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Coming iOS 10 Allows You to Snap RAW Images and Edit Live Photos

Out of all the Apple topics, iOS 10 is definitely the most heated discussion now. According to Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2016, iOS 10 will receive big updates with amounts of new features, including a new lock screen, Siri opening to developers, memorable photos, beautifully redesigned maps and more.

Apple Camera and Live Photos have also been updated massively. Even though the company didn't have enough time to go through all the details, that doesn't affect the fact that this is becoming one of the most expected iOS 10 features, especially for photography enthusiasts.

Edit Live Photos

RAW pictures shooting

For people who take photography seriously, they would rather adopt RAW photo, which is an image format that's not compressed like JPEG image, therefore it contains more imagery data. RAW images give people more room for editing and creativity.

Previously, no iOS OSs can take photos in RAW. If you want to get RAW images on iPhone, you probably need to transfer photos shoot with SLR cameras to your iPhone first, and then edit them with some photo editing software.

Now, Apple starts to give users an easy way to get RAW photos with highest quality possible. iOS 10 adds a new programming interface that allows you to save unprocessed RAW photos straight out of the default Camera app. Besides, you are capable of shooting RAW and JPEG images with one single snap.

Although, words said that RAW image capture is only available on the rear camera, but that's a big improvement already, right? Another thing that needs to be motioned is that, due to the high-quality and uncompressed features, RAW files are normally very big and they will take up too much storage. You probably need to decide whether you want the RAW files before taking pictures.

Live Photos Editing

Apart from RAW pictures shooting, Live Photo function has already been improved. Live Photo is the relatively-new function available on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It captures a second and a half of audio and video before and after you press the button, makes moving photos. You can find, view your live photos, share your live photos, but you cannot edit live photos.

Fortunately, third-party camera apps will be allowed to take Live Photos, and it is possible that you can give live photos some editing as you like, such as adding filters to live photos.

Besides, there will be a new "Live Photos stabilization" function to make your live photos more stable.

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