How to Enlarge JPG Files Size for Free on Windows and Mac

Some people asked how to make JPG images larger without damaging quality online. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you easily upscale JPG image. Another problem is that only if you use the right tool, you won't encounter the pixilation issue. Don't waste you time to search for the JPG enlarger tools online since this guide will show you the best ways to do the job on PC and Mac computer.

Enlarge JPG Images

Part 1: How to Enlarge JPG Online

Today, we can perform a lot of tasks with web apps including enlarge JPG images. However, most online tools will only damage your photos. Aiseesoft Image Upscaler, on the other hand, is the exception.

How to Enlarge a JPG Online for Free

Step 1:
Visit in your browser to open the home page, and click the Upload Photo button to upload a JPG file. It also supports PNG, BMP, TIFF, etc.
Upload Photo
Step 2:
Then select the Magnification from 2x to 8x. The image size will appear under the result. You can also preview the result before downloading. The comparison panel lets you compare the original JPG file and the enlarged image immediately.
Step 3:
When you are done JPG enlarging online, click the Save button to download the photo to your hard drive. Then click New Image button to process another JPG immediately.

Part 2: How to Enlarge JPG File on PC/Mac

Today, manufacturers introduced a lot of utilities into Windows and Mac, so that users can do tasks directly. The built-in photo editor apps on Windows and Mac can help you enlarge JPG too.

How to Enlarge JPG File Size with Photos on Windows 10

Step 1:
Open the Photos app and you will see all photos on your disk.
Step 2:
Click the JPG file that you wish to enlarge to open it, press the three-dot icon at the top right corner, and select Resize.
Step 3:
Choose Define custom dimensions on the popup dialog and then enter the new dimensions. To keep the original aspect ratio, check Maintain aspect ratio. Then you change one dimension and the other will be modified automatically.
Save Resized Copy
Step 4:
Click the Save resized copy and the enlarged JPG will be saved as a new image.

Note: You can also enlarge a JPG file size in MS Paint application, which is available to almost all Windows machines. It also allows you to convert enlarged JPG to other image formats.

How to Enlarge JPG Image in Preview on Mac

Step 1:
Find the JPG image you want to enlarge in Finder app on Mac, and open it. By default, it will be opened in Preview app. Or right-click on the image, choose Open With and select Preview to open the JPG file.
Step 2:
Go to the Tools menu on the top ribbon and choose Adjust Size. Then you will get the Image Dimensions dialog.
Step 3:
Tick the checkbox next to Scale proportionally and then enlarge Width or Height. Then other option will be upscaled. The new resolution and enlarged JPG file size will show up in the Resulting Size section.
Step 4:
Click on the OK button to confirm enlarging the JPG on Mac. Finally, go to the File menu on the top menu bar, and select Save to export the new dimensions.

Part 3: FAQs on How to Enlarge JPG Image

How do I enlarge a JPG without distorting it?

You can select the option to keep the aspect ratio or similar option when enlarge a JPG image. Then change one dimension and the other will adjust automatically. Read on Enlarge Image Without Losing Quality to learn more details.

How large a JPG image?

JPG is a compressed image format, so it produces smaller file size than RAW or other lossless photo formats in the same condition. Of course, the photo quality is not very good. Most social media and websites accept JPG images.

Will JPG images become pixelated after enlarging?

When you enlarge a JPG photo, it may become blurry or pixelated. However, a few of photo editors use advanced algorithm to fix this problem and produce the better output quality.


This guide has talked about how to enlarge JPG image without losing quality. Today, quality is not the cost of photo upscaling anymore. Then preinstalled Photos app on Windows 10 and Preview app on Mac can meet your need simply. Aiseesoft Image Upscaler offers better output quality and is easy to use. If you have other questions, please feel free to leave a message in the comment area below this post and we will reply on it.

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