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Producing high-definition photos is an excellent technique that improves the resolution and quality of your photos. Nowadays, graphics are a key part of any website. If you want to offer a wonderful user experience, you must make photo HD. Therefore, being able to enhance low-quality images and resize them for a particular device can create better performance and enhance user experience. In return, it will lead to higher conversion rates. So, how to make an image HD? It is easy to do it via some great tools. The article will walk you through how to make a photo look more HD.

Make a Photo HD

Part 1: Best Way to Make a Photo HD on PC/Mac

If you do not have much knowledge about the hustle and bustle of Photoshop or image resolution, Aiseesoft Image Upscaler is an AI-based online photo HD maker that enhances photo resolution, recover lost pixels, and detect the blurred space automatically. It is an all-featured tool to make a photo become HD in one click. You are free to use all its features without annoying signing- up procedures. Moreover, you can also preview and choose the desired HD picture online.

Step 1:
Go to the online HD photo enhancer with any web browser on your computer. Click the Upload Photo button and choose the image you want to upscale. Once you have uploaded the low-resolution photos, it will detect the problems with advanced AI technology.
Upload Photo
Step 2:
After that, you will get a 2x resolution image automatically on the pop-up page. If you are not satisfied with the photo effect, you can make photo HD by clicking the different Magnification on the right above of the page according to your need, such as 4x, 6x, and 8x resolution.
Make a Photo HD
Step 3:
You can preview the effects and check the output resolution before exporting the photo. Click the Save button to save the up-scaled photo. If you want to make a new photo HD, you can click the New Image button after downloading the previous one.

Part 2: How to Make a Photo HD in Photoshop

When you have a subscribed Photoshop, you can also use Photoshop to make a photo look more HD. Because of the different photo enhancing algorithms, you should be familiar with the problems of the photos, as well as the different toolkits of Photoshop. If you just learn more details about the process as below.

Step 1:
Once you have launched Photoshop on your computer and import the photos, you can go to the Image menu and choose the Image Size option. After that, you can find out the Dimensions, Width, Height, and Resolution of the image within the Image Size dialogue.
Step 2:
Before you make the photo HD, you need to check the Resample option, which is on the Image Size dialogue box. Just select the different resampling modes according to your requirement. The resampling mode determines that algorithm Photoshop will use to add new pixels.

Note: Both the Preserve Details and Bicubic Smoother are two good options to make photos HD. Preserve Details is an advanced up-scaling algorithm with a Noise Reduction slider. Bicubic Smoother is good for enlarging images.

Step 3:
Change the resolution of your photo. You can change the photo in the Resolution box. Type in 720 in the box and make sure the resolution unit is Pixels/Inch. If you have unchecked the Resample Image option in advance you will find the number of pixels is still the same.
Step 4:
Just preview the HD photo to check whether you are satisfied with the file. Moreover, you can even tweak the resolution to 1080. After you finished making photo HD, you can just click the OK button and save the enhanced HD photo to your computer.

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Part 3: How to Make a Photo Become HD on Smartphone

When you need to make a photo HD on a smartphone, Pixelmator Pro is feature-rich, non-destructive photo-editing app. It has a super-powerful machine learning-based image editing tools for your smartphone. Here are steps for how to make a photo HD on Android.

Step 1:
Just enable the app to access your photo library after installation. Launch the app and click the Continue button on the welcome page. Tap the Show Photos on the next screen. Then tap the OK on the dialog to make this app have access to your photos.

Note: As for the first time you open this app, it will ask whether you want to edit photos from the Files app or the Photos app. You can switch between Photos and Files after you've set this up.

Step 2:
Back to the main menu. Then tap the Image Size button on the menu bar. You can change the Width, Height, and Resolution on the Image Size dialog.
Step 3:
Check the Scale proportionally box and Resample box. After that, you can click the OK button to make the photo HD on your Android Phone. Now you check the output file in the photo library.
Pixelmator Pro

Part 4: FAQs about Making a Photo HD

1. How to convert photos to HD wallpaper for your computer?

When you want to convert or make photos HD as wallpaper of your computer, you can learn more details about the resolution of your screen beforehand. Moreover, you might also need to cut the photos to the desired aspect ratio before the conversion.

2. What is a 4K-resolution photo?

4K-photo refers to one of two high-definition resolutions, 3840 × 2160 pixels or 4096 × 2160 pixels. The 4K photos and videos are well established in the consumer and home theater landscape, using the 3840 × 2160 pixel option to deliver the optimal quality.

3. Is there an iPhone app to make photos HD?

Yes. Remini is one of the most popular apps to make HD photos. It enables you to turns low-resolution, blurred, pixelated, old, and damaged photo and video into HD, with sharp and clear facial focus.


If you need to print a high-image quality gallery or a banner to hang against the wall, you must read this article carefully. The article explains the best ways to make a photo HD on different devices. When you have no idea about how to enhance a photo, you can simply launch the AI-based Aiseesoft Image Upscaler to get a satisfactory image.

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