Create Your Playlist on iTunes: Listen to the Fitting Music on Different Occasions

May 15, 2023Ashley Mae

Do you love listening to music? Then you should have a very extensive music collection. Sometimes you prefer listening to some of them rather than the whole collection. At this point, you may need to create your own playlists. Playlists allow you to save a group of songs to play. Different playlists can meet your needs in diverse situations, for example, parties, exercise, or road trips. It is easy to create and edit.

Here we recommend several ways to help you create your iTunes playlists and edit them as needed. Also, if you want to export or import your lists to other devices, we will offer the best transfer for you. Let's explore together and enjoy your extraordinary journey of music!

Create iTunes

Part 1. How to Create a Playlist on iTunes

If you want to enjoy different styles of music on different occasions, you need to categorize different styles of music in different song lists. Let's begin with creating one personalized playlist on iTunes. You can add your target songs and name them depending on your preference.

Here are the steps you can follow.

Step 1:
Open your iTunes and log in to your account.
Step 2:
Click File at the top left. Then choose New. Finally, select Playlist under the new subset that appears.
New Playlist
Step 3:
Then, type a name for it.
Type Name

Now you can add songs you want to listen. You can play songs by double-clicking the first song every time you enter iTunes.

Part 2. How to Export a Playlist from iTunes

Sometimes when you want to change your music player or device, you need to export your playlist from one computer to another device. Here we offer you several ways and the most practical tool to help you transfer your playlist on iTunes.

Way 1. From iTunes

The playlist export and import functions have been applied in the iTunes library. Exporting a playlist through iTunes is the simplest way.

Step 1:
Select the playlist you want to export in iTunes and click File on the top left.
Step 2:
Click Library, and choose Export playlist. Now you can choose the location to save the playlist.
Export List
Step 3:
Choose Save as type to decide the export format. Then save it in the target folder.
Save List

Way 2. Use FoneTrans

Using Aiseesoft FoneTrans is the most efficient way to export an iTunes playlist. FoneTrans helps you to transfer iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and iTunes data smoothly without losing data. It enables you to view your song list in the iTunes Library and select the one you want to export. With FoneTrans, you can export your personal song list among your devices and iTunes with only one click. We provide a concise interface and detailed instructions.

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Here are the steps to use.

Step 1:
Download FoneTrans and open it.
Step 2:
Connect your device to the computer via a USB cable.
Step 3:
A pop window will appear; you must type your password to confirm that. During this process, you may need to enter the password two times on your device.
Step 4:
After connecting your device to the computer, choose Toolbox on the left sidebar, and click the iTunes Library button.
Toolbox Choose
Step 5:
Choose View iTunes Library.
Library iTunes
Step 6:
After choosing your target playlist, tick the songs you want to export. Then click Export to device or Export to PC icon on the top of the page.
Fone Export
Step 7:
Choose a folder to save your song; the songs picked will be directly saved.
Finish Export

Now, you can open the target folder to view your songs.

Part 3. How to Edit Your Playlist on iTunes

After creating a playlist, you may want to add new songs and reorder your songs or delete your playlist from iTunes. We offer some ways to help you edit your playlists. Keep on reading and try to modify your iTunes playlist.

How to Add New Songs to Your Already Existing Playlist

Step 1:
Click Songs on the left side of the page under the Library section.
Step 2:
Find your target songs and drag them from the library to the playlist you want to edit.
Add Songs

Also, you can click the three dots button to add songs.

Add New Song
Step 3:
If you want to select multiple songs simultaneously, click the first song in the group, hold Shift, and click the last song.

Repeat this process to add more songs to your list.

After finishing adding your target songs, click the playlist to see all the songs in it. The number of songs will be shown on the top of the screen.

How to Reorder Songs in an iTunes Playlist

Step 1:
Find the playlist you want to edit, and click to review all the songs in it.
Step 2:
Select the songs you want to reorder and drag them to your ideal location.

How to Delete a Playlist from iTunes

You have two ways to delete songs or an entire playlist from iTunes.

Way 1. Choose the playlist until it is highlighted, then press the Delete button on your keyboard.

Way 2. Right-click the playlist and choose Delete from Library in the new window.

In this way, you delete your playlist. The songs are still saved.

Delete Library

Part 4. FAQs of Creating iTunes Playlists

How to import an iTunes playlist to Spotify?

Open your iTunes and select Edit on the top left. Then comes Preferences. Then you need to click Advanced on the next window that appears. Now you may find Share iTunes Library XML with other applications. Click OK and exit. You may need to convert your iTunes playlists to MP3. You can find Create MP3 Version in iTunes. After that, open Spotify, click the Profile icon and go to Settings. Select Edit and then Preferences. Scroll to the Local Files and turn it on. Finally, select the iTunes playlist you saved, and add the source.

How to fix the problem of the iTunes playlist disappearing?

First, you can open the iTunes Music folder and find the files named iTunes Music Library.xml and iTunes library. Then open your iTunes, choose File, and then Library. Click Import Playlist on the new window, and choose the iTunes Music Library.xml you found.

Who can see my iTunes playlist?

Your followers can see your iTunes playlists. If you want to share, you can turn off this option when creating a playlist or editing an existing playlist.


If you want to avoid struggling through a sea of music to find the song you want to listen to right now, then you need to create a song list. Here we guide you to create your playlist on iTunes. If you want to apply this song list to other music-playing platforms, we recommend useful tools to help you export your song list. Now you can enjoy your personalized musical journey.

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