mainly introduces how to convert SWF to HTML5 with two ways. You can choose to convert your SWF files to HTML5 with one of the best converters - SWF to HTML5 Converter. This is a very useful video converter, because you can use it to convert several your favorite SWF videos to HTML5 with ease, much better than Swiffy converter. Or you can choose to directly convert your favorite SWF files to HTML5 online. Which way is better for you? Read this article and choose to convert SWF to HTML5 according to your own demands.

Convert SWF to HTML5

Convert SWF to HTML5

Part 1: What are SWF and HTML5

SWF is a video format which is commonly used in the world. SWF is the abbreviation of Small Web Format. SWF can be supported by many websites, so you can freely save your video as SWF format without worrying that it cannot be played or supported on some players or websites. However for HTML5, SWF cannot be supported.

HTML5 is a new version of HTML which can only support a few video formats currently, including MP4, WebM and OGG. If people want to embed video in SWF format in HTML5, they may need to convert SWF into HTML5. So a better converter is needed for many people to convert their SWF files to HTML5. We will introduce a useful SWF to HTML5 Converter for you to help you learn how to convert SWF to HTML5.

Part 2: The best way to convert SWF to HTML5

Better than Swiffy converter, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, one of the most professional converters, can help you achieve the conversion from SWF to HTML5. You can free download this Swiffy converter alternative to help you easily convert SWF to HTML5 in a few seconds. Apart from converting SWF to HTML5, Video Converter Ultimate can also convert SWF to MP4, M4V, MKV, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, MTV, etc. Below we will introduce the steps on how to convert SWF to HTML5 to you.

Step 1 Install this converter on your computer

Please click the link above to download Video Converter Ultimate, and then install it on your computer. After installing, please launch it for ready use.

Step 2 Upload SWF files

After launching the product, please click Add Files to upload the SWF files you want to convert on it for later conversion.

Add File

Besides, after adding SWF files, you are able to use other functions of this product in the Toolbox like Clip, 3D, or Edit to edit your SWF files.


Step 3 Select the output format

After adding and editing, please click the Output Format dropdown list to select the output format, such as MP4, WebM or OGG.

Profile MP4

Step 4 Convert SWF to HTML5

After selecting the output format, please click Convert All to convert your SWF files to HTML5.

Convert to MP4

Part 3: Convert SWF to HTML5 online

Above introduces the useful converter to help you convert your SWF files to HTML5, here we will introduce a direct way to you to convert your SWF files to HTML5 online. We will mainly introduce the steps of flash-banner-converter for you. This way is somehow direct, but it is less convenient than using Video Converter Ultimate. Below are the detailed steps.

Convert Online

Step 1 Click "Choose File" to upload the SsWF files you need to convert. And check the option of "I agree to the terms of service".

Step 2 Click "Upload and Convert" to convert your SWF to HTML5.

Wait a few seconds, and you will get the converted HTML5 files.

This article is mainly to help you to convert SWF video to HTML5 more easily. We have offered two ways for you to achieve your conversion. You can choose Video Converter Ultimate to convert your SWF video to HTML5 format, or you can choose online converter to finish your conversion. Although online convert can also help you to accomplish your conversion, compared with our product, it is still less practical. Hope it is helpful for you.

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