3 Free Ways to Draw a Spider Diagram

September 02, 2022Gerald Christian

You can draw a spider diagram when you want to organize concepts visually and generate ideas with your team. Spider diagrams are great for weaving ideas and brainstorming. Do you know how to create the business, decision quality, circle, or creative spider diagrams?

A spider diagram is a visual brainstorming tool that can help you lay out your ideas clearly. It looks like a spider, with the main idea in the middle and lines that branch out for you to add insights or connected ideas. This post will share three different methods to create spider diagrams.

Draw a Spider Diagram

Part 1. How to Draw a Spider Diagram Online and Free

Whether you want to remember complex concepts or turn your ideas into actionable objectives, you can choose to draw a spider diagram. A variety of online spider diagram makers offered on the internet are used to organize your ideas logically. Here in the first part, we like to recommend an easy-to-use online spider diagram maker, MindOnMap, for you to make a spider diagram easily.

Step 1:
When you want to draw a spider diagram, you can open a web browser and go to the official MindOnMap website. Click on the Create Your Mind Map button to start making your diagram.
Spider Diagram Maker MindOnMap
Step 2:
You are prompted to sign in to an account. You can choose to sign in with Google or email. After that, you will be guided to its diagram-creating page.
Log In to MindOnMap
Step 3:
This online spider diagram maker offers many commonly-used templates, examples, and themes for you to quickly start your spider diagram. You can select your preferred one to move on.
Spider Diagram Examples MindOnMap

After adding nodes, you can immediately enter the text or information you need to insert. To quickly personalize your created fishbone diagram, you can click the Style option on the right-side panel and customize the fill color, shape, stroke color, and others.

Step 4:
After you load the selected spider diagram template, you can start to edit it. As you can see, you are offed various tools to adjust theme, style, icon, outline, history, and more. Also, you can easily add nodes, sub-nodes, and components, insert images, links, and comments, and redo or undo your operations.
Draw a Spider Diagram Online MindOnMap
Step 5:
This online spider diagram creator allows you to share and export your creation conveniently. You can click the Export button in the upper-right corner to save your created spider diagram as a JPG/PNG/SVG image, Word file, or PDF file. You can also click the Share button to generate a sharing link.
Share Export Created Spider Diagram

Part 2. How to Make a Spider Diagram on Word

Microsoft Word is equipped with many useful creating and drawing tools. When you want to draw a spider diagram or mind map, you can rely on it. This part will show you how to make a spider diagram on Word.

Step 1:
Open Microsoft Word, find and click the Insert tab from the top toolbar, and choose Shapes. You can find different shapes and objects to draw a spider diagram from its drop-down menu.
Make a Spider Diagram on Word
Step 2:
Create your spider diagram by using the shapes in Word. When you draft the diagram and place all the topics, you can connect them with straight lines or arrow lines to tell the relationships between different topics. You can use rectangles or circles to represent the central topic and subtopics.
Step 3:
When the spider diagram is finished, click the selected shape, topic, or line, and then go to the Format tab to change its properties. Also, you can right-click on the shape and then choose Format Shape to display the right Format Shape pane. After that, you can save your created spider diagram on your device.

Part 3. How to Free Create a Spider Diagram in PowerPoint

Even though PowerPoint doesn't offer any spider diagram templates, it has a shape library for you to easily create a spider diagram. You can follow the steps below to create a spider diagram in PowerPoint.

Step 1:
Open PowerPoint and then create a new presentation. In the top toolbar, click on the Insert, and then choose the Text Box option. Now you can freely click and add the box. You can use it to display the central topic of your spider diagram.
Insert Text Box in PowerPoint
Step 2:
Click on the Insert tab, go to Shapes, and then select and add a shape or line you need to create the spider diagram from its dropdown.
Create a Spider Diagram in PowerPoint
Step 3:
When drawing a spider diagram in PowerPoint, you can go to the Format tab and customize shapes and lines according to your need.
Format Spider Diagram in PowerPoint

Part 4. FAQs of How to Draw a Spider Diagram

Can I draw a spider diagram in Excel?

First, you should turn your worksheet in Excel into a blank drawing page. You can click the View tab and then untick the Gridlines option. Go to the Insert tab, click Shape, and then choose the suitable shapes or lines from its drop-down menu to create a spider diagram in Excel.

How to find useful spider diagram templates?

To quickly find popular and commonly-used spider diagram examples, you can directly Google spider diagram templates on the internet and then find related ones from Google Images. Also, you can go to some spider diagram makers to get ready-made templates.

How do you insert a radar chart in PowerPoint?

Open a blank presentation in PowerPoint, go to the Insert menu, and then click Chart. In the pop-up Insert Chart window, many chart types are listed on the left pane. You can scroll down to find Radar. Click on it and then select your preferred template on the right.


Diagramming can help you unlock new insights and better understand new concepts. This post shares three free methods to draw a spider diagram. When you need to create a spider diagram for brainstorming, you can select your preferred way to do that.

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