Summary: Problems persist in Apple's newly-released iOS 11 update, but many of them can be fixed. This post is going to tell you potential solutions to the most common iOS 11 Update problems on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Apple officially released the iOS 11 to fix bugs and improve performance. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch make our life simple, but what if there is one problem persisting on your device? Like any machine, iPhone, iPad or iPod can have problems even though it has the greatest operating system. We cannot make sure that iOS is always perfect. According to our report collections from many iOS users, many iPhone problems occur especially while or after they update iPhone to the latest iOS 11, such as iPhone unable to update to iOS 11, message not working, Wi-Fi not working, Siri not working, etc. In most cases, troubleshooting and fixing iPhone problems is a straightforward affair. Here we list 32 major iOS update problems one by one and provide some useful solutions to fix them.

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1. iOS 11 Update Problems: iOS 11 Software Update Failed

Every time Apple release an new iOS, some users may encounter the software update failure. When it fails, you'll get a message saying about iOS unable to verify update or other iOS 11 install issues. iOS 11 cannot be installed? Stuck? iPhone won't update? Here are some solutions.

Potential Solutions:

1. Check and delete the stuck or partial iOS Update before rerun it. If not, some problems may occur during the iOS re-install process.

2. Delete apps or app data to free up more space for iOS update by tapping Settings > General > Storage & iCloud usage > Manage Storage. Choose an app and tap Delete App.

3. Not much space on iPhone? Actually you can use iTunes to finish the software update.

4. For an error code when updating to iOS, go to Apple support page for solutions to different error codes. Or bring your iPhone to an Apple Store nearby.

iOS 11 Software Update Failed

iOS 11 Update Problem: Software Update Failed

2. iOS 11 Update Problems: iPhone Stuck on Recovery Mode

iPhone stuck in recovery mode could be one of the most serious issue during installing iOS 11 or failing to upgrade to iOS 11. When your iPhone or iPad get stuck in recovery mode, you should see a screen with "Connect to iTunes" logo, and you cannot reboot your iOS device.

Potential Solutions:

1. Force restart iPhone. Hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until you see the Apple logo appears.

2. Update iPhone via iTunes. Open iTunes and connect iPhone to it. Enter Recovery mode by pressing down the Power button and Volume Down (for old iPhone models, Home button instead) until an alert iTunes message telling you iPhone in recovery mode has been detected. Click Update button from iTunes.

3. Restore iPhone with DFU mode.

4. Actually, there are some useful tools that can help your iPhone get rid of recovery mode, like iOS System Recovery.

5. Contact Apple Support and go to an Apple Store.

iPhone Stuck on Recovery Mode

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone Stuck on Recovery Mode

3. iOS 11 Update Problems: iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

It is a common issue that your iPhone or iPad may get stuck on Apple Logo during a new iOS update, jailbreaking or restoring data, etc. And there are many users report that they encounter iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen when they upgrade the device to iOS 11. Here are some tips.

Potential Solutions:

1. Force restart your iPhone or iPad.

2. Let your iPhone or iPad enter Recovery mode with the help of iTunes.

3. Contact Apple Support or head to an Apple store for help.

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

4. iOS 11 Update Problems: iPhone Won't Turn On after iOS 11 Update

"My iPhone 6 seems dead after I upgrade it to the new iOS 11 and I cannot turn it on. Can someone help me solve this iPhone 6 problem?"

After you upgrade iPhone or iPad to iOS 11, the device refuses to turn on when your press the Sleep/Wake button, that could be a problem. Maybe it is temporarily not turned on or unresponsive, maybe it is because of the low battery.

Potential Solutions:

1. Force restart iPhone or iPad by holding down the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. Keep holding them down for seconds.

2. There could be something wrong with the Sleep/Wake button. Check the button to see whether it is damaged.

3. Maybe iPhone or iPad is powered off. Charge the device.

4. If your iPhone still doesn't respond, then connect the device with your computer and launch iTunes to see the device is in recovery mode.

5. If nothing works, contact Apple Support or go to a nearby Apple Store for a repair.

More detailed solutions can be find here: iPhone Won't Turn On.

iPhone Won't Turn On after iOS 11 Update

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone Won't Turn On

5. iOS 11 Update Problems: iPhone is Slow, Lagging or Frozen

New iPhone like iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, has more powerful processors, but it will run slowly after you use it for long time. Many user says iPhone is slow or lagging, especially after they upgrade to iOS 11. Some of them complain about iPhone frozen. Maybe your iPhone is out of available storage space, all apps are loaded in memory at the same time, some of the apps are still running in the background or your iPhone handset becomes sluggish when getting an update. When your iPhone/iPad/iPod turns laggy or even sometimes its screen becomes unresponsive or frozen, you may wonder how to solve iPhone running slowly issue and speed up your slow iPhone.

Potential Solutions:

1. Begin by restarting your slow iPhone. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time, until you see the Apple logo showing up on the screen.

2. Close an app by using finger to swipe it off the top of the screen.

3. Head to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and you'll see a descending list of what's taking up memory on your iPhone. Delete useless applications to free up iPhone space.

4. Head to Settings > General > Software Update, and if there's a available software update, download and install it.

5. Manage your videos and photos as they are taking up much storage on your iPhone.

6. Maybe you need a professional iOS cleaning software, like FoneEraser, to erase all contents/settings and format iPhone to factory settings.

iPhone is Slow, Lagging or Frozen

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone is Slow, Lagging or Frozen

6. iOS 11 Update Problems: Touch Screen Not Working

It's happened to many iOS users: The touch screen on your iPhone or iPad suddenly freezes. No matter how hard you tap on the screen, the display won't respond to you. Is iPhone screen not working all the time, or only happens when using some specific app? Are your fingers wet? Are you wearing gloves? Is it screen protector causing the issue? Do you open various apps at the same time?

Potential Solutions:

1. Dry off any moisture on the screen or wear no gloves.

2. Use the Sleep/Wake button to turn off and on the screen for a couple of times.

3. Press and Hold down the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

4. Hard format your iPhone to factory settings, set it up and restore iPhone from an iCloud/iTunes backup. Kindly note that you'd better backup your iPhone.

Touch Screen Not Working after iOS 11 Update

iOS 11 Update Problem: Touch Screen Not Working

7. iOS 11 Update Problems: Battery Issues after Updating to iOS 11

Many users wonder why iPhone battery drains so fast, especially when they update to iOS 11. Surely, your iPhone battery is inevitably going to drain. Here we show you some tips for saving iPhone battery, we also provide several methods to deal with battery life problems.

Potential Solutions:

1. Check battery drain suggestions. Head to Settings app > Battery.

2. Turn off Raise to Wake on iPhone.

3. Reduce the widgets numbers on iPhone lock screen, or disable widgets.

4. Turn off background app refresh. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Turn it off then.

5. Set location services while using the app.

6. Use Low Power mode.

7. Reset all settings: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings > Enter your passcode.

Battery Issues after Updating to iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone Battery Issues

8. iOS 11 Update Problems: iPhone iPad Not Charging

When you plug your iPhone into the wall or PC/laptop, and your iPhone won't charge. Or your iPhone is charging slower than before after updating the iOS 11. There may be something wrong on: The wall adapter or power source; the charging cable ; The charging port on the bottom of your iPhone; Your iPhone's software.

How to Fix iPhone Not Charging

1. Use another charger for a try. Check to see whether it is iPhone issue or charger issue.

2. Maybe you should fix iPhone charger.

3. Check the lighting cable for damage. Most of us may get a broken charging cable after using it for a long time. It is very unsafe to touch the exposed internal wires. And charging your iPhone with a broken lighting cable will your iPhone not charging or charging slowly.

4. Change the wall outlet and try another one.

You can click to learn more solutions to fix iPhone not charging.

How to Fix iPhone Charging Slowly

1. Power off your iPhone and charge it: Press and hold the Sleep/wake button > Slide to power off> Charge your iPhone now.

2. Clean up the dirt on charging port of Your iPhone or iPad. After a period of long use, the lightening port of your iPhone will collect dirt or dust and that may be the reason why your iPhone is not charging. Use toothpicks or dry soft toothbrush to clean up.

iPhone iPad Not Charging After iOS 11 Update

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone iPad Not Charging

9. iOS 11 Update Problems: iPhone Overheating Issue

iPhone or iPad gets very hot while or after iOS 11 update? iOS device will has overheating issue even though it comes automatic power and heat management. Many users say iPhone will turn very hot when it is charging or there are many apps running at the same time.

Potential Solutions:

1. The easiest way is to let it cool down, not charge and not use any app.

2.Shut down the running apps.

3. Take off the iPhone case.

4. No charging right now. Many times the overheating is caused by this.

5. Turn off Location Services/GPS.

Click to learn more to solve iPhone overheating problem.

iPhone Overheating Issue

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone Overheating

10. iOS 11 Update Problems: Wi-Fi Issues on iPhone iPad

That could be a common issue of Wi-Fi for iPhone or iPad. iOS 11 updating may also results in the Wi-Fi connection error, for example, iPhone won't connect to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi slow, Wi-Fi keeping dropping, Wi-Fi button greyed out, Wi-Fi automatically turning on or never turning on, Wi-Fi not working on iPhone and so on. Here you can see some useful tips below.

How to Fix iPhone/iPad not connecting to Wi-Fi

1. Check Wi-Fi router or the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

2. Check all the cables and connections.

3. Make sure your Wi-Fi button on iPhone/iPad is on.

4. Restart Your iPhone/iPad, Router, Cable/DSL mode.

5. Reset iPhone/iPad network settings.

How to Fix iPhone iPad Wi-Fi Greyed out or Won't Turn on

1. Reset network settings on iPhone iPad

2. Force restart iPhone or iPad.

How to Fix iPhone iPad Keeps Dropping Wi-Fi

1. Check other devices to see the Wi-Fi dropping issue persists.

2. Forget this network and reconnect to it.

3. Reset iPhone iPad network settings

Wi-Fi Issues on iPhone iPad

iOS 11 Update Problem: Wi-Fi Problems on iPhone iPad

How to Fix iPhone iPad Slow Wi-Fi

1. Figure out it is a network problem or iPhone/iPad issue. Use another device for a try.

2. Reset network settings from iPhone or iPad.

3. Change iOS Default DNS to Google DNS.

4. Disable Q0S, MMS, WMM on your router.

5. Changing the wireless channel between 1, 6 and 11.

How to Fix iPhone iPad Unable to Join Wi-Fi

1. Check and see the Wi-Fi button is on or off.

2. Turn off the router for 30 seconds, and restart it again.

3. Restart iPhone or iPad.

4. Reset network settings on iPhone iPad.

5. Forget your network on your iPhone or iPad, and then join again.

Wi-Fi Problems on iPhone iPad

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone iPad Wi-Fi Issues

11. iOS 11 Update Problems: Cellular Data Issues

Some iOS users report that the cellular data is not working on iPhone 8/8Plus, including cellular data cannot be turned on; some apps just eating out the cellular data very fast, the cellular data is very slow, etc. If the cellular data is not working after you update to iOS 11, there are some potential tips.

Potential Solutions:

1. Check your iPhone is out of service.

2. Turn Cellular Data off for seconds and then turn it on.

3. Restart iPhone for minutes.

4. Turn Airplane Mode on and off.

5.Check Carrier update. Head to Settings > General > About to see whether there is any available carrier update.

6. Reset iPhone iPad network settings.

7. Restore iPhone to factory settings.

Cellular Data Issues for iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone Cellular Data Issues

12. iOS 11 Update Problems: iPhone Bluetooth Issues

Many users complain about iPhone Bluetooth problems after iOS 11 update, such as iPhone Bluetooth is not working; the Bluetooth feature is nowhere to find; the Bluetooth won't connect; the Bluetooth button greyed out; Bluetooth not connecting to car; Bluetooth audio stutters on iPhone/iPad; Fail to initiate calls Over Bluetooth on iPhone/iPad; iPhone Bluetooth keeps dropping frequently.

Potential Solutions:

1. Check you've turn on the iPhone Bluetooth button.

2. Confirm your iPhone and Bluetooth accessory are close to each other.

3. Restart your iPhone and then turn on the Bluetooth.

4. Re-pair the iDevice or car you connect: Settings > Bluetooth > Choose the device you are having issues with > Tap on the info button next to the device > Tap on Forget This Device.

5. Make sure your Bluetooth accessory is turned on and connected to power or fully charged.

6. Once un-pair the Bluetooth Accessory and then put back in discovery mode, and then make pair and connect again.

7. Reset Network Settings.

8. Factory your iPhone.

iOS 11 Bluetooth Not Working

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone iPad Bluetooth Issues

13. iOS 11 Update Problems: Messaging Issues on iPhone iPad

Some users report the message not sending problems. They complain about iPhone not sending or receiving text messages from other contacts after they upgrade to new iOS 11. In addition, some people are struggling to not send or receive text messages. There are many factors and scenarios why your iPhone has the message problems.

Potential Solutions:

1. Make sure the contact is not on your block list.

2. Delete your current conversation and then start a new one to text.

3. Simultaneously hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons to soft reset your iPhone.

4.Reset the network setting.

5. You could format your iPhone iPad.

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iPhone Messaging Problems in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone Text Messaging Issues

14. iOS 11 Update Problems: iMessage Problems for iPhone iPad iPod

iMessage not working? New iOS 11 updating may lead to some features not working well, like iMessage. There are some symptoms of iMessage issue, like iMessage not sending, iMessage not turned on, iMessage waiting for activation, iMessage not delivered, etc. No matter what kind of issues you are encountering, the following tips may be helpful.

Potential Solutions:

1. Check if Apple's iMessage server is down.

2. Ensure you've got a good network connection.

3. Check the iMessage settings and the addresses and mobile number you have listed in Send & Receive.

4. Turn iMessage off and on again and restart iMessage feature.

5. Delete some messages for available space. They will also lead to iMessage slowing down.

iMessage Problems in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone iMessage Problems

15. iOS 11 Update Problems: iPhone Sound Problems

Many iPhone users report then they always have iPhone sound issues. In other words, their iPhone sound not working in a normal state. And the conditions could be different, including speaker sound not working, no sound on incoming calls, no sound on the videos, alarm sound not working, ringer sound not working, no sound on games or apps, no text sound and more.

Potential Solutions:

1.Check the Mute switch. When you see the red line from the switch, that means your iPhone is in Mute mode.

2.Check Do Not Disturb (DND) is turned on or not. When Do Not Disturb is turned on, you can see a little moon sign on the top bar on your iPhone screen.

3.Check the notifications settings. Go to Settings > Notifications and choose the app, making sure that both the "Allow Notifications" and "Sounds" switch are turned on.

4.Maybe you can adjust the volume.

5.Reset iPhone settings to repair no sound on iPhone.

Sound Problems in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone iPad Sound Problems

16. iOS 11 Update Problems: iPhone SIM Card Error

After upgrading to iOS 11, some people encounter a glitch that iPhone says no SIM. When you run into iPhone saying "No SIM card installed" or "Invalid SIM" but you indeed have the SIM card in iPhone, there are some tips.

Potential Solutions:

1.Take the SIM card out of your iPhone, and then put it in.

2. Maybe the SIM card is dirty.

3. Try to insert the SIM card in another mobile phone to see whether the problem source.

4. Try to turn on and then off the Airplane mode.

5. Restart your iPhone.

6. If your iPhone is damaged or dropped down, that might leads to loosing the SIMS tray.

7. If the problem exists and then contact your carrier or Apple.

iPhone SIM Problems in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone SIM Card Problems

17. iOS 11 Update Problems: iPhone Camera Goes Wrong

Users come across different iPhone camera not working issues whether they are using models like iPhone 8/7/6s/6 or earlier version like iPhone 5s/5. Something wrong may happen to iPhone front/back camera, iPhone flashlight, etc. Some people also report the camera app on the iPhone only displays a black screen or keep saying "Cannot Take Photo" error after iOS 11 upgrade.

Potential Solutions:

1. Inspect iPhone front and rear camera. You can open a app like Skype, Facetime to check camera use.

2. A force reset may help you.

3. Reset all iPhone settings.

4. Maybe the issue is caused by an old backup. If you are restoring from an old backup to a new iPhone , that might cause such problem.

Camera Not Working in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone Camera Not Working

18. iOS 11 Update Problems 17: iPhone Activation Failed

Getting the error "Can't Activate Your iPhone Now"? Though it is not very likely for you to encounter activation error on your iPhone 8/X, but there is still the chance. If you are able to activate iPhone, here are some tips.

Potential Solutions:

1. For the first time when your encounter iPhone activation error, it is better for you to wait.

2. It may be solved by a simple restart.

3. Check to see if it is the issue of SIM card.

4. Check and reset Wi-Fi/ cellular network.

5. Format your iPhone to factory settings.

6. Try another activation approach. Use iTunes for iPhone activation.

iPhone Activation Failure in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone Activation Failed

19. iOS 11 Update Problems: iPhone Cannot Make or Receive Calls

Cannot receive calls or make any call? You might not be able to make or receive calls on your iPhone when you have certain settings turned on, if your software isn't up to date, if you've blocked some contacts, or if there's a problem with your network.

Potential Solutions:

1. Check if you block calls.

2. Turn on and off Airplane mode. Check your Do Not Disturb settings. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and make sure it's off.

3. See if Call Forwarding feature is turned on. Go to Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding and make sure it's off.

4. Reset the network settings.

5. Update your carrier.

iPhone Cannot Make or Receive Calls in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone Cannot Make/Receive Calls

20. iOS 11 Update Problems: iPhone Email Not Working

Some iPhone owners are struggling with their email accounts not updating or not working. They say new emails may not show up in the inbox, or perhaps they're only in when the Mail app is opened. How to fix iPhone mail error?

Potential Solutions:

1. Quit and then restart Mail App.

2. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and take a look at your settings.

3. Check if email is blocked on iPhone.

4. Try to turn on Airplane mode on and then turn if off.

5. Go to Settings > General > Reset Network Settings and fix iPhone mail error.

6. Refresh the email account via Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Delete the email account and then set it up again.

7. There are some tips in case of mail connection to the server failed.

iPhone Mail Errors in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone Email Not Working

21. iOS 11 Update Problems: iTunes Error

You may encounter iTunes errors while or after upgrading to iOS 11. When iPhone users try to restore or update their iPhone or other iOS device via iTunes, they may get one error 53 from it. This iTunes error usually happens when an iOS device fails the security test performed by Apple. Your iPhone may be stuck in a reboot loop where it goes into recovery mode, and then iTunes says when your plug your iPhone in to it, "The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (Error 53)." Let's see how to fix iTunes errors.

Potential Solutions:

1. For iPhone not showing up in iTunes, quit iTunes and unplug your device. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed.

2. If the error shows again, run through the update process above, but choose Set up Touch ID later when you get to the Touch ID screen in set up.

3. Your may have to contact Apple or visit an Apple Store to fix iTunes errors.

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iTunes Errors for iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: iTunes Errors

22. iOS 11 Update Problems: iPhone Ringtone Not Working in iOS 11

You can make ringtone for iPhone. However, after iOS 11 update, you may wonder why sometimes iPhone does not ring. And your iPhone may not play assigned ringtone for incoming call, or even cannot play default ringtone.

Potential Solutions:

1. Go to Settings > Sounds to adjust the volume of ringtone.

2. Make sure you have "mute" button set to ring instead of silent.

3. Restart your iPhone.

4. Transfer ringtone to iPhone.

iPhone Ringtone Issues after iOS 11 Update

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone Ringtone Not Working

23. iOS 11 Update Problems: iPhone Won't be Recognized after iOS 11 Update

Recently, we get some reports complaining about computer not recognizing iPhone after iPhone devices update to iOS 11. Some of them also say iTunes won't recognize iPhone iPad. That makes it inconvenient when users want to sync iPhone or restore iPhone from iTunes backup.

Potential Solutions:

1. Try another USB cable.

2. Check Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is disabled.

3. Update iTunes to the latest version.

4. Restart iPhone/iPad, iTunes and computer.

iPhone Won't be Recognized after iOS 11 Update

iOS 11 Update Problem: Computer Not Recognizing iPhone

24. iOS 11 Update Problems: Touch ID Not Working

Touch ID is a way to secure your iPhone. It is available for iPhone 5s and later models running iOS 11/10. Touch ID is not working on your iPhone X/8? Touch ID sometimes is not working especially when you update to iOS 10/11. In addition, Touch ID sometimes may remove or re-add fingerprints, which makes iPhone fingerprint identification fail.

Potential Solutions:

1. Hold and press the Sleep/Wake button and Home button together make a force restart.

2. Clean the iPhone's Home button with a soft cloth.

3. Delete and then setup your fingerprint. Head to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, delete your fingerprint, and then go back to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and set up your fingerprint afresh. (Forgot iPhone passcode?)

4. Reset all settings from Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Touch ID Not Working in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: Touch ID Not Working

25. iOS 11 Update Problems: GPS Not Working

A few people may have iPhone GPS problems, such as no GPS signal, unable to share location on iPhone, GPS showing a wrong location or show no location, GPS not updating your location, etc.

Potential Solutions:

1. Check whether your iPhone get a good signal.

2. Download and install one iPhone tracking app for checking GPS.

3. Check your iPhone from Settings > Privacy > Location Services and see Location Services is turned on or not.

4. Maybe you should take off the iPhone case.

5. You may need to reset iPhone iPad settings.

GPS Not Working in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: GPS Not Working

26. iOS 11 Update Problems: Safari Issues

Many users would like to use Safari as their favorite web browser. That Safari keeps crashing is a headache, according to the reports from many iOS users whose iPhone devices update to iOS 11. Besides, there are other symptoms of Safari not working correctly, like iPhone safari loading failed or slowly, page interface broken and so on.

Potential Solutions:

1. Check network connection, including cellular data or Wi-Fi.

2. Clear Safari cache on iPhone iPad.

3. Shut down the Safari by press down the Home button for twice, and then restart Safari.

4. Reset network settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

5. Erase all content and settings on iPhone iPad.

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Safari Issues in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: Safari Issues

27. iOS 11 Update Problems: Facebook Messenger App Problems

Facebook makes our communication easier. However, some iOS 11 users complain about Facebook app not working issue. Here are some tips that may help you if Facebook Messenger has something wrong:

Potential Solutions:

1. Restart Facebook Messenger.

2. Upgrade Facebook Messenger app.

3. Uninstall Facebook Manager and then install it again on iPhone iPad.

4. Restart iPhone iPad.

Facebook Messenger App Problems in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: Facebook App Not Working

28. iOS 11 Update Problems: App Store Not Working

Updating to iOS 11 is great, but there are many users complaining that apps couldn't be downloaded. Many users also report that App Store not working, iPhone or iPad cannot connect to App Store, App Store not loading, users cannot find any purchased app from App Store, when they update to iOS 11.

Potential Solutions:

1. Restart your iPhone by pressing down the Wake/Sleep button, and sliding to power off.

2. Turn on cellular data for App Store or make sure a good Wi-Fi network.

3. Sign out from iTunes and sign in to it again.

4. Set Date & Time automatically.

5. Reset the network connection.

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App Store Not Working in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: App Store Not Working

29. iOS 11 Update Problems: Enlarged Icons or Images on iPhone iPad Screen

Many users are struggling with iPhone icons or images turning too large. They are filling the entire screen, making it difficult to see the rest apps or options. If the iPhone icons or images get enlarged, that could always be caused by someone who has turned on the iPhone's Zoom feature. Let's see how to unzoom iPhone.

Potential Solutions:

1. Hold three fingers together and double tap the screen and you should see the screen will return to normal.

2. To make sure that it doesn't happen again, you need to turn off the Zoom feature. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and slide Zoom to Off.

3. Delete apps that cause this issue.

Enlarged Icons or Images on iPhone iPad Screen

iOS 11 Update Problem: Enlarged Icons on iPhone

30. iOS 11 Update Problems: Headphone Problems

We found that more and more users complain about iPhone headphone problems, such as Siri interrupting when headphones plugged in, AirPod not connect, iPhone stuck in headphone mode, headphone jack with water inside, etc.

Potential Solutions:

1. Clean and dry headphone jack.

2. Try another headphones.

3. For AirPods users, take both AirPods off > Put them both inside the case > Close the case, and wait for 5-10 seconds > Take them out with the case next to phone.

Learn more about iPhone headphone problems.

iPhone Headphone Problems in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone Headphone Problems

31. iOS 11 Update Problems: Notifications Not Working on iPhone

When iOS 11 upgrading, notifications may not appear correctly as they should. Many users complains of hangouts notifications not working, Facebook notifications not working, iPhone push notifications not working, etc In addition, notifications may be chopped up and separated on screen.

Potential Solutions:

1. Force restart your iPhone. Press the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo shows up.

2. Clear all on-screen notifications by tapping the "x" cross icon on the notification screen. Wait to get a new notification and see if the problem persist or not.

 Notifications Not Working on iPhone

iOS 11 Update Problem: Notifications Not Working on iPhone

32. iOS 11 Update Problems: Siri Not Working

"Hi, Siri." We often use Siri to enjoy our life. Siri helps us find where we want to go, what we would like to eat, etc. Some users report of Siri not available issue when they upgrade iPhone to iOS 11. How to solve Siri not working issue? Here are some tips:

Potential Solutions:

1. Check whether network connecting is good, cellular data or Wi-Fi.

2. Check Siri settings. Go to Settings > Siri and make sure the "Hey Siri" feature is turned on.

3. Reset iPhone settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Then, turn on Siri feature again.

4. Switch On/Off Dictation: Settings > General > Scroll down to keyboards > Toggle Enable Dictation to Off and Turn it on.

5. Clean your iPhone microphone and make it is not damaged.

6. Update your iPhone to the latest iOS version.

Siri Not Working in iOS 11

iOS 11 Update Problem: iPhone Siri Not Working

This post has not cover all iOS 11 problems. If you have found some others, share your thoughts on the discussion section and we will update this guide in time. Additionally, we also provide some tips and tricks about iPhone update when you switch to new iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus.

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