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Top SWF Players for Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone

Nowadays, more and more SWF (Shockwave Flash) files are available on websites. But it is a pity that you cannot open and see them using the common players on your computer or phones. So how to play SWF on Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone? Here we will show you the specific players for playing SWF on your PC, Mac, Android and iPhone.

SWF Players

Part 1. What is SWF file?

SWF, the abbreviation for small web format, is an Adobe Flash file format used for multimedia, vector graphics and ActionScript. SWF files can contain animations or applets of varying degrees of interactivity and function.

Adobe makes available plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Integrated Runtime, to play SWF files in web browsers. However, if you download or get a SWF file on your computer or mobile phone, how do you play SWF file? The answer is getting the SWF player. Keep reading to get the SWF file player for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS in the following description.

Part 2. SWF players for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

SWF players for Windows

No. SWF Player Screenshot/Icon Features
1 Free Media Player
  • ◆ Best and free SWF player on PC/Mac.
    ◆ Support many video/audio/image formats.
    ◆ Simple and easy-to-use.
2 Shockwave Player
  • ◆ One professional SWF player.
    ◆ Support more than 40 video/audio/image formats.
    ◆ Works with Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android/DVDs/CDs.

    Swiff Player

Windows Media Player
  • ◆ Play SWF file easily.
    ◆ Simple and friendly-used interface.
    ◆ Support various playback capabilities.

    SWF Player

SWF Player
  • ◆ Open and play SWF games, videos, etc.
    ◆ Small size and simple operation.
    ◆ Easy to use.

    Free SWF Player

Free SWF Player
  • ◆ Keep the quality maintain when playing SWF file.
    ◆ Create playlist and watch SWF in full-screen mode.
    ◆ Simple and convenient interface.

SWF players for Mac

No. SWF Player Screenshot/Icon Features
1 Free Media Player
  • ◆ Best and free SWF player on PC/Mac.
    ◆ Support many video/audio/image formats.
    ◆ Simple and easy-to-use.


  • ◆ For different SWF files, has different versions to download.
    ◆ Support drag SWF file into iSwiff and full-screen playing.
    ◆ Easy to use.
3 Elmedia Player
  • ◆ One multifunctional free media player for Mac.
    ◆ Support SWF, FLV, WMV, MP4, MP3, DAT and more formats.
    ◆ Open URL of webs and built-in-web-browser.

    Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player
  • ◆ One plug-in browser to play SWF videos, games and pictures.
    ◆ Support HD videos and 3D graphics.
    ◆ Compatible with multiple platform, like phones, Mac, and PC.

    SWF Movie Player

Movie Player
  • ◆ One free flash movie player for Mac.
    ◆ Take screenshot when playing SWF files.
    ◆ You can playback when playing videos.

SWF players for Android and iOS

No. SWF Player Platform Screenshot/Icon Features

    Smart SWF Player


Smart SWF Player
  • ◆ Play SWF animations, games, apps.
    ◆ Support play control.
    ◆ Very samll size program.

    SWF Player for Android


SWF Player for Android
  • ◆ Play SWF file without quality loss.
    ◆ Support Zoom in and out.
    ◆ Support sharing SWF file.

    Media Player


Media Player
  • ◆ Support almost all video/audio formats.
    ◆ Support multi-core decording for playing better.
    ◆ Transfer SWF files over WiFi.


Photon Flash Player
  • ◆ Play flash videos, games and more.
    ◆ Multi-task by using Tabbed or multiple views during browsing
    ◆ Protect your privacy by clearing history, cookies and caches.
    ◆ Humanized design and simple interface.

    iMedia Player


iMedia Player
  • ◆ A SWF player to play SWF files and popular videos.
    ◆ You can create playlist and save it.
    ◆ Wireless transfer of files.

    VirtualBrowser for Firefox


  • ◆ Play all kinds of flash.
    ◆ Aloow you to run almost all Java application.
    ◆ Firefox Add-ons, Plug-ins, Toolbars and Extensions.

Part 3. Online SWF player

For playing SWF file online, what you need is your browser, like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and others. Here you need to do is to enable Flash player on the browsers.

Take Chrome as the example.

Step 1 Run Chrome, input "chrome://settings/content" in the address bar to start to make settings.

Chrome Settings

Step 2 On the "Content settings" screen, find "Flash" > Checkmark "Allow sites to run Flash" > "Done".

Allow Flash

Step 3 Click "Manage exceptions…" still under "Flash" to enter the website domain and then choose "Allow" > "Done" to finish the settings.

Flash Exceptions

Step 4Drag the SWF file into the Chrome window, and you will find you can play SWF file online with your Chrome.

But you may notice that you have to use the mouse to adjust the play/stop button, or forward or backward button. It may be not easy as you can imagine.

Part 4. How to play SWF file

Here we will take Free Media Player as the example to play SWF file.

Step 1 Download, install, and run this Windows SWF player on your computer.

Main Interface

Step 2 Click "Open File" to import the SWF file to this program for playing.

SWF Player

Here you could adjust the audio and video track, set screen size, set forward and backward hot keys as you like.

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